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Sintel Satellite Services, Inc.
                                                     Global Connectivity with Local Knowle...
                Our solutions are based on our decade-long experience in the industry working
Government&Federal Programs
               SintelSat provides solutions to government programs and supports the prime
               SintelSat provides cost-effective end-to-end turnkey solutions to supply,
                                 Satellite Imagery
                                 SintelSat offers ...
Telecom Support&Services

Partners&Preferred Vendors
         Satellite Systems:

         VSAT Networks:

         Fiber Connectivity:

     UN Global Marketplace                                            Center for Excellence in Wireless & In...
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Sintel Satellite Services Brochure


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SintelSat company brochure, capabilities and experience brief

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Sintel Satellite Services Brochure

  1. 1. Sintel Satellite Services, Inc. Global Connectivity with Local Knowledge COMPANY PROFILE Sintel Satellite Services, Inc. (SintelSat) is a satellite and terrestrial systems integrator with global outreach, providing turnkey end to end communication solutions, networks and services using satellite, fiber, microwave, and advanced wireless technologies. SintelSat has a high degree of expertise available in providing innovative solutions, design, development, systems integration, commissioning and implementation of cutting-edge technologies. The company currently serves private enterprises, corporations, federal & state governments, embassies, UN agencies, international missions and many other customers in emerging markets in the following areas: Communication Infrastructure Rebuilding Government Markets Private networks, VoIP, Data, Internet and Video Transport IP connectivity using Satellite & Terrestrial Solutions Broadcast Solutions, Gateways and Content Distribution Consulting Services and e-Government Initiatives SintelSat’s vision is to become a leading supplier and solutions provider of world class communication systems, networks and services in emerging markets. Sintel Satellite Services, Inc 1
  2. 2. Capabilities&Experience Our solutions are based on our decade-long experience in the industry working with the best technology vendors. As the customer requires, SintelSat's team designs a suitable solution to best meet the needs in the most cost- effective manner. Our solutions are based on best engineering practices in the industry meeting international quality and performance standards. Satellite Systems Satellite-based Solutions VSAT Networks Satellite IP Access SCPC/SCPC, TDMA, DVB-S2 and shared platforms available Disaster Management and Recovery Video Broadcast & Content Distribution Satellite Imagery Terrestrial Networks Fiber Connectivity Solutions Digital Microwave System, Free Space Optics Wireless GSM/ CDMA Network Backhauls Wireless Hybrid Solutions (Wi-Fi/WiMAX) VoIP Solutions RFID Solutions Telecom Support & IT Services Remote NOC Monitoring Operations & Maintenance On-site Support Services IT Staff Augmentation Mobile Application Development Off-shoring and Outsource Development “Global satellite and terrestrial solutions provider” Sintel Satellite Services, Inc 2
  3. 3. Government&Federal Programs SintelSat provides solutions to government programs and supports the prime contractors, particularly with the Department of State, Department of Defense, US Embassies, USAID, UN, DISA, NATO, government agencies and their foreign counterparts. Our personnel are highly trained in US government works and many of them have security clearances. SintelSat has been working extensively in rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan. SintelSat provides communication solutions for federal programs implemented at US Bases, US Missions and many government programs in these regions. We have provided satellite connectivity to numerous US Bases and US Facilities located at Bagram, Salerno, Kandahar and Camp Phoenix in Afghanistan and Camp Bucca, Victory, Anaconda and BIAP in Iraq. SintelSat also supported many programs by the Department of State, Department of Defense, US Embassies and USAID by providing their communication needs reliably, cost effectively and on time! Some of the key projects implemented recently include the following: Broadband Wireless Microwave System for US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. This high capacity Microwave System is intended to provide terrestrial link services using STM-1 connectivity between two (2) US Embassy locations in Kabul. The system is designed to support high capacity voice, data, and video applications for WAN (Wide Area Network) or Metropolitan Area Network. A Network Management System was also provided to control and monitor the system. Satellite VSAT Banking Network for Seven Sites for USAID/ Da Afghan Bank in Afghanistan. The network is designed for high speed data transfer, IP connectivity, Voice over IP (VoIP), and secure VPN communication among DAB’s remote branch locations. The bank network includes a hub station located in Kabul with remote sites located in Gardez, Mazar-e-Sharif, Konduz, Jalalabad, Herat, and Kandahar throughout Afghanistan. High-speed Satellite Data Connectivity and Secure Communication for L-3 Communications at U.S. Air Force Base in Qatar. The project was to establish a dedicated satellite link between Omaha and U.S. Air Force Base in Qatar providing high speed data connectivity and secure communication between the two facilities. The site was commissioned in the highly secure environment using the best quality processes to meet the aggressive schedule. United Nations. SintelSat is an approved vendor with United Nations Procurement Services in New York (UNPS # 27676) and United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM #126290) and currently working with more than 30 UN agencies worldwide including UNDP (Afghanistan), MINUSTAH (Haiti), ESCWA (Lebanon), UNECA (Ethiopia), UNIFIL (Lebanon), UNOV (Vienna), UNLB (Brindisi, Italy), UNMIS (Sudan) and UNAMID (Darfur). Most recently, SintelSat has supplied satellite internet hardware to UN Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). Sintel Satellite Services, Inc 3
  4. 4. End-to-End SOLUTIONS SintelSat provides cost-effective end-to-end turnkey solutions to supply, implement and manage satellite and terrestrial networks. Our solutions are based on the most suitable technology-- satellite/ fiber/ microwave, tailor made for the specific requirement. Satellite Earth Stations and Gateways Ground segment solution covers earth station upgrades, building up earth station facilities, earth stations (teleports, broadcast feeder links, VSAT hubs, video-uplink stations, gateways and more), network management system, carrier monitoring system and satellite connectivity. VSAT Networks Our VSAT Solutions support a wide range of VSAT networks and satellite technologies. We provide network requirements such as satellite bandwidth, VSAT equipments, terminals, teleport services, VOIP features, terrestrial leased lines, SLAs and other requirements. We support a wide range of VSAT platforms and technologies such as iDirect, Kromos IP3 Gateway, Viasat Linkway, SCPC/SCPC, DVB-RCS, SCPC/DVB and TDM/TDMA. Video Broadcast Stations SintelSat provides DTH, TV Uplink Stations and other infrastructure solutions. We also offer services for high quality audio & video content uplinking and distribution using various platforms like Galaxy-25, Hotbird, Eutelsat W2, Thaicom and other satellites using MCPC variable bit rate platform. Video Content Turn around and Uplinking facilities are available worldwide, particularly in US, Europe and Asia. Two Way Broadband over Satellite (iDirect Platform) SintelSat provides two way broadband IP connectivity over satellite using the iDirect VSAT Platform. Sintelsat iDirect VSAT Solution includes satellite modem, IP router, TCP optimization, QoS and 3DES Link Encryption in a single box. The system scales to monitor multiple hubs and thousands of remote sites from a single NMS. iDirect VSAT platform has built-in flexibility through the use of – Star topology, Star-Mesh topology, Multi-Star Configuration, Point-to-Point configuration (SCPC) and Mobile applications. Satellite Space Segment SintelSat has worldwide connectivity through our local, regional and global satellite operator partners. We provide satellite bandwidth in any scale capacity or frequency band at most locations worldwide. Sintel Satellite Services, Inc 4
  5. 5. End-to-End SOLUTIONS Satellite Imagery SintelSat offers the most advanced satellite imagery solutions used in commercial remote sensing system. We offer the highest resolution in satellite imaging system today. SintelSat has a strong partnership with remote sensing satellite operators, who currently own & operate earth imaging satellites like Ikonos, OrbView-2 and the newest is GeoEye-1 which will provide high-resolution color imagery of the Earth around the globe. Fiber Solutions Fiber Solutions provide cost-effective fiber connectivity to global networks. SintelSat’s fiber networking expertise and provisioning include SONET/SDH DWDM networks at any capacity (e.g. OC-192/STM-64), including IP routing, fiber switching, signaling, control, network management system, network interfaces, QoS/Policy Servers, network integration, network operation center, engineering and technical support, and maintenance services. SintelSat has local partnership agreements in more than 60 countries worldwide to provide fiber local loop. Microwave Links Design and Implementation High and Ultra-high capacity wireless network systems designed especially for SDH/SONET and IP based networks, as well as microwave ATM, ensuring safe routing of ATM cells. WiMAX Solutions WiMAX Wireless Network integrated with Satellite VSAT hub allows IP connectivity between the IP backbones to wireless network at any remote sites. The wireless solution provides high-speed connectivity to remote locations and multiple services including broadband internet, VoIP, VoD, remote video security and many other applications. Radio Frequency Identification RFID RFID technology enables many new types of applications by allowing concurrent monitoring of multiple items, without requiring a person to “touch” each one (with a hand-held barcode scanner, for example). The kinds of applications that take advantage of this automated identification include diversed areas such as inventory control, logistics management, surveillance and toll collection. Sintel Satellite Services, Inc 5
  6. 6. Telecom Support&Services Sintelsat Teleport Facilities Teleport Services SintelSat provides state-of-the-art teleport services for secured communication requirements with our affiliate facilities in US, Germany, Hong Kong and UK. The company is well-positioned to offer secure satellite communication and IP connectivity to remote sites. Technical Support SintelSat provides 24x7x365 extensive network control and monitoring as well as the expert engineering services for preventive maintenance. Our service extends to the remote site by supplementing your resources with our on-site technical support and remote technical assistance available whenever they are needed. Remote Network Operation Services SintelSat operates high technology Global Network Operation Centers (NOCs) from United States, Bahrain, India and Philippines providing complete around the globe monitoring of the satellite and terrestrial links on 24 x 7 x 365 basis. With our proven experience in cutting edge technologies, SintelSat offers high-quality Network Operations services for iDirect, Linkstar, Hughes, Gilat platform and fiber circuits worldwide. Sintel Satellite Services, Inc 6
  7. 7. Partners&Preferred Vendors Satellite Systems: VSAT Networks: Fiber Connectivity: Wireless: IT Systems & Services: Global Customers Dubai Internet City SoundView Broadcasting New York Sintel Satellite Services, Inc 7
  8. 8. Memberships  UN Global Marketplace  Center for Excellence in Wireless & Information Technology (CEWIT)  UN- Global Alliance for ICT and Development  Continuity Planning Exchange World  UN Procurement Service, New York  India, China and America Institute  DISA Basic Agreement # HC1013-09-H-0561  CITI –Columbia University  Hubzone Qualified  Long Island Software & Technology Network  NY/NJ Minority Supplier Development Council gtttttttttttgv  Long Island Technology Forum (Part of LIHTI)  NY/NJ Port Authority (DOT)  US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (USPAACC)  Small Business Services – New York City  Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce  Empire State Dep’t of Economic Development  US Chamber of Commerce- Washington, DC (Trade Roots)  Society of Satellite Professionals International  Association for Communications, Electronics, Intelligence & Information Systems Professionals (AFCEA) Global Presence SintelSat has established a worldwide network of field engineers which enable us to provide quick response services for installation and maintenance of customers worldwide. SintelSat has offices in Germany, India, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, UAE, Djibouti and Philippines. Field Representatives AMERICAS: Canada, AFRICA: Algeria, Egypt, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya Libya, MIDDLE EAST: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, CONUS, Argentina, Mauritius, Madagascar, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, UAE, Yemen. Bolivia, Columbia, Zambia. EUROPE: Belgium, Bosnia, Georgia, ASIA: Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Papua New Cuba, Ecuador, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam. Guyana, Venezuela. Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK. CENTRAL ASIA: Afghanistan, Iran, Uzbekistan Contact Us USA: 25 Health Sciences Drive, Suite #201 Stony Brook, New York 11790 CEWIT facility: 1500 Stony Brook Rd, CEWIT Research Park Stony Brook, NY 11794  (+1) 212-202-0678; (+1) 631-791-9052  (+1) 212-504-8297   Sintel Satellite Services, Inc 8