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  • Ready for school is a movement integrating civic, school, health, non-profit, corporate and faith-based efforts …to assure that every child in the Holland/Zeeland/Hamiltonarea enters Kindergarten prepared to succeed.Guided by the results of a community forum in June 2007, the Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area …embraced quality early education and school readiness as one of the most critical issue of our time.In 2008 we launched the initiative with the testing of incoming kindergarteners through the use of a pre-literacy test DIBELS and surveyed parents obtainingDemographic information Obstacles to receiving the kinds of services they would have like for their childrenServices they feel their neighbors could use
  • Mary Bosscher is a volunteer who comes to our office 2 days a week and reads, educates and encourages children and parents to read to their children.
  • I challenge u presentation 2013

    1. 1. Ready for School The Health and Learning Connection: Nature and Nurture? It takes all of us Donna LB Lowry, MD Associate & Medical Director
    2. 2. Inform and Engage Parents Goal of HTF • To utilize the medical community as a forum for parental education and engagement • Identify and refer children and families to community resources including Ready for School • Assure that all children 0-5y connect with a medical home
    3. 3. Partners in Health • Holland PHO • OCHD- DHS- CMH • Holland Community Health Center • InterCare • Lakewood Family Medicine • SH Pediatrics • SH Zeeland Physicians • Georgetown Physicians • Hope College • Holland Hospital • Spectrum Health Zeeland Community Hospital • Lakeshore Health Partners • Priority Health • BCBS Michigan • CPS • Physician Donors
    4. 4. Healthcare Providers Relationship of Trust
    5. 5. 1990’s: The Decade of the Brain
    6. 6. Nature • Critical Concepts in Early Brain Development • Proportional brain growth • Neural plasticity • Critical periods • Sequential development • Role of experience Early Brain and Child Development
    7. 7. Nurture • The human brain is shaped by experience • Experience, in turn, leads to changes in the brain • Birth: 50 trillion synapses • 1 year: 1,000 trillion • 20 years: 500 trillion • These changes in the brain make new experiences possible Early Brain and Child Development
    8. 8. SERVICE IMPLICATIONS Early Brain Development • For optimal effectiveness, services must begin as early as possible • Stimulation during the first three years is particularly critical to ensure optimal development • “use it or lose it” • Services must be comprehensive and aligned with children’s developmental stages and needs
    9. 9. Birth Early Infancy Late Infancy Early Toddler Late Toddler Early Preschool Late Preschool Prenatal 6 mo 12 mo 18 mo 24 mo 3 yrs 5 yrs “ReadytoLearn” “School Readiness Trajectories” “At Risk” Trajectory “Delayed/Disordered ” Trajectory “Healthy” Trajectory Parental education Emotional health Prenatal care Family social connections Quality ECE Positive parenting Neighborhood violence Inaccessible health services Poverty Graphic Concept Adapted from Neal Halfon , UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families, and Communities Health services
    10. 10. • Children with developmental/behavioral problems are eluding early detection • Many initiatives exist to provide services to young children, their families • A gap exists between child health and child development/early childhood education programs • Children and their families would benefit from a coordinated, region-wide system of early detection, intervention for children at developmental risk ASSUMPTIONS Creating a Healthy Beginning
    11. 11. Goals • Identify critical concepts in early brain development and early child development that inform health services delivery • Explain the benefits of children’s health services focusing on promoting the optimal development of at-risk children • Identify the importance of whole community cross-sector collaboration in strengthening child health service delivery
    12. 12. Healthy Beginnings Healthcare Provider Participation Reach Out and Read ASQ Assessment & Referrals Healthcare Coordination RN Case Manager Community Health Worker Healthcare Outcomes Data Management Data Reporting Partnership participation
    13. 13. ROAR Outcomes 4 million children worldwide Parents are up to 4x more likely to read aloud to their children. @ age 2 developmental gains in language & literacy with a six month developmental edge over peers. Kindergarteners score higher on vocabulary tests and school readiness assessments.
    14. 14. Reach Out and Read Holland Community Health Center Mary Bosscher, Reach Out and Read coordinator She reads, educates and encourages kids and parents to read.
    15. 15. Reach Out and Read Holland Community Health Center “Bringing my son to the Holland Community Health Center was a very good thing because here they taught us to read to him and teach him at home and that would prove to be very helpful because he is now a 1st grader and top of his class. We are extremely grateful that they had Reach out and Read program in his physicians’ office. And will continue to use this method at home with our future children.” HCHC Father, November 2012
    16. 16. Developmental Surveillance • Developmental and social-emotional delays can be subtle and can occur in children who appear to be developing typically so most children who would benefit from early intervention are not identified until after they start school. • Pediatricians don’t detect delays more than 70% of the time when they rely on clinical judgment alone.
    17. 17. ASQ 3 The ASQ looks at strengths and trouble spots, educates parents about developmental milestones, relies parents’ expert knowledge about their children.
    18. 18. Healthy Beginnings Care Coordination ASQ ASQSE Well child visits ER/Urgent Care Immunizations
    19. 19. Partners in Outreach Holland Rescue Mission Read to Eat Hope College’s Community Health Nursing Student, Kaylee Marcinkus @ Stepping Stones Preschool
    20. 20. Community Health Nursing Impacting Health and School Readiness Read to Eat Lena Jaynes & Kaylee Marcinkus @ Stepping Stones Preschool
    21. 21. 2012 Accomplishments • 100% increase Organizational Partners in Health • Restructured the Health Task Force • Healthy Beginnings: Unified program, built team • 50K BCBSM Community Partners Grant • Health Outcomes: Public Health Research Intern • Reached all Providers of pediatric care • Expanded Hope College relationships • Nursing Department, English Department, Pre Health Professions
    22. 22. 2013 Ready Set Talk • Speech Pilot over summer 2013-2014 • Target children 24 3 ½ -5y per summer • 6 week program, 2 ½ hours for 18 session • Total of 45 hours of intervention • Build partnerships • With Parents • With Parent Educators • With Kindergarten Teachers
    23. 23. 2013 ROAR Lakeshore Initiative Goal To support all health care providers in the Holland, Zeeland & Hamilton area who desire to participate in the Reach Out and Read program What Ready for School will offer • Provision of funds for books until 2015 • Volunteer coordination and support • Highlighting your work in the community
    24. 24. What Next? Things to consider • How do we sustain these efforts? Local support The Affordable Care Act Insurance Companies Large employers