Task 4 record labels and permission


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Task 4 record labels and permission

  1. 1. Record labels and permission.
  2. 2. Record labels.A record label is a brand and a trademark associated withthe marketing of music recordings and the music videos. Arecord label company would pay for everything that needsto be done in order to complete their artists’ CD; thesethings would include paying for the recording of the songs,mixing the songs so that all of the songs can be heard,mastering which is sorting out the final copy and pressing,which is actually making the CD. If the CD was successful,then the money that it makes would be given back to thecompany but if it isnt successful and no money is made,then it is unlikely that the artist would stay signed to thatrecord label.
  3. 3. There are two types of record labels; independent andmajor. Independent record labels are small organisationswho work with local and underground artists. Major recordlabels are under control from a “music group” which is asub-organisation owned by a global conglomerate; thisrecord label has huge fundings which allows the signedartists to be promoted easily and in the best way possible.My artist would be signed to an independent record labelbecause they would be a new artist and therefore theywouldn’t have that much of a fan base to start with so theywouldn’t know whether they would be successful or not.They would also only have a small budget to spend onpromoting themselves and to make the music video.
  4. 4. What existing record label would your artist bemost suited to?I think that my artist would be most suited to 679 Artists’ recordlabel. 679 Artists is a Warner Music Group-owned record labelbased in London, England. They have signed artists like Marinaand The Diamonds, Plan B, The Streets and Death From Above1979. They sign different genre of artists so that they are able toappeal to a wider audience. My artist would be suited to thisrecord label because they sign smaller, unknown artists andmake them well-known.
  5. 5. 679 Artists.679 Artists was is named "679" as this was the addressof the Pure Groove record shop on Holloway Road.Their first release was The Streets debut, OriginalPirate Material. The founder of 679 Artists has recentlymade another record label called 37 Adventures.
  6. 6. Copyright.Copyright is the exclusive right of protection for a creator of original work.Copyright gives the creators of some types of media rights to control howtheyre used and distributed. The rights cover: Broadcast and publicperformance, copying, adapting, issuing, renting and lending copies to thepublic. Record labels have control over their artists songs, they have copyrightover those songs. Record labels own the songs that their artist produces andthey have rights over them.What must I consider when using copyrighted music? What am I not allowedto do in my music video? What am I allowed to do?When I am making my music video I have to make sure that I am keeping tostrict rules as I will be using copyrighted music. I have to make sure that it isclear that I am only using this music for my media studies and that I won’tmake any financial gain from it. I also have to make sure that I do not copy theartists music video and that it is for my own private use. I can use their musicif I ask for permission, if I don’t ask for permission to use their music then Iwould not be able to carry on making the music video to that song.
  7. 7. How are you going to use what you have learned aboutrecord labels and copyright in your productions?I have learned what I can and what I cant do whenmaking my music video, this will help me in myproductions as I will know if I should include somethingor not. When creating my own record label I will makesure that I put my logo on every piece of product that Imake so that my consumers know that I own thatartist, I will also make sure that I put a copyright on myartist so that none of their music can be claimed assomeone elses. I now know that when making myrecord label logo I know not to use another label’s logoand name as they have copyright over their name andpicture.
  8. 8. My record label.My record label is called “Broken Records” andwe are an independent record label. We havecreated a logo for our label and it is:
  9. 9. Broken RecordsOur label only signs local artists as we are anindependent record label. We only focus on one type ofgenre, which is pop-rock because we want to get thisgenre of music popular and back on the market. By onlyhaving one genre we are limiting our audience as wewould only appeal to one group. Other artists that wewould like to sign would be The Kooks, McFly and BiffyClyro.