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Tutorial & isl mte 3113

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Tutorial & isl mte 3113

  1. 1. IPGM Kampus Pendidikan Teknik Kuala Lumpur Action Research I MTE 3113 Tutorial & ISL 2010 Minggu Topic Tutorial ISL CatatanM1 1 Tutorial 1: Search and list down Cohen, L., suitable reference Manion, L.& Constrast qualitative approach books in the library/ Morrison, K., with quantitative approach. web page. Keep the (2001). Research For each approach, give 2 list in your portfolio to Methods in examples of topics which can enable you to do additional Education (5th. be researched on using each approach. references. Ed.) London: Routledge (1 hour) Preparation for Falmar. tutorial 1 : Search for information from the internet or library on qualitative and quantitative approaches.M1 2 Tutorial 2: Student summarizes Rujukan: Constrast purposes, lecture notes and strength and weaknesses reference materials Creswell, J.W. of each of the research into concept maps (2005). design using a table and keep in portfolio Educational (1 hour) Research. Preparation for Planning, tutorial: conducting, and Eavaluating Surf internet to Quantitative and obtain additional qualitative information relating research. Ohio: to the types of Prentice Hall. educational research Fraenkel, J.R. & Wallen, N.E. (1990). How to design and evaluate research in educatio. USA, McGraw Hill.
  2. 2. Gillham, B. (2003). The research interview. London: Continuum. Jones, J. (2005). Management Skills in school. London: Paul Chapman. Publishing. Kembar, D. (2000). Action Learning and action research. London: Cougan Page.M1 3 Tutorial 3 : Preparation for A student wishes to study tutorial: Mills, G.E.(2000). on ” Factors that cause Students search for Action research. students of Class Year 5 materials on research A Guide for the procedure. Awana to be sleepy during teacher teaching and learning” researcher. Ohio: What research design can Prentice Hall. Student summarizes be used ? Using a flow lecture notes and chart, reference materials discuss the procedures into concept maps needed to conduct a /graphic organizers research and keep in portfolio (1 hour)M2 4 Tutorial 1: Preparation for tutorial: Creswell, J.W. Prepare a graphic (2005). organizer to compare Surf the internet and Educational between traditional/formal download information Research. research and action on traditional and action research Planning, research conducting, and Student summarizes Eavaluating (1 hour) lecture notes and Quantitative and reference materials qualitative into concept maps research. Ohio: /graphic organizers Prentice Hall. and keep in portfolio
  3. 3. M2 5 Tutorial 2: Preparation for Creswell, J.W. tutorial: (2005). In groups, select any one Educational of the models of action Surf the internet and Research. research and use PMI download information Planning, tool ( Plus, Minus and on models of action conducting, and Interesting) on the model . research Eavaluating Present group discussion Quantitative and findings on the model qualitative chosen. research. Ohio: Prentice Hall. (1 hour)M2 6 Tutorial 3: Preparation for Creswell, J.W. Tutorial: (2005). Each student has to select Educational one aspect of teaching that Surf the internet and Research. you wish to improve. Prepare download materials Planning, a statement on the aspect on how to prepare a that will be changed. Then, conducting, and research proposal prepare an action research Eavaluating proposal on how you will Quantitative and conduct the research. qualitative (1 hour) research. Ohio: Prentice Hall.M3 7 Tutorial 1 Preparation for Tutorial: In groups, discuss and plan how you can: Search for materials (a) teaching and learning on various data session on one subject. (b) collection methods collect information on such as observation, documents in school that can interview, survey etc help you to understand the observation session Student summarizes (c) interview students to lecture notes and obtain feedback on the reference materials teaching and learning session. into concept maps (1 hour) /graphic organizers and keep in portfolioM3 8 Tutorial 2: Preparation for Based on the plan in tutorial Tutorial: 1, brainstorm what other data collection methods that Search for materials can be used. Give on various data clarifications for your answer collection methods based on purpose, strengths, such as observation, and weaknesses of each data interview, survey etc collection method proposed. Each group present findings Student summarizes from tutorial 2 & 3 lecture notes and (1 hour) reference materials
  4. 4. into concept maps /graphic organizers and keep in portfolioM3 9 Tutorial 3 Preparation for Tutorial: If you are asked to conduct your action plan (findings Search for materials on various data from tutorial 2 & 3), discuss collection methods considerations needed such as observation, when collecting data. interview, survey etc Provide clarification for each consideration given. Student summarizes Present your discussion lecture notes and (1 hour) reference materials into concept maps /graphic organizers and keep in portfolioM4 – PracticumM16M17 10 Tutorial 1 Surf the internet In groups, code your and search the interview transcript and library for methods list the categories of main of qualitative and aspects quantitative data analysis (1 hour) Preparation Tutorial 1: In groups, interview a student for 5 minutes on ” Factors that caused students of class Year 5 Awana to be sleepy during teaching and learning”. Transcript the interviewM17 11 Tutorial 2 Preparation for Tutorial 2: In groups, analyse the data from the survey using In group, prepare a frequency table, mean and 20 item survey percentages. questionaire on ” Factors that caused (1 hour) students of Class
  5. 5. Year 5 Awana to be sleepy during teaching and learning”. Distribute survey questionaire to 10 of your friends.M4 12 Tutorial 3 Student summarizes lecture notes and In groups: reference materials (a) interprete survey and into concept maps /graphic organizers interview data (b) prepare and keep in portfolio literature review on ”Factors that caused students of Class Year 5 Awana to be sleepy during teaching and learning”. Then, relate interview and survey data with literature review (b) summarize findings and draw conclusions (1 hour)M4 – PracticumM16M17 13 Tutorial 1 Preparation for Tutorial: In groups: Surf the internet (a) discuss on the format and search the of writing action research library on action report . research report and (b) Explain the purpose of action research each component in the article , writing of report. references from (c) Select 4 references various sources from various sources . using the APA Write the sources of format and ways of references using APA making action format research public. (1 hour)M17 14 Tutorial 2 Preparation for Tutorial: Select one research Surf the internet action article. Discuss the and search the article in terms of format, library on action
  6. 6. writing style, language research report and usage, implication and action research others. Do a self article , writing of reflection on how you can references from use what you have various sources learned from the action using the APA research article for future format and ways of research making action (1 hour) research public.M17 15 Tutorial 3 Preparation for Tutorial: In groups:: Surf the internet (a) discuss why you need and search the to make your action library on action research findings public. research report and Summarize discussion action research findings using radial article , writing of diagram. references from (b) explain the different various sources ways of making public using the APA action research findings. format and ways of (1 hour) making action research public.

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