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In Search Of An Agile Documentation Process


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Published in: Technology
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In Search Of An Agile Documentation Process

  1. 1. In Search of… An Agile Documentation Process
  2. 3. Even though we didn’t follow any of the practices that have become synonymous with Agile, we were still being Agile…
  3. 4. Don’t Do Agile… Be Agile! Being quick, resourceful, and adaptable What does “being” Agile mean… Moving quickly and lightly Thinking quickly and clearly
  4. 5. Our Challenge Keeping requirements current for the development team Maintaining synchronization between documentation and software Having concurrent delivery of software, online help, and manuals
  5. 6. What results did we achieve? Reduced design time Fewer bug reported Faster development time No waiting for documentation Manuals and software ready at same time Less refactoring of code Fewer integration problems
  6. 7. User Focus The Secret? Communication Teamwork
  7. 8. The original process has been modified and refined through six more years of experience The process is not dependant on any specific tool or product Follow the “ KIS & KIL ” principle… keep it simple and keep it light
  8. 9. The impact of writing things down
  9. 10. The Model
  10. 12. GUI-driven process based on user stories Delivers just enough information just in time to be necessary and sufficient for getting the job done Involves both marketing and engineering Provides a strong framework for communication Generates as many or as few artifacts as necessary
  11. 13. Of techniques and Tools