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  1. 1. Creativity Ever since I started with my AS magazine, I have had to be creative with everything which I was planning. From the start of the course, my creativity was challenged through the preliminary task where I had to create a mock magazine for the school. Through doing this, I had to put all my skills and ideas into my work to make sure I could get a rough idea of how to use programmes/layout of magazines should be. I wanted to make sure that I could learn good lessons from completing this task, such as how to make my magazine to look the most professional and successful. My creativity really had to be applied when I started to plan all of my magazine pages and initial ideas. Through some thorough research and audience feedback, I changed my mind several times, but finally came to a final conclusion of the concept of which I wanted to focus on. I wanted to grasp the aspect of having a bold and outstanding model that would always be the main focus. When using my creativity, I took some images which would look different/had the quirky aspect, which would entice the reader of my magazine in more. I wanted it to stand out from the others and a ‘normal’ image which I could have used instead. This was consistent throughout my magazine, in the colours and layout which I used. Furthermore, the article I included was highly creative, as I included my own personal experiences such as reading festival, and the feedback which my model would have given her experience there. I wrote about how I enjoyed it, and the highlights of it for me, and therefore I believe it was a highly creative piece of work. Moving on from my AS work, I started working on my A2 media coursework. This was a lot easier for me to complete as I have got the experience and knowledge of using a camera, and using all of the programmes. Being able to apply all of my knowledge to my work really did impact on the creativity levels as I found it a lot easier to be able to learn and develop on my work. Even though it was a different type of coursework (magazine and music video), I still had to use the link between my video and other aspects that there were contributing to my overall grade. These were things such as my album advert and digipak. For these two pieces of work, I had to use Indesign which I had previously used in AS. I was able to use the programme a lot easier to highlight the link between my music video’s narrative and the meaning behind all of my choices on my digipak and album cover. One example of my creativity within this is my digipak front cover. I wanted to keep it simple and enticing for the audience, therefore I followed the conventions of the genre – folk rock – and I had an old fashioned feel to the image of a wooden background with the guitar featured throughout the music video.