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Vodafone crs (1)


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Vodafone crs (1)

  1. 1. Company review on PRESENTED BY - SNEHA SINGH PGDM (TPS-21 Batch) ROLL NO- T2141
  2. 2. About the company Name of the Company: Vodafone Date of Incorporation: Mon, 16 Jul 2007, 10:37:09 AM. Sector: Telecommunication Sector. Group: Vodafone Essar.
  3. 3.  Vodafone have come a long way since making the first ever mobile call in the on 1 January 1985. Today, more than 371 million customers around the world choose Vodafone to look after their communications needs. In 1991 Vodafone enabled the world’s first international mobile roaming call. In 2002, with Vodafone Live! it set a new standard for mobile communications with internet access on the move. That’s the lifeblood that runs throughout Vodafone. It is driven to empower people.
  4. 4. Brief details of sector The telecom services have been recognized the world-over as an important tool for socio-economic development for a nation. The Indian Telecommunications network with 621 million connections (as on March 2011) is the third largest in the world. The sector is growing at a speed of 45% during the recent years. With government of India setting up the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, and measures to allow new players in the country, the featured products in the segment came in to prominence. Increasing competition among players allowed the prices drastically down by making the mobile facility accessible to the urban middle class population, and to a great extent in the rural areas.
  5. 5. telecommunication sector
  6. 6. Brief history of the company Vodafone is one of the largest international cellular carriers in the world. They are also one of the best. They were formed in 1984 as a subsidiary of Racal Electronics Plc. Racal Electronics Plc, went public in October 1988. Vodafone merged with AirTouch Communications, Inc. a USA company based in Pacific Bell, and changed its name to Vodafone AirTouch Plc. Later they reverted to its former name, Vodafone Group Plc, on 28 July 2000. YouTube agrees to offer Vodafone customers specially rendered YouTube pages on their cellphones. Finally Vodafone creates agreements with Google Maps, eBay, and Vodafone now reaches over 200 million customers.
  7. 7. CEO / Directors• Gerard Kleisterlee, aged 65, became Chairman of Vodafone Group Plc on 26 July 2011 at the conclusion of the AGM, having previously served as a non-executive member of the Board.• Vittorio Colao, Andy Halford, Michel Combes, Stephen Pusey, Renee James, Alan Jebson, are the Executive Directors• Marten Pieters is Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Vodafone India Ltd.
  8. 8. Vision & mission We are one of the worlds largest communications companies by revenue, operating across the globe providing a range of communications services. Our vision is to be the communications leader in an increasingly connected world.
  9. 9. Brief Profile of Competitors Vodafone competes with 14 other mobile operators throughout India. They are- Aircel, Airtel, Cheers Mobile, BSNL, Idea, Loop Mobile, MTNL, MTS, Ping Mobile, Reliance Communications, S Tel, Tata DoCoMo, Tata Indicom, Uninor, Videocon and Virgin Mobile
  10. 10. Active and inactive connections
  11. 11. Financial IndicatorsPeriod Ending 31-Mar-2011 31-Mar-2010 31-Mar-2009 Balance Sheet:AssetsCurrent Assets Cash And Cash Equivalents 10,022,000 6,709,000 6,992,000 Short Term Investments 1,080,000 589,000 - Net Receivables 15,292,000 13,614,000 11,093,000 Inventory 861,000 657,000 591,000 Other Current Assets - - 4,076,288Total Current Assets 27,255,000 21,569,000 18,675,000Long Term Investments 69,664,000 71,042,000 64,289,000Property Plant and Equipment 32,349,000 31,312,000 27,592,000Goodwill 72,511,000 78,634,000 77,341,000Intangible Assets 37,384,000 34,010,000 30,072,000Accumulated Amortization - - -Other Assets - - 198,982Deferred Long Term Asset Charges 3,235,000 1,567,000 903,000Total Assets 242,398,000 238,134,000 218,873,000
  12. 12. Stockholders equityStockholders EquityMisc Stocks Options Warrants - - -Redeemable Preferred Stock - - -Preferred Stock - - -Common Stock 6,543,000 6,300,000 5,953,000Retained Earnings (124,487,000) (120,830,000) (120,144,000)Treasury Stock (13,098,000) (11,847,000) (11,519,000)Capital Surplus 246,470,000 232,861,000 219,803,000Other Stockholder Equity 24,918,000 30,618,000 29,408,000Total Stockholder Equity 140,346,000 137,101,000 123,501,000Net Tangible Assets 30,451,000 24,457,000 16,088,000
  13. 13. Vodafone Marketing Strategy Vodafone’s strategy is customer focused and product led; the company is continually developing new products and services which utilize the latest technological advances. Vodafone’s goal is to grow its revenue and improve its profit margin by adding value to its products and services thus earning more from each product sold. Vodafone introduced zoo zoos rather than celebrities to attract customers.
  14. 14. Human Resources Management Within each of the operating companies of Vodafone, ithas tried to implement three boxes from Dave Ulrich’scompetency model also known as Vodafone’s 3 box model. HR has defined 6 employee touch points which they need to get right. Organizing and resourcing Career planning Learning Reward and recognition Communication and involvement Health, safety and wellbeing.
  15. 15. It defines a consistent set of values and behaviors for all Vodafone employees, emphasizing Speed–bringing products and services to market quickly and prioritizing the things that really matter. Simplicity–making things simpler for our customers, business partners and colleagues. Trust–acting with honesty, integrity and fairness ,being reliable and transparent ,and valuing the confidence that people place in us as a company.
  16. 16. SWOT AnalysisStrengths Experience and knowledge in the mobile phone business. Strong ability to manage change and acquisition.Weaknesses Vodafone slow in responding to the trend towards bundling. Opportunities Vodafone launched its own software application store-The Joint Innovation Lab in may 2009.Threats Increasing Competition Difficult to raise funds because of recession
  17. 17. Corporate responsibility CR is relevant across all aspects of our activities and therefore we seek integration into all key business processes. The CR strategy focuses on CR issues material to the Group and has the following main strands: To capture the potential of mobile communications to bring socio- economic value in both emerging economies and developed markets through broadening access to communications to all sections of society; To deliver against stakeholder expectations on the key areas of climate change, a safe and responsible internet experience and sustainable products and services; and To ensure our business practices are implemented responsibly, underpinned by our business principles.
  18. 18. CONCLUSION Vodafone continually seek to develop new and innovative propositions that deliver relevance and value to all our customers and build a long lasting relationship meeting their expectations and needs. Vodafone believes it can help to build a sustainable future by delivering products and services that enable positive outcomes. Vodafone understands that businesses need a communications partner with solutions that scale and adapt as their business needs change Vodafone is driven to empower people. To find that spark that empowers you is why they are in business. That’s what VODAFONE mean when it says “POWER TO YOU”.