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Prayer.ppt [autosaved]

  1. 1. COMPLICATION •What is the second pillars of Islam ? •What time is prayer? •What terms obligatory of prayer ? •How about law of prayer ? •What is lightness for prayer ? •What is Relative clouse ?
  2. 2. Prayer according language is praying ( pleading) Islam prayer times Prayer according Terms understanding syar’i obligatory Prayer is the prayers pronunciation from act Law of began with the takbir prayer and ended with greetings with several conditions that have been determined.
  3. 3. IslamPrayerTimes
  4. 4. when a person is sick When someone in a state hospital until he could not standwhile in transit (Safar) when someone is on the way, he was allowed to combine (jama ) or summarize (qashar) prayers
  5. 5. conjunction which using to make a sentence from two sentences, whereabouts a sentence explaining a part of a sentence other. For easy to decisive relative clouse which accurate, we just look at the before word and after that. Before relative After person who to be/modal/verb person whom person/poss.adjective/pronoun person whose noun/anima noun/amimal which to be/modal/verb/pronoun/person place where verb/modal/pronoun/person etc.