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Add2paper printing system using Django-channels


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(KOR) Django-channels을 적용한 애드투페이퍼 출력 시스템

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Add2paper printing system using Django-channels

  1. 1. A2P Printing System using Django-Channels Sin-Woo Bang at Add2paper
  2. 2. Add2paper - providing a free-printing service. - used by 700k college students. - In detail :
  3. 3. User flow - A user login and try to print on PC.
  4. 4. User flow - Then the user go to a printing machine, - pay for printing and complete it.
  5. 5. It is easy
  6. 6. An architecture in detail
  7. 7. When a user try to print Send spool files info to EC2 Save spool files in local
  8. 8. Payment Request a payment
  9. 9. Printing Send a printing signal via WebSocket
  10. 10. Printing Deliver spool files
  11. 11. Summary (1) Send a spool file info to a server (2) Request a payment to the server (3) When the server detect payment completed, sends a printing signal (4) PC delivers spool files to a printing machine.
  12. 12. As you know in Python - Famous web frameworks had not done support WebSocket. - like Flask, Django. - So we had to consider gevent, Twisted to use that.
  13. 13. But in 2016
  14. 14. Now Django/Channels in 2018 - Updated to 2.x version. - Activated open source activities. - A lot of pull requests are opened and merged now. - Fine to use in production.
  15. 15. We chose it - since our backend applications are written in Python. - to send a printing signal when a payment is finished.
  16. 16. It was very easy - Just add some settings if you want to add it. - Settings for - ASGI - Channel-Layers (for using In-memory DB like Redis) - Routing for asynchronous requests
  17. 17. Developed quickly
  18. 18. Write a business logic - awesome productivity - could take strength of Django as it is
  19. 19. But, when it comes to deployment
  20. 20. Deployment - Daphne which is a protocol server for ASGI does not support graceful reload. - had to use blue-green way by adjusting a load balancer.
  21. 21. Now - The service works fine. - Since it is scalable, our team could add additional servers. - If you consider to use it - Recommending - if you should keep a deadline. - if a project is not too much big. - But - Please remember Daphne does not support graceful reload.
  22. 22. Thank you - Q&A : or