As an author, Jalaj Mishra is                      the blend of incomparable                      qualities. God has bless...
You can know more about Jalaj                   and his novel by visiting              ...
Sins  Daughter    of the    The Curse Of  Verdict Stone   Jalaj Mishra
THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICACopyright © Jalaj Mishra 2011First in Paperback 2011First Impression 2011All Rights Reserved.N...
Two Words For ReadersMy loving readers, you that is, to whom I will beindebted for all my success and enthusiasm. MyLife b...
I am very determined in my writing goals. I don’twant to be world’s most esteemed writer however; Iwant to be world’s most...
AcknowledgmentsFirst and foremost, to my friend and editor, SteveBerent, for working so hard on this project and fortruly ...
Aman Chabbra, Kishore Kumar, Ricky John, Rohit,Prabhat, Anjani, Vineet, Manoj, Sundeep,Lokesh.Gaurav, Abhishek, Rovin, Bal...
Sins of the Daughter                                                                                        Prologue     “...
Sins of the Daughter   “Yup! Rooms are booked. We’ll all stay in Delhitoday. If I’m not wrong, we’re all tired, aren’t we?...
Sins of the Daughter                                                                                 Chapter 1tour. We wis...
Sins of the Daughter                                                                                     Chapter 1    Jimm...
Sins of the Daughter                                                                              Chapter 1    “Terrific a...
Sins of the Daughter                                                                                  Chapter 1     James ...
Sins of the Daughter                                                                                  Chapter 1    “Well, ...
Sins of the Daughter                                                                                 Chapter 1    “Okay, w...
Sins of the Daughter                                                                                  Chapter 1    ”Does l...
Sins of the Daughter    “Girls, girls!” Jimmy cried, knocking on theirdoor.    The door opened. “What happened?” SleepyLuc...
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Sins Of The Daughter


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Sins Of The Daughter

  1. 1. As an author, Jalaj Mishra is the blend of incomparable qualities. God has blessed him magical skill of writing and his heart-touching writing is ready to induce young readers of the world to think on highly sensi- tive social evil which is rapidly increasing in every corner ofthe world and degrading principled values. His journey from a professional engineer to anauthor was really full of difficulties however he nev-er gave up his passion and completed his first novelthat will touch your imotions in deep. His voice will certainly be the voice of younggeneration than just an author and this young au-thor will make the world read never like before. Author lives in New Delhi in India, where heworks as a network security engineer. Apart frombooks, the author has a keen interest in Yoga andpublic speeches.
  2. 2. You can know more about Jalaj and his novel by visiting or emailing him at sinsofthedaughter@gmail.comFollow him:
  3. 3. Sins Daughter of the The Curse Of Verdict Stone Jalaj Mishra
  4. 4. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICACopyright © Jalaj Mishra 2011First in Paperback 2011First Impression 2011All Rights Reserved.No Part of this book may be reproduced or transmit- Dedicated to my dear ones,ted in any form or by any means, electronic or me- who are not happy with me.chanical, including photocopying, recording, or byany information storage and retrieval system, with-out written permission from the Author.Product Details:Printed: : 1460907450ISBN-13: 9781460907450The Author asserts the moral right to be identifiedas the author of this workTypeset and Printed In The United States Of America
  5. 5. Two Words For ReadersMy loving readers, you that is, to whom I will beindebted for all my success and enthusiasm. MyLife belongs to you, and serving you is the mostsignificant thing that I can do with my life. I havesomething to share with you. “To write a Novel wasmy childhood dream. I wanted the whole worldshould read me. Nevertheless, it was just a dreamwith neither thoughts nor solid concept.However,God had already planned something for me. In2006, I met my friend and he told me about a littlegirl and her mother. The story was really awful,intolerable and shook me deeply. I decided, thewhole world should know about that girl. I beganwriting about her and today, her life’s truth is be-fore you.”
  6. 6. I am very determined in my writing goals. I don’twant to be world’s most esteemed writer however; Iwant to be world’s most loved writer because appro-bation passes and love withstands. I wish you and your family a very happy and pros-perous life.Enjoy Reading.Thanks in advance.Jalaj Characters and parts of this novel are entirely fictional. If any resemblance is found with anyone’s real life, this then will be a purely happenstance.
  7. 7. AcknowledgmentsFirst and foremost, to my friend and editor, SteveBerent, for working so hard on this project and fortruly understanding what this book is all about. Thank you especially to Lynn Eang for her sup-port during the publishing of this book from thestart. To my friends and colleagues in HCL: RohitChibbar, Chinmay, Vinod Kumar, Manish Sharma,Sanjeev Sharma, Mahendar Singh Negi, VikasArora, Mayank Nautiyal, Ashok Rana, Shail, KapilChopra, Ragahv, Rahul, Anoop, Ravindra, Yogesh,Laeeq, Ashima, Manisha, Sumit, Sangeet, LogeshM Kumar, Anand Yati, Abhijeet, Nitin Negi, ArjunDev, Mohit, Amit Verma, Kushal, Himanshu, Tejas,Sachin, Subrajit, Pratinav, Harneet, Rajiv, Satya,
  8. 8. Aman Chabbra, Kishore Kumar, Ricky John, Rohit,Prabhat, Anjani, Vineet, Manoj, Sundeep,Lokesh.Gaurav, Abhishek, Rovin, Baljindar, Ajitpal, Roshan,Rahul Jain and all my past and present team mem-bers for their encouragement. I will say sorry to ev-ery loving person who I know but I have missed tosay thank you here for their support and love. My sincere respect goes to Prasun Roy Barman, PrologueRajendra Kathal, Dinesh Kumar Yadav, KaushalVashist, Priyakant Taneja, Chetan Sharma, RaviAnand Saxena, Radhakrishnan Hulikal Srinivasa, “Oh my God! We are finally in India. This has beenRahul Khandahri, Manoj Kumar, Kapil Gupta for a long and hectic journey!” James spoke and openedtheir blessing. his mouth wide, inhaling the fresh air. God, who continues to look after me despite my “Shut your mouth, James. It smells bad!” Lucyoffences. shouted. I would be remiss if I did not mention the two ex- James giggled and mused, “Must you always teasetraordinary women who have touched my life. First, me? Can’t you speak to me with love? I am seeingmy mother, who has blessed me life. And my beloved, Lucy. You are avoiding me nowadays. If this is howSindhuja, a beautiful girl and without a doubt the your are, then I will marry someone else. Hey, youmost astonishingly talented girl I have ever known. hear me? I’m not kidding. Hey, Julie, are you listen- ing? Will you marry me?” “Do whatever you want to do, but please keep your mouth away. I really don’t want to talk to you now!” Lucy cried angrily. “Hey, hey Jimmy, come here,” James called.
  9. 9. Sins of the Daughter Prologue “What happened?” Jimmy asked. “You empty can. Have you seen your face “Does my breath stink?” James asked. in the mirror, monkey? I will kill you, pony!” “Nope. Who said it did? Smells fresh and sweet,” James blasted off and chased him.Jimmy said and moved his fingers over his face. “Jimmy, stop arguing. James, please listen to me. “Ewww. Stop. Don’t get so close to me. I told you Lucy is not well. Jimmy, I didn’t expect this thing fromover and over that I don’t have any interest in boys. I’m a you.” Julie spoke angrily and turned her face away.manly guy and I like girls. Get my point? And you know “Oh! I was kidding. I’m sorry,” Jimmy whisperedwhat, sometimes I suspect you are gay!” James shouted. and put his head down. “You ass. You’re gay and your father as well.” “Yes! Julie, he is right. It was just a joke,” James “How dare you say keep saying this!” Jimmy fired concurred.back. “But, you both are not kids,” Lucy chastised, star- “Oh, no! They have started again. James, James, ing at him with fiery eyes.listen to me.” “I said I’m sorry, Lucy,” James spoke softly as he “Jimmy, Jimmy, I say, stop. Oh, God, no one is took her in his arms.listening to me. Julie, please stop them. My head is Jimmy’s eyes fixed on the big shining board inspinning.” milky light hanging on top of the wall as he read “I feel I am not well,” Lucy said furiously.” out, “Indira Gandhi International Airport, New “I was expecting the same answer from Lucy. You Delhi. Lucy, have you ever been to India before? heknow why? She loves someone else,” Jimmy confided. inquired. “What nonsense is this? Who is that man?” James “Once, with my parents. I was just 8 years old,”asked. Hundreds of panic lines appeared on his face Lucy answered.all of a sudden. Tense, James asked again, “Who is “And you, James?” Jimmy questioned.he? Lucy!” James called her. “No, never have, first time,” James responded. “Why do you call her? I am telling you, I am that “So what’s next? Did Boss phone you, James?”one buddy. Yes I am,” Jimmy spoke and smiled. Julie questioned.2 3
  10. 10. Sins of the Daughter “Yup! Rooms are booked. We’ll all stay in Delhitoday. If I’m not wrong, we’re all tired, aren’t we?”James asked, looking at them through his ownbloodshot eyes. PART 1 “Sure are! You’re so right,” Julie yawned back. “Taxi! Taxi!” James summoned. A car soon approached them. “Sir, where would you like to go?” the driver Chapter 1asked. “The “Red Wine” hotel,” James instructed thecab driver. Julie began, “Social Mirror is the world famous, in- ternational weekly magazine company in the U.S., with more than 200 offices world over and head of- fice based at 375 Hudson, New York. A $10 billion company, expanding day by day. James is a famous editor and very funny. Lucy, Jimmy and I are his as- sistants. The company has started a new series of ar- ticles covering social evils.” “We four are on world tour to talk to different people in different countries. It is a major effort to understand the set of laws, rituals and evils within different societies. We are collecting news that shows bad customs and misconduct of human society in order to prepare an effective and educational article for our newspaper. India is the 10th country on our4
  11. 11. Sins of the Daughter Chapter 1tour. We wish to learn about Indian society and it’s Hotel, Red Wine; New Delhi.people, including those detrimental customs which 9:30 pm.stop people’s growth. We also need to discover thosemisconducts which encourage child abuse and wom- The waiter knocked at the door.en’s exploitation, sexual harassment of minor girls “I’m coming,” Jimmy responded and opened theand it’s detrimental effects on them. We must un- the reasons behind these horrible incidents,” “What’s up, Dude?” he asked.Jimmy explained. “It is dinner time, sir,” the attendant replied. “Very interesting, sir. Well, I can help you in this “Oh!” Jimmy responded.regard,” the Manager spoke with a hint of a fresh “Where will you take dinner, Sir? In your roomsmile. or in the Dining Hall?” “Oh, really? How and where?” Jimmy asked. “The Dining Hall,” James answered. “A young Indian novelist who writes on social “Please assemble there, Sir,” the attendantevils has been staying at our hotel,” the Manager continued.replied. “Hey James, wake up for dinner. Hurry up!” “May I meet him, please?” Jimmy needed to Jimmy coaxed James, came out from his room andknow. knocked on Lucy and Julie’s door. “Not right now,” the Manager responded. “Lucy, Julie, get up. Dinner’s ready!” Jimmy an- “Then when?” Jimmy asked. nounced loudly. “At dinner time, but he is very moody,” the Julie opened the door.Manager whispered. Jimmy prodded her, “Please get ready in 10 min- “Sure, I know, writers are. However, I will handle utes. We’ll have dinner in the dining hall.”him,” Jimmy boasted as he laughed. “I will see you in the dining hall, James,” Jimmy “James, wait. I will see you at dinner time.” uttered before entering. “Okay, sir,” the Manager answered. “Please come in, Sir,” the Assistant summoned.6 7
  12. 12. Sins of the Daughter Chapter 1 Jimmy saw that the dinner table was decorated “Waiter! Hey you, come here, please!” Jameswith delicious and aromatic dishes. The Dining Hall called out, glancing throughout the dining hall.was full of mirth. “Did you call me, Sir?” the attendant responded. Lucy took James’ hand. “Such sweet-smelling Sarcastically, Jimmy snickered, “No! I have sick-aromas fill the air. What is this I’m smelling?” ness from crying like a mad person. “They’re Indian dishes,” James said as Lucy “What the rubbish question are you asking?”shook her head with a soft jerk. Jimmy continued, with a soft smile on his face. Wide-eyed, Jimmy shook his head as well. “Jimmy, what is this?” James interrupted. “Lucy, James, come here. What I am seeing? Did “Sorry! Would you call your Manager, please?”you both reunite again? Fantastic! I know you both Jimmy softened his tone.make a good, loving couple,” Jimmy declared with The attendant grew concerned and asked, “Issurprise and turned his face towards Julie. there any problem? You can tell me, Sir.” “Thank you,” James and Julie replied. “No, no, it is very delicious food. Just call your “See! Learn something from them,” Jimmy the Manager, please,” James answered.jeered at Julie and took a deep breath with the hope “Okay,” the attendant said softly as he walked away.of a positive response from her. “Julie, this is paneer kofta. It is very tasty. Please “Shut up!” Julie shot back, her eyes wide open. check it out. Wow, delicious!” Jimmy advised.“Please, please, don’t start again. Let’s just have din- “What is this?” Lucy asked.ner now. We have to get up early in the morning and “Palak paneer,” Jimmy responded.begin our work.” “Well, we should order wine. Hey Jimmy, what do “Sure,” James and Jimmy responded. you think?” James expressed his desire. “Oh, good. Thank you for bringing it to my mind. “Great! It’s a good idea.” Jimmy could barelyWe have to see someone,” Jimmy reminded them. contain his excitement. “Who?” Lucy, James and Julie responded Meanwhile, the Manager came and asked, “Is ev-altogether. erything all right, sir?8 9
  13. 13. Sins of the Daughter Chapter 1 “Terrific arrangement. Yummy. Yummy, dinner,” that to happen. I love my job, Sir,” the ManagerJulie offered. stressed. “We believe in customer satisfaction, ma’am. “Okay, we’ll give it a try. You may go now, andGuests are God in India,” the Manager replied. thanks for all your precious help,” James gratefully “Great! You said that you’ll take me to a novel expressed to the Manager.writer,” Jimmy uttered. “Please send a bottle of wine!” Jimmy directed “Sure! Do you see a man with a beautiful lady the Manager in loud voice.there?,” the Manager whispered and pointed his fin- “Okay sir,” the Manager responded and calledger in their direction. the waiter. “Oh! Seems very romantic,” James said softly and “Girls, finish the dinner fast,” Jimmy ordered.turned his smiling face to Lucy. The attendant kept the bottle of wine on the din- “Not really! I know him. He frequently comes to ing table and they all enjoyed it with their deliciousthis hotel. He is very hyper, but no doubt a famous food.novelist,” the Manager replied. “I forgot to ask the name,” James uttered low and Lucy understood his indication and uttered, stepped towards the novelist.“James stop.” They followed him. “Who is that lady?” Julie asked. “Autograph, please,” James requested. “His wife,” the Manager answered. Surprised, the novelist turned toward them and “Would you kindly introduce us to him?” Jimmy asked, “My autograph? Whoever you are, you’reasked. quite funny, but I’m no Hollywood or Bollywood ac- “Very difficult for me. He doesn’t seem in a tor. You are mistaken, sir.”good mood right now. You may begin talking to “But you are a famous novel writer, Mr.him with any good excuse, but please don’t involve Entourage,” James declared He is very important for us and if anything “No! Who told you this? I just try to put my dirtygoes wrong, I may lose my job, and I don’t want thoughts on blank paper,” the novelist slyly replied.10 11
  14. 14. Sins of the Daughter Chapter 1 James placed his diary on the table and again “Oh! I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce my wife,”asked for his autograph. Entourage uttered and smiled. “She is Sunada.” The novelist finally consented and gave his auto- “Go to hell!” His wife threw choice words and leftgraph. One by one, Jimmy, Lucy and Julie asked for her seat.his autograph. “Sunada, Sunada, where are you going? Won’t “Oh! So you have your team. You are all jesting, you come with me?” She is a bit angry today. All thearen’t you? the Novelist inquired, biting his lower lip. same, she is naughty and jolly in nature. I will intro- “No! Not at all, Sir. We respect authors because duce you all to her once she is in a good mood.” Thewe are also linked with this profession to some ex- novelist paused for a moment. “Actually, she doesn’ttent,” Julie replied. like my profession. I am one of the most boring per- “Mr. Entourage,” I am James, Editor of Social sonalities alive!” Entourage laughed loudly.Mirror, a world famous international weekly newspa- Entourage continued, “So you were talking aboutper company headquartered in the U.S. an article. What kind of article are you preparing?”James introduced himself and his team. “Meet my he uttered, with thousands of thoughts flowing inassistants, Lucy, Julie and funny statue Jimmy.” his mind. “Hello! Are you here in India on some important “Social problems, concerning a plague that isassignment?” Entourage asked. destroying moral society, and we need your help,” “We are preparing an article on social evils for James answered.our newspaper,” Julie responded. Julie spoke up enthusiastically. “Such as wom- “Have you heard of the Social Mirror?” Lucy en’s exploitation, child abuse, child marriage andquestioned. any disgusting and unacceptable custom of modern “Yes, I know this is a good newspaper. I do read society.”it,” Entourage replied and turned his eyes towards a “Yup! She’s right,” Jimmy agreed.gorgeous lady sitting nearby who was staring at him “Why did you choose India for such an article?”with burning eyes. Entourage asked.12 13
  15. 15. Sins of the Daughter Chapter 1 “Well, we are on world tour, like my friend said,” society. If you try to expose their ‘truth’ before theJames mumbled, unable to give a proper answer. world, they will make your life hell.” “I know very well, the English know the weak “Poor writers, poor books. My books. Adults, chil-pulse of India and they know when, where and how dren, young men, old men, hold my books in theirto cash in on these weak spots. India is full of evils, hands as if these are young virgin girls, not books atbut be careful. People who remove the curtain from all. Ha Ha Ha,” Entourage laughed. “And people readthe growing evils in India are not safe. You all may my books as if they’re spending a night with a beautifulbe threatened by some powerful men here. Please, prostitute, just for pleasure. They just read the spicyheed my example. I had decided that I would dis- things in my writing. They don’t even try to under-close social crime through my books. I thought I stand what message I’m trying to convey to them.”would increase awareness among people. I tried to Entourage fixed his eyes on the threesome’s be-remove people’s weaknesses so that they can go up wildered faces. “I am sorry for this long and mind-against social plagues.” Entourage became silent for numbing speech. You all seem confused. Don’t be. Ia while. was just kidding,” he followed with a hearty laugh. “But did this really happen?” He is stopped by “But we really liked your talk,” Lucy assured him.a media person. “No photographs, please! So, did Everyone expressed their agreement with Lucy.I accomplish such noble ambitions through my “You wanted my assistance for your article,”words? Could I educate the illiterate people of this Entourage tried to get back on Could I produce awareness among illiter- “Yes, do you know any real situations we mightate Indian people of filthy and disgusting customs? check out? James asked.No. For the powerful among Indian society won’t let “Well, I don’t know offhand any such situationyou do so. Oh no. They are strong socially, politi- that can fit your article.” With a long pause he add-cally and financially enough to stop you. You would ed, but I do know a place where you might go. Whonever dare to disclose their truth. Whatever they do, knows? You might stumble upon some suitableright or wrong, is their religion. That is the rule of heartbreaking episode you could use.”14 15
  16. 16. Sins of the Daughter Chapter 1 “Okay, where?” Julie asked. “My god! Her fiery eyes,” Lucy whispered. “Well, some days ago, I was searching a subject “How does he deal with her?” Julie wondered.for my new novel and my friend suggested I go “Maybe they’re both a little crazy,” Lucy giggled.there, but I couldn’t make it. But hopefully you’ll Jimmy had enough of their small talk. “You girls al-get lucky.” Entourage glanced at his watch. ways start talking nonsense. You don’t know what to talk “Where in India?” Jimmy asked, full of curiosity.” about and what not to. Leave them alone. It’s their “Dehradun. Oh, no, it’s too late now. I’m really personal life, not yours,” Jimmy chided them both.sorry but I have to leave you good people right now.” “Okay. Okay, just relax.” Julie couldn’t under-Entourage stepped towards the Main gate. stand Jimmy’s behavior. “Yeah, but where is this place?” Jimmy asked James ordered him, “Jimmy come on. Stop andloudly. take down all the information about Dehradun from “Just ask anybody around and they’ll tell you. the Manager.”Best of luck to you all. Goodbye now.” With that, “Girls, go to your room. We’ll have to get up ear-Entourage disappeared into the crowd. ly tomorrow morning. Get moving,” Jimmy urged as Jimmy was skeptical. “Julie, should we believe he hurried to the Manager’s desk.him?” James stood in the balcony and saw twinkling “Well, we don’t really have any other option, do Delhi in the milky light. He lit a cigarette and took awe?” Lucy interrupted. long puff. “He seems very frustrated,” Julie observed. “James, James, can you please tell me? Who is my Lucy added, “Yeah, sometimes authors are, but Boss? You or Jimmy?” Julie asked.he was right to some extent. Overall, he struck “Why? What happened?” James was as very balanced and talented, maybe not so “Nothing. I really don’t like his attitude. I willfrustrated.” kick his ass!” Julie thundered. “But did you catch his wife’s attitude. She acts “Oh, Julie, calm down. He is a sweet boy whovery rude,” Julie articulated with wide open eyes. loves you very much,”James lovingly assured her.16 17
  17. 17. Sins of the Daughter Chapter 1 ”Does love mean hurting somebody? All the time “That’s good. Well Jimmy, what do you think?he hurts me. I know you always favor him,” Julie Would we really get a hot story for our article?roared and disappeared in a split second. Should we go there?” James questioned with a puz- “What has happened to this young lady?” James zled face.asked Lucy. “Let’s see, do we have any other option? I think “They both fight all the time,” Lucy nodded. not. We have very little time, only four days. Shit, it’s“James, the Manager gave me this map, so now we a very difficult and tiring job and I’ll resign when wecan easily reach Dehradun. We’ll leave for Dehradun return to the office.” Jimmy spoke and James saw histomorrow morning. So let’s get to bed now,” Jimmy disappointed face.urged. “Why, what happened?” They approached the bedroom. “Nothing,” Jimmy responded. “What did you say to Julie? Jimmy, you better talk “Don’t worry, honey. Let’s write a novel and earnto her. Otherwise, she’ll kick your ass, my pony! huge money, and after that we’ll enjoy enjoy, enjoy!” James had his fun teasing Jimmy and Lucy “You’re dreaming. It’s not so easy.” Jimmy gentlylaughed out loud. admonished James. Jimmy cried, “You shut up. She doesn’t have “Nothing is impossible,” James argued andsense enough to know what to talk about and what yawned. “I’m feeling sleepy now. Please wake me upnot to. early in the morning,” he whispered. “Okay, Jimmy. I’ll see you in the morning,” Lucy “Okay,” Jimmy nodded. Soon all were lost in thesaid, entering her room. dream of Dehradun. “Do you understand the map clearly?” James After the short peaceful moments, a twitteringasked. of birds beckoned smoothly in Jimmy’s ears and he “Of course, we’ll have to catch a bus from opened his eyes.Kashmiri Gate. The Manager will send someone to “My god! It’s morning, James. James, wake uphelp us. fast!” Jimmy commanded, running out of the room.18 19
  18. 18. Sins of the Daughter “Girls, girls!” Jimmy cried, knocking on theirdoor. The door opened. “What happened?” SleepyLucy managed. “Come on, get ready, Lucy.” “But I’m sleepy. Can’t we go later?” Lucy asked,half awake. “No, not an option. Now, get ready fast.Understand?” Jimmy ordered. “Okay, honey.” Lucy nodded. “Good Morning, Sir, your taxi is waiting for you,”the attendant greeted Jimmy. “Okay.” Everyone got ready in 15 minutes and promptlyexited the hotel. “Good Morning, Sir,” the Manager addressedJames enthusiastically. “A very good morning to you,” James responded. “How was your stay in my hotel?” the managerinquired. “Marvelous! We really liked your accommoda-tions.” Lucy replied with a fresh smile on her face. Satisfied, the manager assured James, “The driv-er will assist you. I have explained everything to him.Have a nice journey.”20