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SingularityU Canada Summit 2017 - Wrap Report


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The SingularityU Canada Summit is the beginning of a new movement in Canada with a vision to inspire more Canadians to think BIG, take risks, and drive global impact.

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SingularityU Canada Summit 2017 - Wrap Report

  1. 1. The SingularityU Canada Summit is the beginning of a new movement in Canada with a vision to inspire more Canadians to think BIG, take risks, and drive global impact. The summit is not an event. It is a testament of the power and diversity we have as Canadians to come together behind a shared sense of purpose and have strategic conversations about our collective future. More than 1,300 of the most senior and influential leaders of our country attended the Summit, accompanied by more than 6,000 Canadians who joined through satellite events across the country. The Founding Members of the movement are uncommon partners. They are organizations from both the public and the private sector, from different industries and across the country – all of whom came together – as equals – to bring this strategic content to more Canadians and inspire all of us to be more courageous. I would like to thank all of our Founding Members for their vision and commitment to bringing the movement to life. The SingularityU Canada Summit was the start of something big; something transformative. We look forward to working with you as together we continue to build the SingularityU community in Canada. Oren Berkovich CEO, SingularityU Canada Summit – This is Canada’s Moment 2
  2. 2. Table of Contents What is SingularityU 4 SingularityU Canada 5 Our Launch 9 The Experience 19 The Lab 32 Media 37 What’s Next 41 Re/capture 44 Annex 72 3
  3. 3. Headquartered at the NASA Research Park in Mountain View California, Singularity University (SU) is Focused on Enabling an Abundant Future SU is not a traditional academic university. It is a think-tank with a curriculum that changes according to the most recent breakthroughs and inventions from around the world. As a catalyst for global change, SU helps others leverage rapidly accelerating technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Robotics and Digital biology to unlock solutions that can positively impact billions of lives. 4
  4. 4. A platform A Two way bridge A positive voice A forum – What is SingularityU Canada? between uncommon partners across communities, provinces and sectors, to enable us to bring the best of the world to Canada and share our best with the world to overcome the anxiety of disruption and automation and inspire more Canadians to think BIG and global for the wildly curious and most passionate to come together, ask questions and discuss our role in shaping the future to change mindsets and transform learning from an activity we do early in life into a lifelong journey
  5. 5. 6
  6. 6. We are driven by passionate members and organizations from all sectors and across Canada who wish to actively work together to inspire positive change that drives global impact 7
  7. 7. Build a pan-Canadian community that unites different ecosystems behind a shared purpose Catalyze unexpected collaborations between corporations, startups, academic institutions and government Raise awareness on critical issues impacting society Expose as many Canadians as possible to an exponential mindset Provide greater access to world-class, local and global, experts Share a unique Canadian perspective on the ethics and value considerations of adopting and developing exponential technologies Our Goals 8
  8. 8. Our Launch SingularityU Canada Summit 9
  9. 9. Hill Times, Humber College, IBM,Inspirit Thinking (INET), International CivilLiberties 5,000+ Attendees 20 Rapporteurs 130+ Organizations 2017 October 11th – 12th By the Numbers 1300 Attendees 42 Satellite and Livestream Events 45 Community Partners 6200 Participants Across Canada 16 Founding Members 17 Cities Hosted Local Events 585,151 Social Media Reach 58 Media Stories 14,687,652 Media Impressions Toronto Evergreen Brickworks 10
  10. 10. Industries Represented – Who Was There 11
  11. 11. 9 Industries 16 Founding Members Founding Members Summit Supporters University Partners All Founding Members donated 25% of their tickets to enable young innovators, entrepreneurs, indigenous Canadians, and social profit leaders to attend the Summit 25% Giveback 12
  12. 12. 17 Cities 45 Community Partners Community Partners 6200 Participants Across Canada 13
  13. 13. C-Level, 22.3% Director, 27.1% EVP, 2.2%GM, 1.4% Manager, 11.1% Minister, 0.9% Partner, 6.9% President, 4.4% SVP, 5.5% VP, 18.2% – High Powered Audience 14
  14. 14. Giving Back Diversity and inclusion are core to the creation of the SingularityU Canada community in Canada. Seeking to ensure that a diversity of voices and perspectives are part of the conversation, Founding Members all donated a minimum of 25% of their tickets to social impact partners. These attendees included : 15
  15. 15. Building a Pan-Canadian Community of Innovators The SingularityU Canada Summit was the premier launch event of a new movement to inspire Canadians to shape the Future of Canada and drive global impact. By bringing together leading Canadian and International thought leaders, the Summit provided a forum for true debate and uncommon conversations about how technologies like artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and digital medicine will impact the way we live and work. 16
  16. 16. – A Pan-Canadian Experience More than 6000 participants joined a pan-Canadian experience through a network of 40 Satellite events that took place across the country 17
  17. 17. What People Are Saying This is a BIG DAY. The movement begins NOW. I got shivers just thinking about the potential you have unleashed today. - University Researcher The Summit was a tremendous success, congratulations to you and the team! We have had nothing but great feedback from our team members and customers. - Bank Executive Attending SU was a mind-bending experience. It provides an understanding of how exponential technologies will transform our personal future, and the future of our companies. - Summit Attendee I really enjoyed the summit. One of the best conferences I have every attended. Still thinking about some of the things I saw, heard, and experienced. Very well done - Financial Services Executive This has been a great experience for us and we look forward to hearing next steps for SU in Canada. - Public Sector Executive 18
  18. 18. EVERGREEN BRICKWORKS TORONTO The Experience 19
  19. 19. v v – Our Campus –
  20. 20. Health Optimal physical and mental health, including access to cost effective prevention, early diagnosis, and personalized therapy for individuals and communities. Prosperity Equitable access to economic and other opportunities for self-fulfillment where all people are free from poverty and able to thrive. Energy Ample, accessible and sustainable energy for the needs of humanity. Citizenship Equitable participation of all people in formal and societal governance in accordance with principles of justice and individual rights; free from discrimination and identity-based prejudices – The Selected Global Grand Challenges
  21. 21. WHAT are the cutting edge technologies that are impacting the way we live and work ? SO WHAT does it mean to your company, industry and our country ? NOW WHAT you can do to leverage an exponential mindset to achieve success ? – “A journey from inspiration to impact” 22
  22. 22. 23
  23. 23. Opening Welcome to SingularityU Oren Berkovich Intro to Exponentials & Road to Abundance Peter Diamandis Societal Implications of Abundance Salim Ismail Citizenship Intro to the Citizenship Theme Robert Steiner Decentralized Power Andreas Antonopoulos Should Robots Have Rights? Suzanne Gildert Debate: The Balance Between Privacy and Freedom Aran Hamilton, Ann Cavoukian, Greg Wolfond, Assaf Mischari – Day 1 Schedule Click to watch 24
  24. 24. Health Intro to the Health Theme Business Models The Future of Health Could Your Avatar Change Your Life? Programming Life Improving Our Human Selves Molly Shoichet Zayna Khayat Alexx Henry Raymond McCauley Divya Chander Closing of Day 1 Literary View of the Future Exponential Leadership Exponential Canada Interactive Q&A Session Robert J. Sawyer Lisa Kay Solomon Salim Ismail – Day 1 Schedule (continued) 25
  25. 25. What a Night! Day 1 was closed off with an incredible performance by Reacta Girl, followed by an aerial drone show by Arrownotics. Areal performance above the park Unique cocktail reception and dinner The famous South-African “Reactagirl” Special DJ performance 26
  26. 26. …And Into the Morning! The highlights of the night was the high energy “Ask me Anything” session with Dr. Peter H. Diamandis and Salim Ismail, followed by a philosophical discussion about the meaning of life that ended up going well into the very small hours of the morning 27
  27. 27. Welcome Back Welcome Back Performance: The Future of Embodied Computing Art vs. Science Salim Ismail Toshi Anders Hoo & David Berkman Ann Makosinski Energy Intro to the Energy Theme The Future of Energy Living in a World of Energy Contradictions The Path to Electric Transportation Investing in our Cleantech Future Debate: What the Future of Energy Means to Canada Glen Murray Ramez Naam Sean Collins Josipa Petrunic Tom Rand Ramez Naam, Tom Rand, Josipa Petrunic, Sean Collins, Diane Francis (moderator) – Day 2 Schedule 28
  28. 28. Prosperity Intro to the Prosperity Theme Exonomics The BIG Shift Machine Intelligence, From Research to Impact Mobility Reimagined Robert Greenhill Amin Toufani John Hagel Cameron Schuler, Ed Clark, Amanda Lang (moderator) Raquel Urtasun Closing of Day 2 What’s Next? Our Part in Creation Oren Berkovich David Roberts – Day 2 Schedule (continued) 29
  29. 29. Morning Workshops Overview: Exploring Exponential Leadership Leading as Futurist: Imagining New Futures Leading as Technologists: Exploring Exponential Business Models Lisa Kay Solomon Lisa Kay Solomon Patrick van der Pijl Afternoon Workshops Leading as Innovator: Applying Successful Practices of Innovation Leading as Impact-Driver: Designing Solutions for Greater Good Larry Keeley Alex Ryan – Day 2 Workshop Schedule 30
  30. 30. Workshop 31
  31. 31. 32
  32. 32. 12 Exhibitors A curated group of technology companies gave the audience an opportunity to experiment with the cutting-edge technologies that are changing the way we live and work Getting Hands-On 33
  33. 33. – An Autonomous Vehicle Prototype 34
  34. 34. Watch Discovery Canada’s special coverage of the Summit Lab experience Click to watch Click to watch Click to watch Click to watch 35
  35. 35. The opportunity to hear top thought leaders speak to the Future of & related topics drew Energy in a crowd of industry leaders, faculty members, & students from the University of Calgary. Calgary Attendee The SU brand, although still quite unknown in Vancouver will certainly have a following as a result of the Satellite event (people wanted more) Vancouver Attendee There is often a lot of content on what companies and startups are doing now to innovate, but it's so great to listen to experts cover topics that are far into the future and have the potential to completely change the world. Saskatoon Attendee I didn't know all this was happening in Canada! Victoria Attendee What People Are Saying 36
  36. 36. Media 37
  37. 37. – Outstanding Media Coverage Across the Country 38
  38. 38. Press 58 Stories Discovery Canada The Globe and Mail: It’s Canada’s moment to become a global innovation leader Calgary Herald: Alberta’s economy embracing digital potential BNN: Why banks need to worry about bitcoin – Interview w/ Andreas Antonopolous CBC: When your robot learns from humans, who should train it? 14,687,652 Reach Toronto Life: The coolest futuristic gadgets we saw at Singularity University’s Canada Summit 39
  39. 39. 2129 Followers Discovery Canada Social Media 780,852 Reach 40
  40. 40. What’s Next
  41. 41. Highlights • 3.5 days • April 30 – May 1 • 70 participants • 10 SU global faculty and additional Canadian presenters • Location – Niagara-on-the -Lake The 1st SingularityU Canada Executive Program Programs & Activities • New curriculum designed with SU for the Canadian market • Hands-on and action oriented • Bonfires, star gazing and other offsite activities Apply Today 42
  42. 42. We work with our members to transform organizations and mindsets Interested in Staying Engaged? 43 Starting in 2018 we will be running on-going programs, workshops, and deep-dives across Canada. Our programs are focused on building an exponential mindset and looking around the curve for the changes that will impact your organisation and our country. Join us! Email to learn more about how your organisation can join and get continuous access to the knowledge and insights of Singularity University INSERT PICTURE?
  43. 43. Re/capture 44
  44. 44. Peter H. Diamandis Intro to Exponentials & Road to Abundance Key Takeaways: Learn about the principles of exponential technologies, why they are important to grasp, and how they can be a positive force for change. Understand the 6D’s – a useful framework to help navigate the exponential journey that a digital technology takes. Develop an appetite for moonshot thinking and learn about the radical solutions that seem like the stuff of science fiction. Find plenty of reasons to be optimistic that abundance for all is within our grasp and soon we will be able to meet and exceed the basic needs of every man, woman, and child on the planet. Presentation Video 45 Play Video View Slides
  45. 45. Salim Ismail Societal Implications of Abundance A brief overview of the social impact that an abundant future will have on our organizational, political, legal, educational, and medical systems. Key Takeaways: Bend your mind as we start thinking about the implications of exponential breakthroughs in both society and business. Begin to understand why it has never been so important yet so challenging to have a series of conversations about our future. Presentation Video 46 Play Video View Slides
  46. 46. Robert Steiner Intro to Citizenship Theme Presentation Video A brief introduction to the Global Grand Challenge of Citizenship and what this segment will cover. Get ready to look at how the concept of identity and citizenship is changing both the developing and developed world. 47 Play Video
  47. 47. Andreas M. Antonopolous Decentralized Power Presentation Video This session explores the true potential of decentralization and how the way we interact digitally will fundamentally change the hierarchical systems of today. Key Takeaways: Social institutions are based on 19th century models born from industrialization – hierarchy and bureaucracy – that don’t scale. The Internet has shown us ways to organize at a larger scale with flat and non-hierarchical networks (decentralized organization). Bitcoin and open blockchains extend that model of organization and add a model for trust at scale. Networks that scale allow us to organize more efficiently than bureaucratic institutions that don’t scale. Eventually, one replaces the other. Bitcoin is more than just money – it’s a new model for organizing trust 48 Play Video
  48. 48. Suzanne Gildert Should Robots Have Rights? Presentation Video This session will explore the concept of sentience. At what point does a robot or AI become a sentient being? What role will they play in our societies? We’ll take a lighthearted and interactive approach to tackling some of these deep and important questions. Key Takeaways: AGI (artificial general intelligence) is coming and there is nothing we can do to stop it. We need to stop worrying and turn fear into opportunity by looking at the ways in which AGI and robotics can make our civilization better. We have expanded our circle of empathy many times before to grant rights to different groups of people, animals, and even technologies. In hindsight these decisions seem obviously correct, even though they were highly controversial at the time. By introducing robotic rights we can expand our circle of empathy further to encompass beings who will ultimately help us to upgrade our civilization to the next level. Interacting with these beings and having them be an accepted part of our society will make us MORE human, not less. 49 Play Video View Slides
  49. 49. Debate: The Balance Between Privacy and Freedom Aran Hamilton (Moderator), Ann Cavoukian, Greg Wolfond, Assaf Mischari Presentation Video What is the cost of being connected and having unlimited access to information? Is sacrificing privacy a tradeoff to progress or an essential right we must protect? Let’s take an inward look and debate how we should balance transparency and security. Key Takeaways: While we live in the world where transparency is equated with honesty, we also live in a world where private information shared publicly can ruin a career, a marriage, a life. Hear different perspectives on the downsides of privacy and how transparency, in certain areas, can lead to positive transformation. With new and scary players using data and information maliciously, we need to balance our collective need for security with our personal desire for privacy. How do we personally select the battles worth fighting, the battles we can win? Consider what compromises you are making everyday to get the information and services you use everyday. Canada is one of the world leaders in the area of Digital Identity: policy, regulation, technology. How are private businesses and governments collaborating or should they be working together to maintain our basic rights? 50 Play Video
  50. 50. Intro to Health A brief introduction to the Global Grand Challenge of Health and what this segment will cover. Get ready to look at the new opportunities that exponential technologies are unlocking in healthcare and what they will mean to your personal health and to global society. Presentation Video Molly Shoichet 51 Play Video
  51. 51. The Future of Health You are now an active participant in you own care and that shift means patients need to understand medicine in a new way and that our healthcare must catch up to leverage this opportunity. Key Takeaways: Get a better understanding of the future of health. Examine how medicine is part of the delivery of health and what it means when it becomes personalized. Learn about three big shifts in healthcare, that are transforming what medicine will look like in the future. Understand what this would mean for Canada, for businesses, and for our global healthcare systems. Presentation Video Zayna Khayat 52 Play Video View Slides
  52. 52. Could Your Avatar Change Your Life? A demonstration of how avatars can help you transform your physical health. Key Takeaways: Realize the ways in which self-imaging can help lead to change. Explore the many applications of Avatar-based programs. Uncover how much are you in control of your decisions and how behavioural economics can help Presentation Video Alexx Henry 53 Play Video View Slides
  53. 53. Programming Life What happens when biology becomes digital and can be programmed like personal computers and smartphones? Key Takeaways: Learn about the difference between digital biology and old- school biology. Reading DNA — dropping costs; medical and consumer examples; biodefense; future uses. Writing DNA — as a coding exercise; CRISPR/Cas9; examples in industry, food, medicine, humans, environment; ethics. Hacking Biology — biohackspeaces; as education; as invention hubs; as innovation; local examples; how to participate. What will the trends in digital biology mean for our jobs, our families, our lives, and ourselves? What’s coming next? Presentation Video Raymond McCauley 54 Play Video View Slides
  54. 54. Improving Our Human Selves Neuroscience and the study of consciousness are revealing the secrets of one of the most complicated structure in the universe: the human brain. Key Takeaways: Learn about the basic concepts of neuroscience and consciousness. Build and understanding of how your brain connects to your body and why it is an integral piece of keeping you healthy. Begin to appreciate how powerful your brain is and how it can be our greatest asset in preserving and improving your long- term health. Presentation Video Divya Chander 55 Play Video View Slides
  55. 55. Robert J. Sawyer Literary View of the Future Looking to science fiction to explore the visions and scenarios that will be shaping our future. Science fiction has often guided and inspired the design and development of modern technology. In this section, science fiction author Robert J. Sawyer will explore a vision of what the future might hold. Presentation Video 56 Play Video View Slides
  56. 56. Toshi Anders Hoo, Daniel Berkman The Future of Embodied Computing The world premier of Emergence 2.0 at the SingularityU Canada Summit. Watch what happens when you put a musician in a virtual space with unlimited instruments and capabilities. Presentation Video 57 Play Video View Slides
  57. 57. Ann Makosinski Art vs. Science An inspirational talk by a young innovator who proves you don’t need to be an expert to build something disruptive. Key Takeaways: Why do we encourage our children to focus on logic and fact and preclude the importance that art plays in leading to success? Develop understanding of the importance of art in the STEM conversation and how STEAM is now the prevailing conversation. Presentation Video 58 Play Video
  58. 58. Presentation Video Glen Murray A brief introduction to the Global Grand Challenge of Energy and what this segment will cover. As one of the most fundamental factors in human progress and a key driver of our economy, the Energy theme will take a deep look at global and national trends that will impact each of us in the near future. Intro to the Energy Theme 59 Play Video View Slides
  59. 59. Presentation Video Ramez Naam The exponential curve of energy technology and what that will mean to our economy and our world. Key Takeaways: The fossil fuel industry is being disrupted by innovation. The price of solar, wind, batteries, and electric vehicles have all plunged rapidly, and will continue to plunge. The coal industry is the first of the three fossil fuel industries to be affected – with disruption and bankruptcies occurring already. Oil is next on the horizon, with efficiency, automation, transport-as-a- service, and electrification all leading to peak oil demand in the next 10- 20 years. Declining oil demand will lead to low global oil prices, with enormous ramifications for oil-exporting nations (like Canada). Businesses and nations who ignore the energy transition stand to suffer drastic economic losses. Those who embrace it stand poised to reap a share in a multi-trillion dollar new market. The Future of Energy 60 Play Video View Slides
  60. 60. Presentation Video Sean Collins This session will explore how far away we are from energy abundance and why the reality of today is as important as the vision of the future. Key Takeaways: Energy is the mother of all tradeoffs. No decision in energy is purely black and white. Energy is both intensely emotional and somewhat irrational. With projects becoming more nuanced than ever, our attention spans have never been shorter. Living in a World of Energy Contradictions 61 Play Video View Slides
  61. 61. Presentation Video Josipa Petrunic One of the most impactful factors in energy transformation happens to also be one where Canada has some strategic choices to make. Key Takeaways Standardization of charging infrastructure for high-powered on route and depot charging is a crucial step for ubiquitous transit electrification. The integration of utilities with transit fleet managers in “energy systems teams” is needed to plan out transit electrification that utilizes energy storage with high-powered charging (the relationship between utilities and transit systems remains weak today, across Canada). The integration of both battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric transit vehicles is crucial for the full electrification of short-, medium-, and long-range routes across Canadian and global transit systems. The integration of “first mile, last mile” small, electrified mobility pods as feeders into mass transit hubs is critical to the shift towards low carbon mobility overall. The Path to Electric Transportation 62 Play Video View Slides
  62. 62. Presentation Video Tom Rand Why investing in cleantech is ultimately our path to success and a low- carbon economy. Investing in Our Cleantech Future 63 Play Video View Slides
  63. 63. Presentation Video Ramez Naam, Tom Rand, Josipa Petrunic, Sean Collins, Diane Francis (Moderator) A strategic conversation and debate on how everything we know about energy is changing the future of Canada and impacting all of us. Key Takeaways: Canada is one of the world’s five biggest exporters of energy: oil, natural gas, electricity, uranium, coal. Canadian living standards are largely underpinned by this industry, with energy accounting for roughly 40% of total exports annually. It is critical for Canadians to understand the trajectory of disruption in all these commodities and figure out how to replace the economic activity and jobs they generate. Debate: What the Future of Energy Means for Canada 64 Play Video
  64. 64. Presentation Video Robert Greenhill A brief introduction the Global Grand Challenge of Prosperity and what this segment will cover. Intro to Prosperity Theme 65 Play Video
  65. 65. Presentation Video Amin Toufani The macro-economic trends of exponential technologies and their impact on financial markets, policy, and risk management. Key Takeaways: 20th century economic models were geared toward a zero- sum game – Exponential economics is not and is creating more redistributed value Blockchain mechanism enable both trust and settlement of payments Exponential technologies give companies and people the ability to engage in nano-economic relationships Humanity needs to strengthen its adaptability skill set. The good news is that it’s coachable! Corporation need a Chief Adaptability Officer to help the ride the exponential transformation Exonomics 66 Play Video View Slides
  66. 66. Presentation Video John Hagel The forces that are creating mounting performance pressure on the global business landscape and what organizations need to do to effectively respond to them. Key Takeaways: Exponential technology is creating mounting performance pressure as well as expanding opportunity. To harness the opportunity, we will have to shift from businesses driven by scalable efficiency to businesses driven by scalable learning. AI/robots will take over virtually all of the work we do in scalable efficiency businesses but will hopefully be a catalyst to help us re- think work in ways that tap into our unique capabilities as humans. There’s significant opportunity, but there are significant challenges for large, existing institutions – especially the powerful immune system and antibodies that exist within all of these institutions and that will mobilize to resist any efforts to transform. The Big Shift 67 Play Video
  67. 67. Presentation Video Cameron Schuler, Ed Clark, Amanda Lang (Moderator) A conversation about research, work, and opportunity in a world that is becoming increasingly automated and intelligent. Key Takeaways: A discussion and debate highlighting AI/machine learning, from the perspective of some of the policy and social decisions that we have to make as we move forward. Examining these options, that will include regulations, ethics, and international agreements. We may explore some of the fears around AI (i.e. the robots will kill us) but the conversation is likely to skew toward the optimistic and aim to be helpful food for thought. Machine Intelligence, From Research to Impact 68 Play Video
  68. 68. Presentation Video Raquel Urtasun New perspectives on the single most impactful innovation that will fundamentally change our cities and the way we live and work. Mobility Reimagined 69 Play Video View Slides
  69. 69. David Roberts Exponential Leadership A must-see experience, our special guest David Roberts will take you on an inspiring journey of self-reflection, describing the essential role you must play to shape our collective future. Key Takeaways: To navigate the changes of exponential technologies we have to rethink most of society’s basic assumptions There are no innocent bystanders, we collectively need to get involved and make a difference Our brain evolved to ensure our survival but courage of engaging will drive us forward Humanity is by nature exponential but it is as a group that we have to shape our collective future Presentation Video 70
  70. 70. 71
  71. 71. Annex 72
  72. 72. – 2017 Advisory Board 73
  73. 73. – 2017 Advisory Board 74
  74. 74. – 2017 Advisory Board 75
  75. 75. Facebook LinkedIn Twitter YouTube Instagram Totals across all networks Followers 560 342 1060 33 134 2129 Posts 154 144 1,272 17 1,587 Organic Reach 29,336 94,693 457,000 2,873 1,249 585,151 Paid reach 435,807 - - - - 435,807 Impressions 476,500 - - - - 476,500 Likes 806 420 2,230 35 137 3,628 Shares/ Retweets 107 158 1,200 96 1,561 Comments 31 10 - 7 - 48 Mentions 114 222 1,098 - 32 1,466 – Social Media 76
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