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  1. 1. © PDST Home Economics Heating and Insulation
  2. 2. Methods of Heating Central heating: heat created by burning fuel (solid, oil, gas) in a boiler in a central location and delivered to the rest of the house by heating and circulating hot water through radiators . House kept @ 16-20 C.⁰ Hot water provided as well. Partial or background heating: electric storage heaters using off-peak electricity provide gentle background heat but some rooms e.g. living room, will need another heat source Individual heaters: each room has its own source of heat e.g. Open fire, stove, portable gas heater, electric fan heater, oil filled radiator.
  3. 3. Methods of Heating  C e n t r a l  B a c k g r o u n d  I n d i v i d u a l
  4. 4. Heating methods Advantages Disadvantages Quick Efficient i.e. no waste Clean Easy to use Pleasant No storage needed Heats water No fumes or ashes Easy to regulate Portable Cheaper to run Modern features e.g. timer Dries the air No hot water Dangerous Storage needed Gives off fumes Not cosy Lots of work Dirty Not portable Causes pollution Not easy to control
  5. 5. Insulation Heat is lost from a house through walls, roof, windows, doors and floors. Good insulation can stop 75% of this heat loss. Insulation is made from materials that are bad conductors of heat e.g. still air, wool, polystyrene.
  6. 6. Good Insulation Keeps house warmer Saves money on heating bills Saves the environment by using less energy Sound proofs the house
  7. 7. Types of insulation - walls  Cavity  Polystyrene sheets
  8. 8. Types of insulation – attic/roof  Felt  Wool  Fibreglass  Polystyrene pellets
  9. 9. Types of insulation – windows and doors Double glazing Draught Excluders Heavy lined curtains
  10. 10. Insulation for floors Polystyren e sheets Carpets Underlay
  11. 11. Hot Water Cylinder Lagging jacket