Wednesday shots


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Wednesday shots

  1. 1. Go to photo booth in budgens – take pictures, the long stripped ones Wednesday shots Sophia in grey top holding it up out of the memory box – mid shot of Sophia holding it - flashback of them in the photobooth purple shirt – on bed playing guitar – mid shot of face “ .” - lay on bed behind Sophia, so its level with her, look shes laying down on bed also with guitar Yellow jumper and jeans – close up of walking reading something with book on head Long shot of yellow jumper – walking while reading with book on head, callum is edged off the bed – he trips her up, she stumbles and holds onto bed, drops book Long shot – yellow jumper – hits callum, jumps on bed Close up – fighting on the bed – laughing and rolling around Grey top – opens the thing she was reading Back to mid shot of fighting on bed and rolling about Long shot of fighting on bed Mid shot of them both in bed – casual clothes. Sophia sitting up, one leg up one leg bent, playing with hands – callum sitting up off the bed Side view of Sophia – callum in background, he turns round, Sophia looks at him and looks away again Back to mid shot of callum and Sophia – callum gets up from sitting down Back to side view – callum stands up Back to mid shot –looking over at Sophia – callum takes a pillow and blanket and walks past the camera, Sophia watches him walk out Close up of Sophia at side view, looks at direction callum walked out – looks down Mid shot of looking over at Sophia again – gets comfy and moves the pillow and lays down New outfit – dress? Walks into kitchen to see the props on the table – such as cup of tea, orange juice, a croissant, - camera just above table height – note saying ‘my bad x’ High angle of the table and what is on it Slightly lower angle of looking up at Sophia, picking up the note and smiling Wide shot - Sits down with rose in hand – smells it and puts it down Holds up note – back in shallow focus At lido – kept warm – shot through a branch- wide shot, Sophia on callums back wearing wellies Close up of Sophia on callums back smiling and laughing Long/wide shot of callum spinning Sophia round on his back
  2. 2. Close up of callum spinning Sophia round Mid shot of them standing with Sophia on his back Close up of feet as they run out of water on his back Mid shot of her looking like hes going to drop her Baggy jumper and leggings – mid shot/wide shot of callum looking down to Sophia, Sophia looking up Ex close up of them hugging – over sophias shoulder Mid shot of them hugging again Mid shot of Sophia smiling while hugging callum Grey top – pull out a bottle of his aftershave – close up Close up of Sophia smiling while hugging callum Grey top – holding up ‘with love’ tag New outfit – have Sophia open the door to see the bear sitting there Close up of Sophia opening the tag Ex close up of Sophia smiling Outside – new outfit – mid shot of callum strugging his shoulders and Sophia with her arms crossed – walking away – pushing him without looking at him – can also be done at the lido Mid shot – callum grabs sophia pulls her back and hugs her Close up of hugging Mid shot of going from hug to her pushing him away and walking away, arms crossed – head down – starts to run