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ImagineCup 2008 - LookAround - II Round Finalist


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ImagineCup 2008 - France - Interface Design Category
How to make your life easier ?

Published in: Education, Technology
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ImagineCup 2008 - LookAround - II Round Finalist

  1. 1. Earth, the place where we live is endangered. The global warming, deforestation, air pollution or water contamination are problems a single man cannot efficiently fight against. However, without much effort everybody can contribute to protecting a local environment. Moreover it can be fun, easy and exciting. How is it possible?
  2. 2. LookAround is the application which allows people to easily take care of their surrounding. It provides tools to: • exchange ideas • collaborate • share knowledge • coordinate actions •publish their results. It enables people to organise in order to protect nature. LookAround works on: • palmtop • desktop
  3. 3. • • • • Map – explore symbols of endangered or interesting places continuously actualizing via the Web Knowledge base – read and create community articles concerning plants, animals or places Photo - take a picture and let others know what valuable thing you have seen Gallery - store photos and share them with others
  4. 4. Search bar GPS Info Paths - hybrid view Snap Shots Points of interest Popup Info Customized view Actual data
  5. 5. The navigation is as simple as possible: • the most important functionalities are accessible by buttons at the bottom of the panel •map at the center provides the access to many functionalities •personalized interface (tags)
  6. 6. You can also explore the application using buttons built in a device. It’s the next way to switch between application main options. Arrow buttons and stylus enable navigation through the map and LookAround options.
  7. 7. Profiles message Popupinterface - map Sending Main
  8. 8. LookAround destop application provides the same features as palmtop version. In addition you can: Follow discussions and articles • Organise actions • Import photos • Prepare sightseeing paths • Get in touch with others •
  9. 9. • Destop interface is concise with palmtop application • The main modes are accessible by sphere buttons • Every option is available in collapsible panels
  10. 10. LookAround’s appearance is changeable. It can adjust to season or you can change it yourself.
  11. 11. user frielndly simplicity • colours that stressing important things • fashionalble ergonomic round shapes • mas as the main point of interface allows access to all functionality •
  12. 12. Imagine the possibilities a cooperating community have. Every child or adult may have an opportunity to save the planet. Local communities when combined create global society aware of environment protection. Look around, there’s so many things you can do.