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Research and planning


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Published in: Education
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Research and planning

  1. 1. Research and planning Before carrying out any of my work through my years of doing media, I always had to plan and research into what I was going to do to make sure I was working efficiently. Starting the course in year 12, media was completely new to me, and therefore I knew that I needed to get to grips with all the knowledge and what I should be doing to ensure I am successful in the course. At AS, I decided that I wanted to do an R’n’B magazine, and that I wanted to make it as creative and eye catching as I could. Once I had decided on this, I started to do research on what I could include within my magazine, and what ideas would look good for an R’n’B magazine in particular. After carrying out a lot of research, I presented to my class, which I then got audience feedback from them, helping me to be able to develop and influence on my overall decisions made. I wanted to make sure my magazine was different from everybody else’s, therefore I did this through making several plans and re plans of what will work. Again, I presented this to either my teacher or my peers in my class, to get feedback on mainly what I could improve on. This constantly gave me the boost to work on it even more and improve it to be able to get the best result as possible! Similarly to my AS magazine, my A2 piece of coursework had to have a lot of planning and research to go with it. As this was a live recording and not a still image, a lot depended on when I could film for example. The weather and the locations available were an issue some days, as the availability was not as high as I would of hoped it could have been. To ensure I didn’t encounter any unexpected set backs such as the weather, I would research into the forecast so that I could get a rough idea on when would be the best day to film. This closely links to the availability of both of my actors. I had to plan a week or two in advance so that I could ensure both actors are available and any equipment I needed was also available for me to use. I carried out a lot of research of what other/previous A2 media students have done for their media coursework, and to what standard they were working at. Again, once I had completed my first draft of my music video, I showed it to my class and teacher, and got a lot of constructive critics which will help me improve drastically and will hopefully impact on my grade.