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Editing software


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Editing software

  1. 1. EDITING SOFTWARE Siobhan Arnold
  2. 2. Adobe Photoshop CS6  In my year of doing AS at school, I used Photoshop before to edit my images for my magazine on music. This year, I am planning on using Photoshop to enable myself to edit the images I am going to use for my digipak. I think that the format will benefit me when I am creating my digipak and magazine cover as I know the quick ways of editing images, which can therefore allow me to make my images look more professional and will stand out as a good looking image of my actress. I want to use tools such as air brush on my actress to make her stand out from the rest of my digipak/magazine cover as she is the main focus which I want my audience to notice.
  3. 3. Adobe Indesign CS6   As I have got previous experience on using Indesign, I am going to be more confident with using this format as I understand the ins and outs of what different tools can be used for, and how it is going to better my work. I will use this format to create pieces of work such as my digipak and my magazine advert. As I have previously used it for my magazine at AS, I understand the basics to how to edit my work and make it look more professional looking when it comes to the placement of images, wording and titles. I think that the previous experience that I have got is going to benefit me when I am working as it will allow me to work faster, and I will not have to follow the tutorials as I did last year. Hopefully as I already have my ideas for my digipak, I will be able to work quickly when putting my ideas together to make it successful.
  4. 4. Adobe Premiere CS6  With premiere, I haven't used it in the past with my AS work, so it a new format for me to use. I had to learn the different ways which I can put my music video together and how I am going to make it as good as I can. I have made some alterations along to way of what is actually going to be included in my music video, and this meant I had to learn about the affects and how to apply them to my clips. For me, it was important for my video to look as professional as possible, and for it to be easy flowing with the understanding of the audience, so using premiere, I have used certain affects such as black and white. These affects will allow me to widen my knowledge and apply them to keep a better understanding.  Not only this, but I had to learn to link my music with my clips, as I also had to cut my song down to a shorter introduction, to fit the starting clip which I chose.