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Marketing Career Advice


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Here is my take on how to succeed in today’s world based on over 20 years experience in the industry

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Marketing Career Advice

  1. 1. The future isn’t what it used to be! Colin Lewis
  2. 2. So you want to have a career in Marketing? Here is my take on how to succeed in today’s world based on over 20 2 years experience
  3. 3. Rule #1 Look Back What did the old guys do?
  4. 4. A history of advertising…the context 4
  5. 5. David Ogilvy • How to Manage an Advertising Agency • How to Get Clients • How to Keep Clients • How to be a Good Client • How to Build Great Campaigns • How to Write Potent Copy • How to Illustrate Advertisements and Posters • How to Make Good Television Commercials • How to Make Good Campaigns for Food Products, Tourist Destinations and Proprietary Medicines • How to Rise to the Top of the Tree • Should Advertising Be Abolished?
  6. 6. Rule #2 The old ways are falling Information is free Invent your own
  7. 7. Procter and Gamble Executive: Neil McElroy • 1933: McElroy wrote a memo outlining the new position of "Brand Man," establishing the discipline of brand management. • The system defined how P&G managed competing brands to dominate categories from detergent to shampoo. • McElroy later became P&G president and served as secretary of defense under President Eisenhower. 8
  8. 8. Pat Weaver - NBC • In the 1950s, TV was run like radio, with sponsors producing and controlling their own programs. • Pat Weaver argued that networks should produce the programs and sell commercial time to advertisers. • He introduced the concept of selling airtime to advertisers on TV • This then became the 30 sec ‘staple’ length 9
  9. 9. Rule #3 Get Techy
  10. 10. current marketing software available 11 Source: Scott Brinker Martec blog
  11. 11. Rule #4 “Sums”
  12. 12. Rule #5
  13. 13. Source: William T. Moran ‘The Great Marketing Revolution’, February 1956
  14. 14. Rule #6: Learn how to write And speak
  15. 15. Rule #7 Become an Apprentice
  16. 16. Get reading. Go wide. Go deep.. 18 • Learn how to learn • Learn to love learning • Then a master + expert