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How to send an email from your gmail


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Published in: Education, Technology
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How to send an email from your gmail

  1. 1. How to send an email from your gmail account??? By Deepika
  2. 2. Open your webbrowser
  3. 3. Now on the homepage selectgmail
  4. 4. To open your email id type username and password and then click on sign in
  5. 5. Your gmail account is nowopening Please Wait!!!!
  6. 6. This page is showing yourInbox Click on Compose
  7. 7. A Similar page will open
  8. 8. Write the receivers email address and subject. To add attachment click on
  9. 9. A browser menu for file upload will openselect the file you want to attach then
  10. 10. After attaching file addsubject and click on SEND
  11. 11. Your message is nowsent.By repeating the same stepsyou can send your email
  12. 12. Thanks