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Lymphatic Drainage Massage Dublin | Sport Injury Massage Dublin | Therap-Eaze


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At Therap-Eaze, we have treated countless patients using Lymphatic Drainage Massage. We are specialists in Sports Massage, Physiotherapy, and Lymphatic Drainage, Sport Injury Massage treatments in Dublin, Ireland

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage Dublin | Sport Injury Massage Dublin | Therap-Eaze

  1. 1. Whether you suffer from a sports injury, office related back and shoulder pain, inflammation or oedema, take a look at Therap-Eaze, there is something for you.
  2. 2. Deep Tissue Massage is a renowned therapy for its ability to loosen muscles, alleviate pain and increase mobility. Aimed at releasing and loosening ‘knots’ and tension in the body. Deep Tissue Massage & Oscillation Therapy
  3. 3. Physiotherapy At Therap-Eaze, our physiotherapists have extensive training and in- depth knowledge of how the body works. Specialists in hands- on clinical skills, our team are fully qualified to assess, diagnose, and treat symptoms of illness, injury and disability.
  4. 4. Reflexology Reflexology is extremely relaxing and stimulating. Since the feet and/or hands are the only areas being addressed, there is never any need for removal of clothing. At Therap-Eaze, all our specliaised Reflexology Practioners are fully qualified and will ensure you get the absolute most of your treatments.
  5. 5.  Lymphatic Drainage Massage  Holistic Massage  Acupressure Massage  Natural Face-lift Massage  Sports Massage  Chinese Cupping Massage  Pregnancy Massage Some of our Massage that we provide :
  6. 6. Therap-Eaze @The Bodywise Clinic 2nd Floor, 25 Suffolk St Dublin 2 Tel : 01-6111444 Mob : 0861941366 / 0868431284 Email: