100 Places to Take a Date


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If you really want to impress a date and make her fall for you, take her on a unique date she will never forget. You will learn 100 creative dating ideas that will make a lasting impression on women and make them crave to be with you.

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100 Places to Take a Date

  1. 1. 100 Surefire Places to Take a Date That Are Guaranteed to Win a Woman’s Heart and Make Her Want to Become Intimate with YouContents:Introduction100 Surefire Places to Take a DateDrive Women Wild for Sex with New Scientific Discovery!* Products to Help You Meet, Date, Attract, and Seduce WomenWARNING! APPLY ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED HERE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Don Diebeland Gemini Publishing Company are in no way directly or indirectly responsible for ANY consequences,situations, or results you may encounter from the use of this material. By reading this material, you fullyunderstand this agreement, and hold no person beside yourself, responsible for your actions. Read at yourown risk!Copyright 2005 by Don DiebelGEMINI PUBLISHING COMPANY3102 W. Bay Area Blvd., Suite 707Friendswood, TX 77546Email: getgirls@getgirls.comWeb Site: http://www.getgirls.comALL RIGHTS RESERVEDNo part of this book may be reproduced by any mechanical, photographic, or electronic process, or in theform of a phonographic recording, nor may it be stored in an information retrieval system, transmitted, orotherwise be copied for public or private use without written permission of the publisher. IntroductionThe main purpose of this report is to give you a gold mine of creative dating ideas that will make a lastingimpression on women and make them crave to be with you.
  2. 2. By showing women a good time, it can create intimacy and romance. Plus, you will gain an unfairadvantage over other men pursuing her affections.A lot of men have a hard time thinking of what to do and where to go on a date. So, they settle for thestandard routine of dinner and a movie, which doesnt leave a lasting impression or create enoughintimacy. .If you really want to impress a date and make her fall for you, take her on a unique date she will neverforget. Just look through this report and youll discover tons of information on fun and romantic things todo. By being unique and creative, youll stand out among the other guys shes dated and she will want tobe with you again and again.Just keep taking a girl youre attracted to on one fun and creative date after another and shes bound to fallfor you and want to make mad passionate love to you. Try it. It works!Theres a lot of men who have limited finances for dating, so Ive included lots of fun things to do on adate that are inexpensive or dont cost anything. Theres an abundance of things you can do that involvenature and the great outdoors that are free, too.In closing, keep this report handy. Use it over and over again to plan your dates and seductive strategies.Keep notes on places and things you did on dates that seemed to impress your dates the most and makethem want to become intimate with you. This can be some real valuable information for many tomorrowsfilled with hot and sexy women craving to be with you again and again.One last tip. When taking a date to a restaurant, take her to the most romantic and intimate restaurant intown. This is very important because most women love anything romantic and your ultimate goal is to gether into a romantic mood to respond to your advances.Good luck and may this report bring lots of fun, excitement and romance into your life. 100 Surefire Places to Take a Date That Are Guaranteed to Win a Woman’s Heart and Make Her Want to Become Intimate with You1. AIR SHOW – If you have an annual air show near you. By all means don’t pass this up for a fantasticdating idea.2. AMUSEMENT PARKS -This really makes for a fun date, especially if you both enjoy thrill-seekingrides such as roller coasters, etc. Also, dont forget to try and win her a teddy bear or other keepsake.3. ANNUAL EVENTS -Most larger towns and cities offer many annual events and are great places to goon a date. These events include festivals, chili cook-offs, firework displays, contests, ethnic festivals,sporting tournaments, arts & craft shows, horse shows, concerts, fairs, etc.
  3. 3. 4. ANTIQUES -Most women like antiques and they would really enjoy looking at them and shopping forthem.5. ARCHERY RANGES -Remember when you were a kid and played bows and arrows? Well, now youcan do it for real with real bows and arrows. Check your area out for indoor and outdoor archery rangeswhere you and your date can shoot to your heart’s content. Who knows, just maybe Cupid will hit youboth with his arrow. .6. ART GALLERIES -This is a great idea for a unique and real interesting date. Discover the beautifulworld of art. You both will certainly have more of an appreciation for art after touring a few galleries.7. AUTO SHOWS -I think theres a little bit of new car fever in all of us and even if we cant afford anew car/truck we still like to look at them and dream. This is a most enjoyable experience to share with adate.8. BALLOON RIDES -I am referring to hot-air balloon rides. This is a breath-taking experience youboth will never forget. Its very romantic and some rides even come with champagne.9. BASEBALL BATTING CAGES -Im sure youve probably seen these fenced in cages where amachine throws balls at you and you hit them with a bat. This is a real fun and challenging thing to do totest your batting skills.10. BAZAARS -Bazaars are a real fun thing to do and feature a variety of food, entertainment, crafts,plants, auctions, fun & games for children, jewelry, antiques, home-baked goods, prizes, games, clothes,bingo, and refreshments. So, if youre looking for something different to do to break the monotony, go tothese bazaars on a date.11. BEACH OR LAKE -This is one of my favorite places to take a date, especially at night: Theresnothing more romantic than taking a moonlight stroll along the beach or lake.12. BEACH HOUSE RENTAL -Great for getting away from the hectic life in the city for some rest andrelaxation.13. BED & BREAKFAST INNS -For a change of pace from regular motels and hotels, try a bed &breakfast inn where you will be treated like royalty. They offer rooms where you feel like youre at homeinstead of a dreary motel room. Also, you will be treated to a tasty, elegant breakfast and have the optionof many other amenities.14. BILLARD PARLORS (POOL HALLS) -Do you like to play pool? This is a great place to go tohave a good time, shoot a few rounds of pool, have a few drinks, and some offer food.15. BINGO -This is one fun date you can go on and come home with some extra cash in your pocket.16. BOAT RENTAL -This makes for a unique experience and its so relaxing and enjoyable. You cancharter a boat with captain and crew or rent a powerboat for skiing, fishing, or just for cruising.17. BOAT SHOW -If you live near a large city, this makes for an interesting date. You will get to see allthe latest boats, sailboats, and yachts on the market.
  4. 4. 18. BOOGIE BOARDS -Cant go surfing or dont have a desire to? Well, boogie boards are just as muchfun and dont require any skill. A boogie board is a body board thats less than half the size of a surfboardand is used for body surfing. You just lie on this board and ride the waves. They are tons of fun and youcan buy them at any Toys R Us stores. At some seashores they are available for rent.19. BOWLING -What a great way to have some fun and exercise at the same time. The best time to bowlis during the day on weekends and weekdays. The lanes are usually taken up by bowling leagues in theevenings. Just be sure to call ahead of time to make sure some lanes are available.20. BRUNCH -Heres your opportunity to have a breakfast and lunch feast. Just be sure and go on anempty stomach. Most brunches are held on Sundays, with a few on Saturdays. Here in Houston, a lot ofthe major hotels offer brunches.21. CAMPING - What a great way to enjoy the great outdoors! Things really get cozy and romanticsitting in front of an open fire! This is sure to melt her heart and make her want to share your sleepingbag.22. CANOEING -This is a great way to get next to Mother Nature. Its so relaxing and a good way toescape the pressures of city life. You can even rent a canoe if you dont own one.23. CAR RACES -This is a thrilling experience to share with another and offers the thrills and spills ofcompetitive car racing. .24. CARRIAGE RIDES -This is one of the most ultimate romantic experiences. Just you and your loveror date in a horse-drawn carriage enjoying the scenery.25. CIRCUS -Everybody loves the circus and makes for a great fun date.26. COLLEGE SPORTING EVENT - Have you ever been to a college sporting event? Its just as muchfun as watching professional sports. The crowds provide a lot of excitement and enthusiasm.27. COMEDY CLUBS -I think everyone should make a date to go to a comedy club at least once amonth. Laughing is so good for you and its a lot of fun.28. COOKING CLASSES -Most women like to cook and it would be a fun experience to learn somenew recipes.29. CRUISES -If there are any cruises in your area (riverboat, dinner cruises, yacht cruises, gamblingcruises, sunset cruises, or just any kind of a cruise) dont pass up this opportunity for one of the best waysto impress a date.30. DINNER AT YOUR PLACE -Back in my old dating days, one of my favorite things t9 do was toinvite a date over for a candlelight steak dinner and champagne. I would do all the cooking and wait onmy date hand and foot. I really made my date feel special. So, if you really want to make someone feelspecial and have a romantic evening, do this for a very special date.31. DINNER THEATRE -Theres nothing like good entertainment while youre eating. Your date willreally be impressed and this is one of my top choices to take a date to.
  5. 5. 32. DOG SHOW -Most women just love dogs and going to a dog show will really put her in a fun mood.33. DRIVE-IN MOVIE -Back when I was in high school in the 50s and 60s this was the place to go ona date. Its still a great place to go to really get intimate. I sure had some good times at drive-ins andhardly ever watched the movie.34. FISHING LAKES & PONDS -What Im referring to are stocked fishing lakes and ponds where youcan go to catch fish and take them home for a delicious fish-fry. Theres a fee for admission and usuallytheres no fishing license required. Also, most of them have these services available: Bait, ice, cold drinks,chairs, rental poles, filet service, and no limit on your catch.35. FISHING PARTIES -These are fishing trips available on large party boats that go offshore. You cango with a large group of people or charter your own fishing trip. They are listed in the Yellow Pagesunder Fishing Parties. .36. FLEA MARKETS -Even if you dont buy anything, its interesting to look at the many differentitems for sale. I especially think this is the perfect date for men to ask women out on. Women just love tobrowse and shop.37. FLIGHT MUSEUM -If you have one of these in your area, by all means check it out. Its veryinteresting to look at the old military fighters, bombers, and passenger aircraft from the past.38. GARAGE SALES -As I mentioned before, women really love to shop. This is another ideal place totake dates.39. GO-CARTS -These are a lot of fun for adults too. Why not challenge your date to a race around thetrack.40. GOLF COURSES (MINIATURE) -This is a real popular activity for dating and highlyrecommended.41. HAYRIDES -Have you ever been on a hayride? Its a lot of fun and something very different to do.42. HELICOPTER RIDES -This was one of the most exciting dates I ever went on. My date and I tooka helicopter tour of downtown Houston and the Astrodome area. I was especially fascinated flying overthe skyscrapers and looking down on them. This will be an expensive date because to charter a helicoptercan cost you up to $500 an hour. If you can afford it, its worth the money just for the experience.43. HIKING -Enjoy the great outdoors by going on the hiking trails in your area. Bring a backpack andhave a romantic picnic in a secluded area.44. HIGH SCHOOL SPORTING EVENTS -Find out what high school your date went to and invite herto attend a football game, baseball game, basketball game, etc. Shes sure to enjoy it and have a good timeand going back to your old high school brings back a lot of good memories and good times.45. HORSE RACES -Heres another fun activity you can both share and make some money too if yourlucky.
  6. 6. 46. HORSEBACK RIDING -This is something everyone enjoys, especially if you love horses like I do.Theres probably a stable near you somewhere that rent horses by the hour.47. HOTEL NIGHT CLUB -Dont overlook these as a place to take a date. Its a great place to take adate for drinks and dancing. Some of them even have live entertainment. Also, some of them offer freebuffet dinners and drink specials in the evening.48. ICE SKATING -Dont know how to skate? No problem, Its a lot of fun just learning. Sure, youregoing to take a few spills on the ice. Its all part of the fun! This is great place to go on a date even if youdont know how to ice skate. You can always take lessons too.49. THE IMAX THEATRE -If you have one of these near you dont miss this thrill of a lifetime. Youwill see special movies viewed on a screen six stories high. IMAX movie images are far sharper thanordinary movies. You feel like youre there in person. Also the theatre has state-of-the-art surround stereo.These special movies only last around 30 minutes but are well worth the experience.50. INDIAN RESERVATION -If you have any Indian reservations near you dont pass this up as adating experience. They are usually rich in history and the one near Houston offers educational activities,fishing, canoeing, camping, tours, natural beauty and family fun. Also, you can watch them do tribaldances.51. JET SKIS -This is like riding a motorcycle on the water and your date can ride on the back. Take myword for it; this is the ultimate joy ride while having some great fun on the water. You can rent them forabout $20 for a half hour.52. JOGGING -Do you like to jog? Well, it really doesnt matter. Just take your date to the local joggingtrails and Im sure you will learn to like jogging when you see her cute little ass bouncing in front of you.53. KITE FLYING -Stop by any toy store and pick up a kite and go on a kite date. Head for your localpark, beach, or any wide-open space. Kites are not just for kids. Its a fun experience for all ages and itskind of romantic. So, get your date and go fly a kite.54. LIMOUSINE DATE -When you want to tell someone theyre special, what better way to do it thanwith the unexpected. Sending flowers is nice, but sending flowers with a limousine is unforgettable. Thisis a great way to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or just let someone know they make a difference toyou.55. LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL - This will be a date filled with lots of entertainment and laughter.These little guys are so much fun to watch, especially when they make errors and mistakes.56. LIVE MUSIC -This will put you and your date in a good mood, especially if the band is good. Checkout your area for places that offer live music.57. MALLS -Take your date to the mall and she will love you for it. They just love to go to shoppingmalls even if they dont buy anything. They just love to look around and browse.
  7. 7. 58. MODEL HOMES -Do you like to look at beautiful homes? This is a fun thing to share. Check outany new subdivisions in your area for model homes. My favorite ones to look at are the mansions. Even ifyou cant afford one they are still interesting to look at.59. MOONLIGHT STROLLS -When theres a full moon and clear skies, head for any lake or seashore.Its so romantic to take your shoes off and wade along the shore with the full moon gleaming on the water.60. MUSEUMS -These are great places to take a date no matter what kind of museum they are. Mypersonal favorite is art museums.61. OBSERVATION DECKS -In most major cities the tallest skyscrapers offer spectacular views of thecity from their observation decks open to the public. For breath-taking views, be sure and visit theseskyscrapers. Even better are restaurants at the top of sky scrapers that offer scenic views of the city.62. PADDLE BOAT RIDES -This is a fun thing to do, especially on a hot summer day. A lot of publiclakes offer paddleboat rentals.63. PARACHUTE JUMPING -If youve both got the guts, this is an experience you will never forget! Iknow this may seem a little scary to you but its really a very safe sport. Check out your area forcompanies that offer parachute jumping. You can train and jump all in one day.64. PARKS -Theres nothing quite like spending a fun day at the park. Be sure and bring a blanket, radio,ice chest filled with drinks, and picnic supplies.65. PERFORMING ARTS -From operas, ballets, symphonies, to plays, musicals and concerts you justcant go wrong by taking a date to these.66. PICNICS -This is tops on my list for dating ideas. It is especially great for first dates. Just bring abottle of wine, cheese and crackers, or even better just pick up some fried chicken and potato salad. Dontforget the blanket and radio!67. RACQUETBALL COURTS -This is a great way to have some competitive fun and get plenty ofexercise at the same time. Consult your telephone directory for the racquetball clubs in your area. SomeYMCAs offer racquetball too.68. RANCHES -A lot of people have never visited a ranch and I highly recommend that you take a datehere. There are ranches that are open to the public that offer tons of fun activities such as horsebackriding, swimming, moonlight hayrides, petting zoos, softball, volleyball, horseshoes, miniature golf, pingpong, fishing, mechanical horse, etc.69. RESORTS -Theres probably a resort area near you to get away from it all for some romance,recreation, and relaxation. They offer a variety of activities such as golf, boating, water sports, tennis,fishing, casual and elegant dining, swimming, lodging, dancing, movies, live entertainment, health spas,etc.70. RIFLE & PISTOL RANGES -This is certainly a fun experience to share. You can bring your owngun or just rent one for target practice.
  8. 8. 71. RODEOS -If you have rodeos in your area be sure and go here for a date.72. ROMANTIC RESTAURANTS -If you really want to make a good impression on your date, takeher to a cozy and romantic restaurant. Its even better if they have a piano bar or live entertainment or softmusic, dim lighting, roaring fireplaces, scenic views while youre eating, etc. So, spice up your love-lifeor impress a date by going to a romantic restaurant.73. SAILBOAT RENTAL -Theres nothing like the feel of gliding along the water on a sailboat. Learnhow to sail and take your date on a sailboat ride that she will never forget.74. SEMINARS -This is an interesting and educational experience to share with someone. Just select aseminar both of you would be interested in. Check your local newspapers for seminar listings.75. SENIOR CITIZEN ACTIVITIES -If you are a senior citizen there may be a senior citizen center inyour area that you could take a female to for some free activities and a free lunch. Some centers evenprovide free transportation.76. SKATEBOARDING -Try this for some real fun. Rent a couple of skateboards for some thrills. Somelarger cities even have skateboard parks.77. SKATING RINKS -Roller skating is one of Americas favorite pastimes. Its a lot of fun whetheryoure a beginner or pro. Also, it makes for a fun evening with a date. Its easy to learn once you get thehang of it.78. SNOW SKIING -This is an expensive date, especially if you live a great distance from any skiresorts. Its worth it though for an experience you will take to your grave. Dont worry if you dont knowhow to ski. You can take lessons when you get there and just take the easy slopes. So what if you fall afew times, its all in fun.79. SOFTBALL GAMES -Most towns have softball leagues and a softball game is good entertainment.Its a cheap date too because its free.80. SPIRITUALISTS -These are palm readers, psychic readers, and astrologers. I think everyone wouldlike to know what the future holds for him or her. Of course, none of these spiritualists can be 100%accurate all of the time, but just look at it as entertainment and a fun thing to do. Going to a spiritualistwould be a unique and different thing to do on a date. They also give advice on personal problems, health,business, marriage, job, etc.81. SPORTING EVENTS (PROFESSIONAL) -This is always a good option for a date, especially ifyour date is into sports.82. SPORTS BARS -This is a lot better than sitting at home watching sports. Its an experience almostequal to being at the game, fight, etc. You have the excitement of the crowd pulling for the home team.Also, you can watch the games on big screen TVs. Also, the sports bars offer food and all kinds ofdrinks. Some even off free popcorn.83. SQUARE DANCING -Do you know how to square dance? If not you can always learn and make adate of it.
  9. 9. 84. STAR GAZING -Have you ever looked at the universe through a gigantic telescope at anobservatory? Well this is an out-of-this-world experience you and your date will never forget. If theres anobservatory in your area, check it out for a close-up view of the planets and stars.85. STATE PARKS -Do you have any State Parks near you? If you do this is the perfect ideal place togo to enjoy the great outdoors. You can go for a daytime date or camp overnight.86. SURFING -This can be a fun thing to share even if you dont know how to surf. Just buy a surfboardor rent one. Along the beachfronts you will find places where you can rent a surfboard. Even better,borrow one from a friend. What I like to do when I go on a surfing date is for both of us to get up on theboard together and ride a wave. Its not that easy to do but lots of fun trying.87. SWIMMING -Just invite her to go swimming at your apartment pool, public pool, a friend orrelatives pool, or just go swimming at a lake, river, or ocean.88. TATAMI ROOMS -These are private rooms at Japanese restaurants where diners sit on the floor fora very unique and romantic dining experience. Call your Japanese restaurants to see if they have theserooms available.89. TATOOING -Have you ever heard of a tattoo date? Why not the both of you go to a tattoo parlor andget a tattoo together? If youre embarrassed by tattoos, you can always have one where it will be hiddenby clothes.90. TENNIS -This is a good way to have some fun and get some exercise. You can join a tennis club orjust use a public tennis court. If you can afford it, join a private tennis club. They offer state of the artcourts, lighted courts, pro shop, lessons, leagues & tournaments, fitness center, nursery, etc.91. THEATRE (LIVE) -larger towns offer live theatre performances that can be just as good as aBroadway play in New York City. Attending live theatre on a date ranks at the top of the list for things todo on a date in my opinion.92. THEATRES (MOVIE) -This is probably the most popular thing to do for entertainment. However, Idont recommend it for a first date. You cant really get to know someone while youre watching a movie.May I suggest, on a first date, go to the most romantic restaurant you can find.93. TOURS -Discover your area by going on any sightseeing tours. You would be surprised to find outthat there are a lot of things you have not seen in your area.94. TRAIN RIDES -If there are any scenic train rides available in your area, this would be a great ideafor a date. Here in Houston we have a train that goes on a scenic tour to Galveston.95. VIDEO DATE -Why not visit your local video store and rent some movies. This makes a great dateand dont forget the popcorn! You may not be aware of it, but some libraries offer free movie rentals.Also, may I recommend renting, "Body Heat" to get her in a hot mood.96. WATER PARKS -larger cities have water parks that offer water slides, man-made waves, swimmingpools, tubing, etc. If you want to have a real fun date, go to a water park and spend the day.
  10. 10. 97. WATER SKIING -You can rent a boat with skis at most marinas if you dont have your own. If yourdate doesnt know how to water-ski, she will have a lot of fun trying.98. WILDLIFE PARKS -Check these out to discover the world of animals. You can tour these wildlifehabitats by tram or your own car. I toured a wildlife park in South Dakota with a date and it was one ofmy most memorable dates. We even had big bears come right up to our car.99. FIREWORKS - Go see a fireworks display on July 4th or New Year’s Eve.100. ZOO -A popular and enjoyable way to spend the day on a date.In conclusion, keep this report handy as your constant reference on where to go and what to do on a date.These creative dating ideas will make her crave to see you because you know how to give her a goodtime. Drive Women Wild for Sex with New Scientific DiscoveryWould you like to turn beautiful women on instantly?Would you like beautiful women to ignore your face and stare at your pants? Can you picture yourselfwith a harem of horny girls wondering what it is about you that they cant resist?What would it be worth to you for sexy females to want to share their warm, writhing bodies with you?How would it be to have women get hot and horny just from a whiff of your aroma? You can get the rightanswers to all these questions when you discover LIQUID MAGNET, the rare distilled Hawaiianpheromone formula that feminist are trying to deprive you of.Can you blame these uptight women? Here we have an incredible formula of pheromonic essence thattriggers the cave woman sexual response of gals from 18 to 80...short, tall, thin or full figured...and theymay not even have a clue whats getting them so hot and bothered!!!Are you in luck! LIQUID MAGNET works on blondes, brunettes, redheads, whites, blacks, Orientals,Indians, and Hispanics...virtually any dancer who comes within "sniffing distance" of your undeniablymasculine scent. And, the powerful sex magnet pheromone is distilled with the special Liquid-Lovecologne essence to get her even more excited and anxious to unleash her passions on you, again andagain!Scientists discovered that our skin was dotted with hormonal scent enabling the opposite sex to seek usout. The stronger the scent, the deeper the attraction. Unfortunately, some of the same aromas causingsexual excitement were far too strong, causing distancing due to the powerful muskiness.The great news about LIQUID MAGNET is this: It contains only distilled pheromones, blended verycarefully with aromatic oils, to produce great attraction, stimulation and prompt response. Without anynegative reactions at all! It actually smells good!!
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