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A presentation brief is a tool which you fill before you start planning your presentation. It is the first thing you do and like a lighthouse it guides you into making an excellent presentation. Find more information on my blog.

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Presentation Brief

  1. 1. Presentation Brief What is a Presentation Brief? A presentation brief is like an advertising brief or a design brief. This brief sets the objectives of your presentation and provides all the necessary information needed to start planning and creating the slides. It will not only help you make slides faster, it will also give you a lot of clarity on how to make the presentation more effective. Why make a Presentation Brief before every presentation? Before making every TV commercial the advertising agency gets a ‘brief’ from its client. This tells the agency what is the purpose of the work? Who is the audience and what the client wants to convey to the audience? Making a presentation is a three stage process. 1. Planning the content, 2. Designing the slides & 3. Delivery. Before you can start planning, you need to make a brief for yourself. Fill all the information in the brief and it will make your planning process faster and easier. How to use this Presentation Brief? As soon as you are asked to make a presentation take a print out of the brief. Start answering all the questions. Spend time on areas where answers are not so clear to you. Discuss with colleagues and your superiors (stakeholders) on areas you need more clarity on. Once you have filled the brief to your satisfaction, you are ready to start planning the content for the presentation. Keep referring back to the brief whenever you need to. Your brief is like a lighthouse which helps your ship sail in the right direction. It is a tool which will help you deliver a great presentation everytime. You can use this brief for any presentation you make. You can use it even when someone asks you to make a presentation or you ask (outsource) someone else to make your presentation. How to fill the Presentation Brief? Filling this brief is very simple. If you want to check out an example of a filled Presentation Brief go to my blog and click on the label ‘Presentation Brief’ or type in the search box ‘Presentation Brief’. Best wishes for every presentation you make Vivek Singh
  2. 2. Presentation Brief A. The Facts 1. Who is presenting? 2. Who is the audience (Describe your audience in detail, what they do, where they work, their designation)? 3. What is the size of the audience (Small, medium or large. How many people are going to come)? 4. What is the duration of the presentation? 5. When is the presentation? How much time do you have to create the slides? Set yourself a deadline. 6. Where is the presentation and how will it be delivered? (Will it be delivered in person with a projector or on a laptop? Will it be emailed?)
  3. 3. 7. Significance of the presentation (What happens if it goes right? What happens if you blow it up?) How important is it to the person making it? 8. Is it a regular presentation or is it a onetime thing? B. The Story 1. What is the objective of the presentation? 2. What are the key messages? (The 3 or 5 things you want the audience to remember. The lesser the better.)
  4. 4. 3. What is the audience expecting from the presentation? 4. What specific action you want the audience to take immediately after the presentation? C. Presentation Specific Information 1. Any specific Do’s and Don’ts for this presentation? 2. Remarks (Anything else you want to know before you can start planning the content)