In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and
conventions of real media products
The music video...
happy, and therefore do not realise until it changes and cannot get them back,
closely linked with my narrative.
My music ...
Magazine Advert
Similarly to my music video, my magazine advert imitates the conventions of
real-media products in relatio...
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Question 1

  1. 1. In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products The music video I created adapts to some of Andrew Goodwin's ideas on music videos, such as the fact that there is a link between the visuals and the lyrics. This is relevant to my product which I have created as I have created accurate visual representations of the words in the song. For example, a mid-shot of both my models sitting playing a game which is meant to show the lack of interest and the distant relationship, which could be linked to the lyrics: “only know you love her when you let her go”. The pace of my music video might also link to Goodwin‟s theory that music and visuals also link at times, creating deep meaning for the audience to follow. The song I chose “Let her go” by Passenger is of slow tempo, therefore when editing my music video, I ensured to keep a slower pace, therefore I made sure the cuts of each clip I used were on the beat of the song.I didn‟t want to oppose the melody of the song. The fact I filmed my music video with some slow-mo effect might also be what made the pace so well fitted with the song, furthermore, I included long shots without sudden cuts, and therefore it complied with the slow song and the link between the tempo and meaning behind my shots. Additionally, Goodwin states that music videos might also be used to magnify emotions and moods, without completely illustrating the song, leaving some to the creation of the mind. In terms of this suggestion, my music video obeys perfectly, due to how the sad mood and sense of loneliness is displayed by mainly my female protagonist character in my narrative, capturing the essence of the song, whilst creating a completely sympathetic storyline. This grasps the audience‟s attention, keeping their interest the whole way through, until at the end where the conclusion of the relationship highlighted throughout is finally enclosed. In terms of the representation, I attempted to create a sense of innocence and freedom within my music video. I did this essentially using mise-en-scene. For instance, by filming parts of my music video as a mid-shot, out of a window which is in shallow focus, created a feeling of individualism and carelessness, which was essential to be portrayed as it fit into the storyline which hints that the girl feels alone within her relationship, and highlights that the main relationship is with her and the music. Another way this was portrayed would be the effect I have put represents the emotion she is feeling. The black and white effect I have applied highlights and demonstrates a prime example of how her feelings have been drained, represents her feelings towards her relationship, and how the trees in the background can represent a sense of nature and realism. This idea complements my song choice as within it are references to letting go of the relationship and the memories which comes with it and that person. This can make the audience sympathetic for the female and reflect upon personal situations through taking things for granted: “only miss the sun when it starts to snow”. This is a prime example of things which makes you
  2. 2. happy, and therefore do not realise until it changes and cannot get them back, closely linked with my narrative. My music video fits into the indie folk music genre, due to the footage within my product echoing many shots used in music videos for artists such as Birdy and Ellie Goulding. An example of this is my focus on nature and emotions. Wide angle long shots of the trees and the bird flying through the trees away from the camera are typical shots that are used in order to create a calm feel to the video, suggesting that the relationship is as free as a bird.The songs usually aim to make the listener feel peaceful and content – in contrast to perhaps heavy metal music that aims to make the listener feel aggressive and tense. My focus on locations is what makes my music video so visually appealing for my audience. The fact that I have got shots of my actress singing the music live is engaging the audience to her as a person. Those who listen to Indie Folk music will enjoy the outdoors and will also have an interest in country music. Therefore, the locations within my video are easier for my audience to identify with and relate to. On the other hand, those who listen to Indie Folk music who live in busier city areas might find great enjoyment in enduring within footage outside of their normal environment, creating a sense of escapism which is what I am capturing within my narrative of my video, therefore it is highly relatable. My video would essentially appeal to both female and male, however at a younger age. This is because the artist Passenger is in 29 years of age. This highlights the fact that he has been through the experiences of heartbreak, and therefore can sympathise for the audience. Although Passengers vocals are at a softer tone, the emotive lyrics can be felt through the sound of distress, metaphorical for the fact he sounds as if he has been broken. In result, I carefully picked my main actress to appear as a young girl, small in size and petite. This is so I could ensure that my audience would feel a personal connection with my actress, helping them to feel more engaged with the narrative – which also means my video applies to Bulmer and Katz' Uses and Gratifications theory. My video reinforces the concept of how the actions of other peoples can impact on your own life in the long such as when in a relationship, in the form of a linear narrative. The story begins at a homely environmentwith Sophia playing the guitar, this is where it is first introduced that the video will be focused on her and the aspect of her playing her live music, closely linked with her love for music. However, the narrative is constantly interrupted by the male actor I have used. It withholds the storyline slightly so that the interest of the audience is kept throughout. This could make my story slightly more interesting as, as it is not until the end that the audience will see the relationship end as the build-up has taken its toll on the female.
  3. 3. Magazine Advert Similarly to my music video, my magazine advert imitates the conventions of real-media products in relation to the Indie Folk genre. The artists name is written clearly in the middle, in a medium sized font, ensuring to grasp the attention of Passenger‟s fans. Her name is written in the same way it is on the Digipak – this creates a House Style and a common theme – so the artist‟s products are easily identified each time. The title of the album is diagonally places across the centre of the page, so that it sticks in the reader‟s memory. I featured five-star ratings and quotes from other large music magazines and music channels such as: “Breath taking”, also written by popular newspapers such as The Guardian and Q Magazine, in order to give the album a feeling of success and accomplishment, which audience members will appreciate as they will know spending their money on this album will not be of waste. The language I used to describe the album fit into the genre, as Birdy‟s target audience will enjoy soft and atmospheric music, which I feel the words I have used represent. The image of the old 50‟s radio also fit into the theme of my music video, as it is set in that era and also conforms to the „vintage‟ fashion that my target audience will appreciate. I created one in portrait and one in landscape; this is because I wanted to ensure the album could be advertised I various places, for example, a bus stop advert in portrait and also perhaps a billboard in landscape. Digipack Cover My Digipak maintains this vintage style with the application of tints and filter lights to the photographs I took when filming. Two of the images are of my main actress walking through the woods looking innocent and gentle. This conforms to the typical representations of Indie Folk artists, who are often portrayed as angelic. Another photo is of my actress looking into her reflection in the mirror, whilst wearing dark lipstick and a dark red fur coat. The concept of identity and reflection is something I have used throughout my project, as in my music video my artist looks at her reflection in a puddle. This is because Indie Folk music is often about identity and makes the audience feel self reflective and evaluative of their own impact on society; hence my continuation of this theme throughout. The CD holders and back page are all photos of trees/nature. This is because I am trying to convey the tone of the album, highlighting the soft type of music Birdy sings. Target audience members of Indie Folk will instantly associate themselves with albums of this look. The filters on these photos make the leaves and scenery appear sunlit and warm, making the album more appealing and eye catching. I also included a record label logo of „Manza records‟ so that industrially audience members will begin to recognise the record label and associate it with this genre, helping to advertise the artist and the company at once. The copyright details are also included as well as typical generic conventions such as a track list and a barcode. These all contribute to making my product look as professional and as close to real-life media texts as possible.