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CrewLink at Crew Exchange


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CrewLink at Crew Exchange

Published in: Technology, Business
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CrewLink at Crew Exchange

  1. 1. CrewLink opens a new door for you tocommunicate with your Generation Y andZ crew members in the way they are mostfamiliar with – Social Media!
  2. 2. Riding on the widget based, data-optimisedfunction of CrewXchange, it creates privatecommunities, allowing information disseminationto become faster and more convenient,reducing the time and resources your fleetmanager requires in reaching out to the wholefleet with this one single touchpoint.
  4. 4. Announcement Boards  Fast information dissemination from a single channel  Save time and resources for fleet manager with one touch point for crew outreach
  5. 5. Community Wall  Enable better interaction amongst crew-to-crew and ship-to-shore
  6. 6. Forum  Easy tracking and follow through with discussion threads organized by categories and topics  Host important company information
  7. 7. Private Chat Rooms  Easy setup in 3 simple steps  Easier project discussions for knowledge sharing and better collaboration
  8. 8. Download the full brochure For further enquiries, visit