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Lab equipment review


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Lab equipment review

  1. 1. Laboratory Equipment Review
  2. 2. Test Tube Used to hold and test small amounts of chemicals
  3. 3. Thermometer Measures Temperature
  4. 4. Test Tube Tongs Used to hold test tubes
  5. 5. Beaker Used for rough measuring and pouring of liquids
  6. 6. Beaker Tongs Used to handle beakers
  7. 7. Test Tube Rack Holds test tubes
  8. 8. Microscope Slide • Used to prepare specimen for microscopic investigation
  9. 9. Teasing Needle Used as a probe in dissection
  10. 10. Test Tube Brush Cleans test tubes
  11. 11. Crucible Tongs Used for holding a crucible
  12. 12. Petri Dish Used for culturing microorganisms and holding specimens
  13. 13. Erlenmeyer Flask Used for holding, mixing and heating liquids, reduces evaporation of liquids and can be corked. .
  14. 14. Triple Beam Balance Used to find mass
  15. 15. Cover Slip Covers specimen on microscope slide
  16. 16. Funnel Used when pouring liquid into a small container
  17. 17. Dissecting Scissors Cuts tissue during dissection
  18. 18. Scalpel • Used to cut tissues during dissection
  19. 19. Probe • Used for investigating/probing tissue during dissection
  20. 20. Dissecting Tray • Used to place specimen in during dissection
  21. 21. Dissecting Pin • Used to hold specimen onto the dissection pan
  22. 22. Ring Stand Clamp (for flask) Used to secure a flask to a ring stand
  23. 23. • Pipette Used to add small amounts of liquid
  24. 24. Bunsen Burner Used for heating
  25. 25. Reagent Bottle Used for holding acids or caustic chemicals
  26. 26. Wire Gauge Used to support a container on a ring stand
  27. 27. Safety Goggles Used for eye protection
  28. 28. Forceps Used to grasp small items
  29. 29. Graduated Cylinder Used to measure liquids
  30. 30. Mortar and Pestle Used for grinding chemicals
  31. 31. Ring Stand Apparatus used to hold a container above a Bunsen burner
  32. 32. Florence Flask Used to hold and heat liquids
  33. 33. Microscope Used to look at microscopic specimens
  34. 34. Hot Plate Used to heat materials
  35. 35. Digital Balance Used to find mass
  36. 36. Dribble Cup/Overflow Can Used to find the volume of a solid by displacement of water
  37. 37. Spring Scale Used to measure mass
  38. 38. Well Done!