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Driving ROI for Digital Travel


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Driving ROI for digital travel. How to win in the era of paid, earned and owned media

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Driving ROI for Digital Travel

  1. 1. Driving ROI in Digital for Travel How to win in the Era of Paid, Earned and Owned Media Colin Lewis
  2. 2. Observation 1 There are over 950 different types of digital marketing software
  3. 3. 3 Current marketing software available Source: Scott Brinker Martec blog
  4. 4. Observation 2 Search has moved beyond search engines
  5. 5. Search beyond Search Engines Monthly Flight Searches UK Monthly Hotel Searches UK Sources: Google Keyword Planner, BingAds Keyword Tool, The Parallel Universe Beyond Search
  6. 6. Observation 3 Has social media delivered on its initial promise?
  7. 7. Old idea: Social Media Build communities of Fans
  8. 8. Old idea Social Media Organic reach fuels word of mouth / earned media
  9. 9. Average Organic Reach of Content Published on Branded Facebook Pages
  10. 10. Observation 4 Search has moved beyond search engines
  11. 11. Ads as promoted content
  12. 12. Observation 5 The sharing economy
  13. 13. Air BnB effect: disappearing bednights • Spanish Ministry of Tourism data: o Visitors choosing not to stay in hotels jumped by 17.6% in June 2013, up over 10% since the start of the year. The number of tourists not taking packaged holidays has also risen by 8% since January. • AirBnB recent valuation: higher than Hyatt Hotels & Wyndham Group • San Francisco’s Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation teamed up with Airbnb and GIS software creator Esri to host a hackathon that sought technical innovations that “re-imagine how tourists and residents experience and explore the City of San Francisco.” • Trademark filing March: ‘software that allows users to search for travel, transportation, vehicle and ride sharing and temporary vehicle parking listings’ •=> Less tax revenue to destinations -> where is ROI?
  14. 14. Observation 6 The sharing economy
  15. 15. Simple definition
  16. 16. Even easier definition! • ‘Paid’ is stuff you pay for like print Adwords, TV advertising • ‘Owned’ is stuff you create and own • ‘Earned’ is nice stuff people say you about on Twitter--and anywhere else.) • ‘Paid’ jumpstarts ‘Owned’. • ‘Owned’ sustains ‘Earned’. • ‘Earned’ drives cost down and effectiveness up.
  17. 17. Trick question: what types of media are Facebook & Twitter????? • Paid: o Sponsored tweets, posts, engagement ads • Owned: o Branded Facebook or Twitter page o Brand-curated content o Branded Facebook apps • Earned: o Fan/user-generated content posted related to brand o May be on brand’s page or elsewhere
  18. 18. Observation 7 Converging, paid, earned and owned.
  19. 19. Converging: Paid, Owned, and Earned media Display, banner ads Sponsored posts, ads PPC ads Pay per post blogging Corporate website Microsites Corporate Blog
  20. 20. Media types may change… The tools of media may change. But the categories will still be ‘Paid, Earned or Owned’.
  21. 21. Observation 8 Insights and how-to’s
  22. 22. 7 insights convergence 1. Paid, owned and earned is the present and future structure of media 2. There is still no accepted generally accepted standard for measuring cost-effectiveness or ROI across media channels. 3. Gadgets and devices and media channels will proliferate, so this will only become more complicated 4. To have a great ‘Earned Media’ Strategy, have only one choice: a really well executed ‘Owned Media’ strategy 5. ‘Owned Media’ that it is easily shared and commented on, is the only reliable sustainer of ‘Earned Media’. 6. All this only work together in integrated, content-focused programmes. 7. Executing Integrated programme requires rethinking the marketing function and personal responsibilities.
  23. 23. 7 Ways to start converging! 1. The starting point is still your audience, your customers. • Listen to and observe 2. Investigate what’s happening in Paid, Owned, Earned channels 3. Listen to competitors too 4. Content: what messages represents the brand? 5. Understand how content strategy varies: • Customer segments, product type, geography, channel, screen 6. To execute across channels, brand must define: • Engagement plan(s), communication, internal collaboration, leadership, tools to support, meetings 7. And remember the rule of converging… • Use Paid to amplify Earned and Owned • And Earned to amplify owned and paid… • And Owned to amplify earned and paid…