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The look which we are presented to through the use of costume is a revealing
choice. Much like the song, the outfit which ...
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Postmodernism essay


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Postmodernism essay

  1. 1. The look which we are presented to through the use of costume is a revealing choice. Much like the song, the outfit which is shown is secretive and is showing a more reserved side to the singer. The silk of the over throw suggests that it is more of a seductive outfit as the inner colour of red indicates passion along with the colour of her hair and the background which allows the audience of the song to understand more about her and why this has been done. The choice of an over through also suggests that it is in her comfort zone. This can easily be questioned as she is exposing body parts people relate to as a sexual innuendo.. Closely linked with the lyrics “Pop pop pop that thing”.The same outfit worn throughout the song develops our understanding of the singer. At the start of the song it gives off the impression that she is slightly more reserved, but as the song goes on, we see a change in character and it is almost like she is revealing her actual character where she is inviting the audience of the song into an intimate scene within the music video. Music videos became postmodernism because so many different people have different opinions on how music videos have been introduced and how they are being perceived. Everybody has their own opinion on music videos now and why they have been created due to people telling eachother about them, them being released on social networking sites, and for many people to view. Singers have started to use new ways to attract the attention from new viewers/retaining viewers to their music videos. Andrew Goodwin identifies 5 key aspects of music videos which the audience should look out for: Thought beats Narrative and performance The star image Relation of visuals to songs Technical aspects of a music video In my music video which I am analysing, the 1 aspect which is involved in Andrew Goodwin’s theory is narrative and performance. All of the music video which we are presented with is highlighting the performance of the singer which is introducing the audience to her character and invites you in. The performance is very much linked with the costume and the lyrics which are heard, following the performance of the seductive lyrics. It is important for the song to have the performance that it does at it means it is going to maintain the interest of the audience for longer than a narrative song. People will begin to understand and gain their own interpretation of the song from this also. The music video matches all of the 5 key aspects and basic conventions of Andrew Goodwin’s theory. It contains all of thought beats, star image, narrative and performance, relation of visuals to songs and technical aspects of a music video. It allows the audience of the video to gain their own interpretation of what is happening in the video.