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T46 WISP presentation (Germany)


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There are two video clips and one documentary:

Published in: Education, News & Politics
  • The imagined scenario described here is very similar to what happened during the 1930s when Germany was in Nazi's country. Malaysia's refusal -> allies oppression of Germany following WWI, Singapore's surprise attack -> Blitzkrieg tactics used by Germany in WWII, Parliament Detainment of Muslim -> Worsening Jews Living Conditions in Nazi Germany. So the central problem in this rest on the amongt of power held by the state government.

    Nazi Germany, a Fascist state had authoritarian type of governance while Singapore, practices a form of democracy known as totalitarian democracy. In other words, there is little rights (various forms of freedom) held by the people (although the situation is also changing in recent times). The solutions to prevent this particular imagined scenario is thus the diverting of power (control, decision right etc) from the government to the entire nation or in more concrete forms the education of the people in terms of the freedoms accorded to them and making them understand what they can do and what they can achieve. Only with this, can the people work together with the government in finding solutions to pressing issues such as water availability, since more minds combined are better than one, this can also lead to better relations with Malaysia as the government will be more aware of what exactly their subjects want.

    In light of what have been mentioned above, can you ellaborate on the proposed solutions on slide 11 as they do not seem to have any effect on changing/ adverting the imagined 2061 as described in the preceding slides.
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  • well, it's not just because of the incident that made him hate the jews this much. and there was this appeal to alot of people then in germany to get rid of the jews. i dont think that hitler should take sole responsibility for this. though he is the main cause of everything.
    as for singapore, even though you say singapore will have more freedom in the future, can the government really let us voice our thought out like that? there are alot of peope not understanding the government's action right now and they did not voice them out in fear of getting caught.
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  • Just because Hitler didn’t get into art school, he drew a conclusion that the Jewish professors hated him. Thus, he started spreading his message across to the country to get rid of the Jews, causing many innocent lives. He should be more rational in life, that his art must be really awful thus being rejected. This is one danger that we still faced in the 21th century. Thus it is very important to build mutual trust among races. From this incident, an individual discrimination had led to a massive human made disaster.
    Next, Singapore has strong censorship in the media, but I believe when time goes by, there will be more freedom for the citizen to voice their ideas in the media. As for younger voters, they need to know that their vote is important for the growth of the country and need to be taken seriously. Lastly, at slide 9 I agree with you that there is a need to generate new ideas to improve political policy. As everything is changing fast, political policy must also keep up to day.
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  • Organizing events had its own pros and cons. We cannot decided on people’s will. But our aims were to inform them about the problems which are likely to take place in the future.

    Like what you said ’They might be force...’, but there are a few who are interested in these political issues. Though most of us would use our spare time for entertainment, there are still minority who are concerned about these. These are the ones who are likely to be the politicians in near future. If there are just few who were paying attention to these events, I am sure it will still help. Even if it is a small chance, I think we will bet with it.
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  • Education is the fundamental way of solving all kinds of problems. Basically kids don’t have their own thoughts. What have become of us is due to influence of teachers and parents. They were the ones who taught us on becoming what in the future. And then later, it will be the influence of your friends (be it the good ones or the bad ones). Kids treated their teachers and parents as their examples and simply followed. If education does not work, then why is there a need for us to study Civil and Moral Education or Social Studies?

    Maybe the free will will turned into discrimination against each other. But if we had the right knowledge from the start (by education), I don’t think it will happen. We were taught since young to have the less fortune people. There are plenty of shows that helped those who are in need.
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T46 WISP presentation (Germany)

  1. 1. Imagining our Future<br />Germany<br />
  2. 2. Treaty of Versailles<br />Main Terms:<br />Lost territories<br />Forbidden to ever unite with Austria<br />Forced to reduce the size of its armed forces<br />Bear the blame for causing the war<br />Hand over Saar Coalfield for 15 years<br />
  3. 3. Rise of Nazi Party<br />Long-term bitterness<br />Ineffective Constitution<br />Money<br />Propaganda<br />Attacks on other parties<br />Personal Qualities<br />Economic Depression<br />Recruited by Hindenburg<br />Enabling Act (1933)<br />Video Clip<br />
  4. 4. Political Structures (1920s-1930s)<br />Method of voting:<br />Number of seats = percentage of votes<br />Disadvantage:<br />It encourages the formation of many small parties<br />Most governments of the Weimar Republic were made up of politicians from various parties. Some were weak and did not last long. It results in helping others who were coming out with different form of government.<br />
  5. 5. Similarities<br /><ul><li>Social
  6. 6. Anti-Semitism in Germany
  7. 7. Riots between Chinese and Malay in 1964
  8. 8. Economical
  9. 9. Economic depression in Germany
  10. 10. Economic turndown in Singapore
  11. 11. Political
  12. 12. Democratic government established based on the proportional representation (both Singapore & Germany) </li></li></ul><li>Economic Issues<br /><ul><li>Germany
  13. 13. Hyperinflation (1923)
  14. 14. Great Depression (1929)
  15. 15. War guilt clause
  16. 16. Depends on US loan heavily
  17. 17. Print money to cover cost
  18. 18. Singapore
  19. 19. Economic downturn (2009)
  20. 20. Strong Banking foundation
  21. 21. Different policies to withstand economic crisis</li></li></ul><li>Social Issues<br />Video Clip<br /><ul><li>Germany
  22. 22. After World War I -> Great Depression Jews were richer than average Germans
  23. 23. Jews became the scapegoat for Germany’s economic problems
  24. 24. Hitler: Hated Jews and inspired him to lead Germany
  25. 25. Singapore
  26. 26. Singapore looked forward to break away from British Colony
  27. 27. Merge with Malaysia to gain its independence</li></li></ul><li>Political Issues<br />Documentary:<br />Escape from Sobibor<br /><ul><li>Germany
  28. 28. Nuremberg Laws (1935)
  29. 29. Sent to Concentration camps
  30. 30. New methods of killing Jews: Gas Chamber (1939)
  31. 31. Death Squads (1941-1943)
  32. 32. Death Marches (1941-1945)
  33. 33. Mass Murder of Jews -> “Final Solution”/“Holocaust”
  34. 34. Singapore
  35. 35. Racial Harmony -> 21 July
  36. 36. Overseas Exchange Programs</li></ul>Nuremberg Laws<br />
  37. 37. Present Political Attitude of Singaporean<br />Attitude<br />Ignorance, Not interested<br />Problems caused<br /><ul><li>No fresh ideas to improve political policy
  38. 38. Sensitive and critical issues get censored away</li></ul>Regarding to strict Singapore’s political policy and structure, Singaporeans are unable to express their feelings and ideas freely. Feedbacks to the governments are not taken seriously.<br />
  39. 39. Imagined future : 2061<br /><ul><li>Malaysia refuse to renew water contract of 1961 & 1962
  40. 40. Singapore launches a surprise attack and captured water-rich southern Malaysian.
  41. 41. Singapore experiences a series of mysterious bombings thereafter.
  42. 42. Muslims were found to provide help to those extremists from Johor.
  43. 43. Voted in the Parliament to detain any Muslim citizen for protests of any nature</li></li></ul><li>Preventing the imagined future<br /><ul><li>Creating stronger bonds with Malaysia by various means
  44. 44. Creating other possible sources of water
  45. 45. Organizing events that will enable more interaction between people
  46. 46. Educating the people</li></li></ul><li>Possible Problems<br /><ul><li>The people’s mindset
  47. 47. Increase in Singapore’s population
  48. 48. Land restriction
  49. 49. Different views for Malaysians
  50. 50. Government focusing more on economic advantages</li></li></ul><li>THE END<br />