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Vehicle tracking solution - an over view


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Our Fleet Monitoring (Vehicle Tracking) Solution allows you to have a real time view of all your vehicles. Each vehicle fitted with our devices is configured to transmit data at regular time intervals on a real time basis.

This enables the operator sitting remotely to view and analyze information about every vehicle and supports him in strategic decision making.

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Vehicle tracking solution - an over view

  1. 1. WHO WE ARE? LATEST TECHNOLOGIES is a division ofSingularity – a business consulting company.LATEST TECHNOLOGIES provides products, services & solutions based on cutting-edge technologies to add value to their daily operations.
  2. 2. How well is my business operating? How much is our Where is my maintenance vehicle? expenditure? Which vendor What documentsprovides us the need to be best spares? renewed?What is the best Who is my mostway to utilize my efficient driver? resources? How safe are the passengers in my vehicle?
  3. 3. • GPS / GPRS / GIS based Vehicle Monitoring & Reporting Services for Control, Safety & Security.• Value Added Services: Fuel Monitoring, Tyre Management, Fleet Maintenance, Driver Merit System, etc.• Option of 24x7 monitoring of all vehicles• Access of real-time monitoring screen to designated personnel.• Provide alerts to designated mobile phone numbers.• MIS for Senior Management• Local Services & Support
  4. 4. Basic FleetTracking MIS
  5. 5. Tracking & Monitoring *Real Time *History Mapping of routes and location Alerts from control room *Over speeding *Emergency *Route violation Safety and security features *Emergency alert (Panic button) Reports*Activity report *Parking/Stoppage *Over speeding *Custom reports
  6. 6. • Effective Management & Monitoring the movement of Reefer Vans• Exceptions Alerts incase of breaching the defined Routes, Stoppages & Over Speeding, Excess Idling of Delivery Vans• Effective Management of on time delivery• Monitor and effectively optimize Hub Arrival / Departure / Detention• Fleet Maintenance• Statutory Alerts
  7. 7. • Vehicle Monitoring• Tyre Management• Driver Performance Analysis• Statutory Alerts• Fuel Monitoring & Pilferage Alerts• Operational MIS (Activity Report, History Report)• Fleet Maintenance Accounting• Consumable Accounting (Oil Change, Filter Change)• Productivity Analysis
  8. 8. • Enhanced Efficiency – Route Planning – Better Control of outbound logistics• Tracking – See Where the vehicle is! – Keep track of route violation.• Disciplined Driving – Maintenance economy – Reduced accident risk• Optimum Utilization of vehicles
  9. 9. • Safety Considerations – Accident analysis – Logs information just before the accident – Generates reports – Facilitates the decision making process• Ability to run historical reports and visualize the route traversed by Vehicles• MIS Reports – P&L report – Speed report – Fuel usage report – Action summary report and many more…
  10. 10. • Child Safety Assurance System• Cold Chain Logistics• Dairy Logistics Operations Services• People Transportation Services• Personnel Tracking• Taxi Operations Management Services• Employee Transportation Services• Mining Logistics Management System• Cement Logistics• Tours and Travelsand many more…
  11. 11. contact us today to discuss Vehicle Tracking Solution Sanjeev Sharma 91 98185-96889