066733 lesson plan


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066733 lesson plan

  1. 1. Lesson plan www.esltower.comAIM: To practice reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary and much more.Time: Two hours.Preparation: Hardware: one computer per group or individual if it’s possible. Software: Internet. Knowledge: Teacher and students – Searching for the information in IE or Netscape Navigation.ProcedurePre-computer work 1. Teacher begins with questions about past time to ask students, for example: - Where did you go yesterday? - Did you have a nice day? - What time did you go to bed last night? (Students try to use: went, did, leaved, had, etc………………) 2. Introduce students the website for additional activities or games relating to grammar (past tense) - Past simple(grammar): http://www.esltower.com/grammar.htm/ - Fun games: http://www.esltower.com/games.htm/ - Teacher explains how to search for more information briefly. - Students try will search for another website if possible.Post – computer work 3. Teacher arranges students into pair or individual if it’s possible. 4. Student try to access for grammar, then decide to choose an interesting game for past tense.
  2. 2. 5. Each group has to present their game to a class.Computer - work 6. The class is divided into pairs (or each person if it’s possible) 7. Teacher makes students decorate their work with story in the past (such as: last vacation. Bad dreamt.etc………….) 8. Students tell their own story to a class.Evaluation -Classroom presentation. - Play games. - Writing assignment. http://www.esltower.com/
  3. 3. Example for playing Game.For instance: Interesting story. when I was around 9 or 10 I had a bad dream I cant remember the first part but I thought I woke up and I was so scared and I pulled the covers over my head and went to sleep I then heard my uncle calling me (even though he doesnt live here) so I went to him his voice was coming from the bathroom the door was shut but the light was on so I went in inside the bathroom there was a ghost talking to a decomposing head and a skeleton they looked at me like I was
  4. 4. interrupting them and then they had a evil smile on their faces so I shut the door and ran intomy room and pulled the covers up to try to go back to sleep I could hear them try to get outof the bathroom but for some reason they cant open the door I then felt like a pillow wasover my face I woke up then and was gasping for breath with tears in my eyes
  5. 5. Name and surname: Mr. Sipaseuth Panfongphet Subject: Computer-Assisted English language learning and Teaching (EDET: 066733) …………………………………………………………………………………… Website http://www.esltower.com/ It is a website which targets the students who want to learn English with clear strategy thatdepends on deploying to allow teachers and students to capitalize on top-quality and multimedia inthe world. People learn a new language by traditional ways that depend on going to class andstudying from several materials such as books and cassettes. However new learning methods haveappeared which deal with learners and teachers as well. Using this site to motivate the students tolearn English is one of the best way. This site can help teachers to teach English. Specifically, it hasbeen designed for English learners of basic level. It helps teachers to have an idea how to teachEnglish with high technology. This website is a useful tool since it saves time and money; however,teachers need to know how to use them. Certainly, Instructional materials are good in the wayteachers apply them in the classroom, apart from making teachers life easier, it also helps thestudents to learn English language. With high technology, students can learn language through theesltower given. it will stimulate the students interest to learn more about the language. Moreover,nowadays students prefer using computer rather than just sitting in class and copying every singleword that the teacher writes on the whiteboard. It will definately demotivate the students to learnlanguage. When using esltower. It helps the students to understand by themselves what they dontunderstand before. For students who are quite shy to ask questions about meanings of certainwords, this gives them the opportunity to learn the words by themselves. this website is a little bitboring, because there are too many links, they should make it more colorful in order to attract users.And they should reduce the numbers of link because they put too many links, the users might beconfused on which link to choose. And one more thing is that, they should divide the activitiesaccording to the level of proficiency. From there, users will know at what level they can do theactivities and easier for them to search. I really think it helps to make the learning process moreinteresting and enjoyable. If each and every day we have to face the blackboard and the chalk, or thewhiteboard and the marker pen, our brains wont be able to "evolve".