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Shiran Sanjeewa is the CEO and Founder of @H2OFlame A Creative Agency based in Colombo. and a Design Consultancy firm He possess extensive International Expertise on Branding, Websites, Mobile Applications, UI/UX and Online Marketing. In 2012 he founded “Shiran Sanjeewa Associates” a Sri Lankan start-up a branding & user experience consulting firm, now serving Silicon Valley clients with the user experience design on their software and hardware products.

Presentation was given on
Thursday, 23rd August 2012 at

Royal College Union Skills Centre
Rajakeeya Mawatha, Colombo-07, Sri Lanka.

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  • Started my career when I was 20, and was given the opportunity to work and study in Bahrain, and go to Gulf university. I have worked for VIA, 3CS, Affno, and Now @ Elite, Design agency in Manchester UK.
  • Creativity is using your raw imagination to come up with the ideas that will go beyond traditional way of doing things. Or perspectives in simple words…
  • Ability to imagine or invent something new. For example : Like having electrified tooth brushes that sense the owner, when ever someone else is about to use it blows a whistle or send an electric shockwave….. Be funny about it …
  • Visual thinking is vital in todays world, in fact it’s natural for us to remember things as pictures, our brain stores things in pictorials, so when ever similar incidents happen we get “DÉJÀ VU” Moments. DÉJÀ VU is when you feel like what you are doing at a time feels like has happened before in the same way… Do not go into details Why its important. • 80% of the brain is dedicated to visual processing • Visual processing is not new, it’s part of our history • Written language originated from drawing and sketching
  • The left brain is ANALYTICS, LOGICAL, OBJECTIVE, VERBAL While The Right Brain is generative possibilities, Philosophical Subjective, Visual
  • Life in the fast lane: In an increasingly fast paced world we don’t make time for creative activities. Keeping up with the competition: It’s getting harder to innovate, produce new ideas and communicate at this pace. We work from Monday to Friday, like machines, and Friday night go out have few drinks come home on Saturday morning and you didn’t know that you existed till the evening of Saturday, rest of the day you are a walking zombie. And Sunday knowing that you need to go to work the next day you try to finish personal work and washing and dishing no time for creativity, self thoughts. And the weekend goes by, and the cycle repeats. So you need to make some time, allow your senses feel a little freedom. And of course you don’t have to go to the spa to regain these.
  • Take my self as an example. And the Education system and the parents expectations.
  • Taking your self back to your childhood Colors, paper, stories, cartoons, pictures, and our limitless imagination
  • After A’L computer courses, AAT, blah blah Need to find a job, if you go to university you have to worry about rags more than lectures.. And so on..
  • The left brain is ANALYTICS, LOGICAL, OBJECTIVE, VERBAL While The Right Brain is generative possibilities, Philosophical Subjective, Visual
  • A common myth predicts that most if not all innovation occur through epiphanies. Not all innovations occur through epiphanies; For example and idea could be generated, mixed and revised and also refined by a group of people or even generations, and over 1000’s of years. For example : - Roman weapon called scorpion, which used to hurl large javelins at the incoming hordes of enemies in battles which Rome faced during its late years as an empire. Has been a major success. and the same concept is still used today to catapult fighter jets off into the air from aircraft carriers. But epiphanies have played major roles in the course of human history, The incident of Archimedes' realization of how to estimate the volume of a given mass, which inspired him to shout "Eureka!“ A similar understanding with  Charles Darwin  on his study about  natural selection during  The Voyage of the Beagle . Which later revealed as the Evolution. And of course Newton's apple
  • There is nothing as such Choose your own path, Explore…. Ideas Sometimes you may end up on a dead-end. But that’s the whole idea behind innovation
  • Another Myth Its proven, often well organised teams deliver most effective and usable creative solutions Because teams have the power to sync, collaborate refine ideas
  • You may follow a crazy idea and it may not succeed, but at least you tried. Great Ideas how ever, if properly executed will have a 100% chance of getting the glory it deserve.
  • Remember as kids we were fascinated with pencil shaving, charcoal, different flowers and even different Insects And we tried creating collages using the, Used charcoal from the kitchens stove, and drew every where including the freshly painted wall in the house. That’s was the creative freedom we enjoyed when we were small Need to rebuild your creative confidence. And awaken the child inside you.
  • Creativity is an essential tool for a matured professional, he could solve day to day problems with fun yet effective methods that brings exceptional results. On the other had CEO’s and Executives who are not trying their best to solve problems creatively finds themself bootstrapped and threatened by more creative junior colleges, that’s when office politics and bureaucracy begins its play.
  • Self confidence, Build up your IQ, Be aware of what's going on in the world around you.
  • Be sense less, Ideate, Create, till you drop dead. Any direction is fine, because you are innovating, you never know where the treasure is. And you are not given a map, Random digging is the only hope
  • Visual thinking , Using images to solve problems and communicate This is what advertising agencies think they are doing…. At the moment,
  • Make yourself free to explore, think, sleep, and sit down and think, make your environment help you, if you are a parent with kids, try to work when they are asleep, I work when even my wife is asleep. So there is no one to disturb. If you cannot change the surrounding adjust your self.
  • Invest on a sketch book, 450 rupees, Colour pencils, charcoal pencils, pens, costs less than a pizza. Or a round of beer. Keep drawing, even if you feel its ugly and makes no sense, practise makes your craft better, When I was small I had an issue when drawing an elephant its one leg was always bent, this is something I must have picked up when I saw an elephant for the first time, To date I still the same thing when drawing an elephant…..
  • Keep drawing, Build your own visual library, use them on your presentations, stories, and when you have a constant set of elements to play around with, others will sense that your creativity has its own identity.
  • Keep drawing, Build your own visual library, use them on your presentations, stories, and when you have a constant set of elements to play around with, others will sense that your creativity has its own identity.
  • Taking time to time breaks important to avoid creative blocks and find inspiration, Go somewhere you have never been. For instance, try a week end photography outing….
  • I find fiction fascinating, and other than watching a film reading lets you create your own story and a movie inside your mind according to your preference, If George Lucas wrote “Star wars” book before he made the film we all would have had different pictures of “Darth Vader” in our heads.
  • Schedule it - Set aside dedicated time Be holistic - It’s not just drawing, not just brainstorming Set objectives - What do you intend to learn
  • Make you own set of tools to represent basic ideas as given on the slide
  • Make you own set of tools to represent basic ideas as given on the slide
  • Presentation For Refresh Colombo

    1. 1. Visual and Creative Thinking By shiran Sanjeewa
    2. 2. WHO? I AM DESIGNER Entrepreneur UX/UI CONSULTANT
    3. 3. WHAT Is CREATIVITY ? creativity: cre·a·tiv·i·ty n. the ability to use imagination to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create Meaningful new ideas, forms, methods.
    4. 4. IN ENGLISH“ Ability to imagine orinvent something new ”
    5. 5. RA-SHOCK Toothbrushes Electrified Handle Who’s toothantees NO ONE ELSE WOULD USE IT OTHER THAN yourself brush was that ?
    6. 6. ISUAL THINKING? visual thinking: vis·u·al thin·king adj. the practice of using pictures to solve problems, think through issues, and communicate clearly .
    7. 7. 80%of the brain isdedicated tovisual processing THE Right Side of the brain used for creative thinking
    8. 8. THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES00:00:00:01
    9. 9. What About Creativity? This can be overwhelming for many professionals because many of the“standards” we put in place actually limit creative ability and competitiveness.
    10. 10. GOING BACK IN TIMEWake-up latent childhood abilities As children our world is dominated by stories, pictures and imagination
    11. 11. We drew these in the beginning
    12. 12. THEN THIS
    13. 13. And then
    14. 14. And AGAIN
    16. 16. IT’s TIME FORA’LEVELS
    18. 18. nurturing creative and visualthinking in your organizationand with your self• Learning and removing the myths that prevent creativity• Start using visual and creative thinking
    20. 20. creativityalwayscomesfrom anepiphany
    21. 21. there isalways aclear pathtoCreativity
    22. 22. creativityis theresult ofthe loneinnovator
    23. 23. creativityalwaysresults ingreatnesswell great ideas anyway...
    24. 24. I’m notcreative
    25. 25. creativity is notforadults orpeoplewithseriouscareers.
    26. 26. How do youovercome the power Of the creative myths ?
    27. 27. “The chief enemy ofcreativity is "good"sense.”- Pablo Picaso
    28. 28. ISUALHINKING
    29. 29. Tipsfor startingvisual thinking
    30. 30. Tip 1: Create anenvironment for creativity
    31. 31. Tip 2:Start thehabit ofdrawing
    32. 32. Tip 3:Create apersonalvisuallibrary
    33. 33. Tip 4:Create apersonalmetaphorlibrary
    35. 35. Tip 6:Read more“Fiction”literature
    36. 36. BASICs Schedule it Be holistic Set objectives
    37. 37. Visual Thinking Toolkit • Vertical Lines • Horizontal Lines • Circles • Diamond ( Decision ) • Spirals • Spiral ( Change in Direction ) • Wavy Lines • Jagged Lines • Circle ( harmony ) • Star ( success ) • ARROW ( Direction ) • Straight • Triangle ( Relationship )
    38. 38. creativeQUESTIONS ANYONE..? Want to learn more…. Signup at
    39. 39. Thank YouTwitter : @shiran_sanjeewa