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Rapid Growth Driven by Analytics


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Sujan Patel & Dennis Still of present how Marketing & Analytics can work together for rapid growth.

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Rapid Growth Driven by Analytics

  1. 1. Rapid Growth 
 Driven by Analytics SUJAN PATEL | DENNIS STILL
  2. 2. Sujan Patel VP of Marketing @ When I Work Author of Growth Hacking book: Avid Blogger at Twitter: @sujanpatel
  3. 3. Dennis Still Head of Analytics @ When I Work Experience “doing” data and analytics across enterprise, startups, and non-profits MinneAnalytics “long-time fanatic” Twitter: @denstill
  4. 4. Agenda • Define Your Funnel • Growth Framework • Analytics Framework • Rinse and Repeat • Growth + Analytics = Marriage Made to Last
  5. 5. What is Growth? Growth Analytics Marketing Product Raw Data
  6. 6. The Funnel
  7. 7. Define Your Funnel, Our Funnel is… Paying Customers Visitors Trials $
  8. 8. Define Your Funnel, Our Funnel is… Visitors Trials Active Trials Engaged Trials Paying Customers Happy Customer Telling Their Friends Churn
  9. 9. Now We Can Start Looking for Areas of Improvement
  10. 10. Find new channels (Adwords, SEO, radio, etc) AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT
  11. 11. Improve visitor to trial conversion rate AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT
  12. 12. Increase the number of 
 trials that are actively using the product AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT
  13. 13. Increase the number of active trials to come back and become engaged AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT
  14. 14. Improve engaged 
 Trial to paying customer conversion rate (Think of this as an e-commerce check out flow) AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT
  15. 15. Find ways to turn customers into happy customers (Network effect) AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT
  16. 16. Find ways to reduce churn AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT
  17. 17. Growth Framework
  18. 18. Growth Identify weaknesses and friction points Hypothesize
 causes Brainstorm ideas and solutions Deploy and measure Scale or kill Define the test, metrics and timeframes Growth Framework 1 2 3 4 5 6
  19. 19. Biggest Weaknesses Least amount of effort to fix Priorities How to Prioritize + =
  20. 20. Growth at 
 When I Work
  21. 21. Analytics Framework
  22. 22. When this guy shows up and starts talking about rapid Growth and Growth Hacking…
  23. 23. smile Scientific Method Is Literally Everything
  24. 24. Examine & Define Business Questions Determine 
 Best Hypothesis to Test Said Question Test Best 
 Data You Have or You Want Interpret & Report Findings Rinse & 
 Repeat Process Analyze Data Analytics Framework 1 2 3 4 5 6
  25. 25. Examine & Define 
  26. 26. Determine Best Hypothesis to Test Said Question ANALYTICS FRAMEWORK Basically making a guess as to something happening For example, you may guess that your customer does X when viewing page 1 of your website. You can test this “theory”
  27. 27. Test Best Data You 
  28. 28. Analyze Data Diving In, Exploring, and Examining Trends ANALYTICS FRAMEWORK
  29. 29. Interpret & Report Findings Tell It EXACTLY Like It Is ANALYTICS FRAMEWORK
  30. 30. Rinse & Repeat Process Again, Again, Again ANALYTICS FRAMEWORK
  31. 31. Analytics at When I Work
  32. 32. Analytics: Excel Upload 10.5% AVG
 Conversion rate 15% Sales
 Conversion rate 38% Excel Upload 
 Conversion rate
  33. 33. Analytics: 14-Day Trial Growth Hack – Change existing 30 Day Trial to 14 Day Trial Analytics Hypothesis – Shorter timeframe will lead to faster conversions First few weeks – climbing conversion rate, looking strong After initial few weeks – plummeting conversion rate Throw to declare “not working”
  34. 34. Analytics: Access to 
 real-time event data across 
 web and app platforms Drive deeper understanding of what customers are doing, when, why, and how The V’s of Big Data like never before at When I Work Combining with Production DB to create powerful full-circle view of the When I Work landscape
  35. 35. Constant Evolution
  36. 36. Till Death Do Us Part… It isn’t Marketing alone It isn’t Analytics alone It isn’t jamming Analytics into Marketing and calling it Marketing Analytics alone Marriage between hyper Growth activities and Analytics to prove or disprove those things – that is the “secret sauce” of how to drive 
 200-300% growth YoY
  37. 37. Questions Sujan Patel @sujanpatel Dennis Still @denstill