English 102 syllabus spring 2013


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Sinta Jimenez Owens' Spring English 102 Syllabus

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English 102 syllabus spring 2013

  1. 1. English Composition and Literature EN 102 Section 16 (3 credits) Spring 2013 Wednesdays 5:00pm to 7:35pm, Room B210 Professor Sinta Jimenez | Email: sowens@frederick.eduGRADINGGrades will be determined out of a 800 point total. ASSIGNMENTS POINTS Paper 1 - Response 100 Paper 2 - Research 100 Paper 3 - Argument 100 Paper 4 - Textual Analysis 100 Paper 5 - Comparison 100 Quizzes 100 (4 quizzes/25 points each) Homework 80 (8 assignments/10 points each) In-Class Writing Assignments 120 (8 assignments/15 points each) Final Exam 100SUBMISSIONWe will be using SafeAssign on Blackboard for the submission of all papers. SafeAssignautomatically checks papers for plagiarism against text online and in print.BLACKBOARDWe will be using Blackboard for quizzes and in-class writing assignments in addition to thedistribution of grades, assignment information, and paper submission.PAPER GUIDELINESI do not read drafts but I do allow rewrites, due one week after a grade has been issued.All papers must have the following: Proper header, numbered pages MLA citation 5 sources (only 2 from the internet)SCHEDULEBelow is the schedule from which may be subject to change but we will try to adhere to theschedule set below.Week 1In Class: Introduction. Discussion of SafeAssign, Syllabus, Blackboard. Lecture on Critical Reading, Form and Content. Read Sylvia Plath poem - Page 10 "Metaphors." Class discussion. Small groups to write summary of "Metaphors". Read Rosa Ehrenreich Brooks - Page 33 "I Hate Trees". Summarize Brooks essay and then analyze your summary. What was most difficult about writing the summary? What is the difference between summarizing an essay and a creative piece like fiction or poetry?
  2. 2. Reading/Assignment: Read pages 20 to 28. Written assignment responding to Franz Kafka -Page 26 "Before the Law", answer Writing Exercise questions on Page 28. Define the terms"ambiguity of syntax", "parse", "independent clause", "dependent clause", "ambiguity ofdiction", "ambiguity of words".Week 2Due: Definitions and Franz Kafka response.In Class: Lecture on the conventions of Poetry and Fiction. Read Mary Olivers "August" on Page 49. Read student summaries of "August" on Page 55.In-Class Writing Assignment 1: Read Margaret Atwoods story "Happy Endings" on Page 116 then answer the reflection and discussion questions on Page 117.Reading/Assignment: Pages 122 to 138. Begin work on Response Paper.Week 3In Class: More poetic and literary analysis. (Page 175 to 177) William Blakes "London", Robert Frosts "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening", and Mary Olivers "Singapore", Julia Alvarezs "Snow" (Page 184 to 185).In-Class Writing Assignment 1: Writing Exercise on Page 178, A Social Response.Reading/Assignment: Page 139 to 164. Written assignment answering Character Analysis questions on Page 149 on Susan Glaspells "Trifles".Week 4Due: Character Analysis and Response Paper.In Class: QUIZ 1. Lecture on the conventions of Plays, Essays, Non-Fiction, and Research Paper. Discussion and reading of Samuel Becketts "Krapps Last Tape" on Page 189. Discussion and Reading of "The Death of a Moth" by Virginia Woolf on Page 157. Discussion and reading of Langston Hughes "Salvation" Page 369 to 370. Thesis, MLA, Works Cited, Plagiarism review.In-Class Writing Assignment 2: Writing Exercise on the Power of Description on Page 188.Reading/Assignment: Begin work on Research Paper. Page 88 to 93, 210 to 220. Written assignment on "How Susie Bayers T-shirt Ended Up on Yusuf Mamas Back" by George Packer, respond to questions on Page 206.Week 5Due: Response to George Packers Essay.In Class: Lecture on Literary Devices. Analysis of Keats, Browning, William Carlos Williams and Auden Page 224 to 228.In-Class Writing Assignment 3: Writing Exercise on Personal Essay on Page 217.
  3. 3. Week 6Due: Research Paper.In Class: Lecture will focus on textual analysis and analyzing argumentative essays.In-Class Writing Assignment 4: Responses will be written and discussed on May Sartons essay "The Rewards of Living a Solitary Life" (Page 39-41) and Chinua Achebes "Dead Mans Path" (Page 44-46).Reading/Assignment: Begin work on Argumentative Paper. Read Page 232 to 237. Written assignment on Writing Exercise Page 237, Translating Odi et Amo.Week 7Due: Odi et Amo assignment.In Class: QUIZ 2. Lecture on Translation. Read and analyze Amy Tans "Mother Tongue."In-Class Writing Assignment 5: Writing Exercise on Page 242, Translation in Everyday Life.Reading/Assignment: Writing Exercise on Page 245, Code Switching.Week 8Due: Argumentative Paper.In Class: Lecture on Textual Analysis of Fiction. Reading and analysis of James Baldwin Page 258 to 274, Alice Walker Page 278 to 284, James Joyce Page 255 to 257.In-Class Writing Assignment 6: Exercise on Textual Analysis, students will analyze Baldwin, Walker or Joyce.Reading/Assignment: Begin work on Textual Analysis Paper. Written assignment of 1 page textual analysis of "The Waltz" by Dorothy Parker Page 372 to 374.Week 9Due: 1 Page textual analysis of Parker.In Class: Lecture on the Textual Analysis of Poetry. Shakespeare Page 384, Poe Page 388, TS Eliot Page 389 to 391.Reading/Assignment: Page 396 to 415. Summarize and textually analyze Orhan Pamuks "To Look Out the Window"Week 10Due: Pamuk AnalysisIn Class: QUIZ 3. Good and Evil in Literature. Lecture on beliefs and ethics. Read and discuss "The Things They Carried" Page 447 to 455. Read and discuss Dylan Thomas Page 458.In-Class Writing Assignment 7: Compare and contrast sacred texts with secular texts, Voltaire and Rushdie vs. The Bible Page Page 426 to 432.
  4. 4. Reading/Assignment: Written assignment, 1 page response to "Hills on White Elephants" byHemingway.Week 11Due: Textual Analysis Paper and 1 page Hemingway response.In Class: Lecture on African Literature.Reading/Assignment: Begin work on Comparison Paper. Read and write a critical essay about Zaabalwai by Naguib Mahfouz Page 491to 497 (2 pages).Week 12Due: Mahfouz Essay.In Class: Lecture on Asian Literature.In-Class Writing Assignment 8: Comparison between Lahiri and Ishiguro.Reading/Assignment: Read 668 to 667 and write a critical essay comparing the two Marquez excerpts (2 pages).Week 13Due: Marquez Essay and Comparison Paper.In Class: QUIZ 4. Lecture on Latin American Literature.Week 14Final Exam Review.Week 15Final Exam