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60622095 current-affairs-gk-july-2011

  1. 1. CURRENT AFFAIRS & GK JULY 2011July 1&2: b. Thaksin Jiaozu1. New Chief Vigilance Commissioner of c. Wine JaeboIndia is? d. Djokovic Murraya. Madan Kumarb. Pradeep Kumar 2. 2011 Wimbledon Tennis Mens singlesc. Manoj Joshi winner is...d. Chaturanan Narang a. Novak Djokovic b. Jurgen Melzerand2. A veteran leader Chaturanan Mishra c. Rafal Nadalpassed away on July 2. He was associated d. Andre Agassiwith?a. Communist 3. Sree Padmanabhaswami temple, whereb. Congress huge treasure unearthed from the historicalc. BJP temple is ind. BSP a. Kerala b. Karnataka3. What was the name of ship which was c. Tamil Nadustranded at Juhu beach for several days, d. AssamMumbai, and now re-floated safely toGujarat? 4. On black money issue SC has appointeda. MV Wisdom Special Investigation Team that would beb. ST Panks headed...c. Lumba a. Justice B P Jeevan Reddyd. Water Babay b. Justice S.K. Nair c. Justice M.N. Kumar4. The World Bank will provide a loan d. Justice Y.B. Chaudharyassistance of $648 million for theconstruction of the Vishnugad Pipalkoti 5. What is the length of worlds longestHydroelectric Plant on river cross-sea bridge, across the mouth of thea. Ganga Jiaozhou Bay in Chinas eastern Shandongb. Alaknanda province?c. Yamuna a. 36.48 kilometersd. Bhagrithi b. 64 kilometers c. 30.28 kilometers5. 201 1 Wimbledon Women’s Singles d. 26.25 kilometerswinner isa. Maria Sharapova Ans : 1.a 2. a 3.a 4.a 5.ab. Petra Kvitov ac. Serena Willams July 5:d. Sania Mirza 1. Stereo Digital Aerial Photography, which has been launched in India, will help inAns: 1 .b 2.a 3.a 4.b 5.b a. Coastal Hazard Line Mapping b. protecting forest coverJuly 3&4: c. marine life1. Thailands first woman Prime Minister is... d. traffic management duringa. Yingluck ShinawatraButterfly’s Page 1
  2. 2. CURRENT AFFAIRS & GK JULY 20112. Which state government has launched the d. Amsterdamfacility of e-registration for contractors tobid for construction projects of the state 5. 2011 Special Olympics World Summergovernment. Games held ata. Madhya Pradesh a. Athensb. UP b. Perthc. Assam c. Wellingtond. Delhi d. Canberra3. which state ales Tax Department recently Ans: 1 .b 2. b 3.b 4.b 5.aconducted raids on 37 companies in itscapital and unearthed Hawala transaction July 7 & 8:worth 6,500 crore rupees? 1 . Asian Development Bank will provide aa. UP $400-million loan to which Indian state forb. Punjab promoting rural development and creationc. Karnataka of business and employment opportunities?d. Maharashtra a. UP b. Madhya PradeshAns: 1 .a 2. a 3.d c. Punjab d. SikkimJuly 6:1 . Supreme Court has allowed cement maker 2. UN report on Millennium DevelopmentLafarge to mine in Meghalaya. Lafarge is Goals (MDG) say s that Indias poverty rate isfrom projected to fall to 22 per cent by ...a. USA a. 2015b. France b. 2020c. UK c. 2016d. Australia d. 2024 e. 20182. Indias first floating library launched ina. Mana 3. Space shuttle Atlantis took its final flightb. Sunderbans into space on July 8, 2011. It is Atlantisc. A ndaman Islands __flight.d. Lakshdeep a. 100th b. 120th3. Kisan Sandesh Padyatra is associated c. 135thwith d. 75tha. Mayawatib. Rahul Gandhi 4. As per government claims Indias ex portsc. Sonia Gandhi will double to $400 billion by the y ear...d. J.N Nehru a. 201 4 b. 20204. 201 2 Olympics will held in... c. 201 2a. Sydney d. 201 5b. Londonc. FrankfurtButterfly’s Page 2
  3. 3. CURRENT AFFAIRS & GK JULY 20115. 1 9th Asian Championships held at 5. What is the name of British 1 68-y ear-olda. Kobe tabloid that has closed in the wake of phone-b. Kiev hacking allegations?c. Jamshedpur a. A round the worldd. Dhaka b. News of the World c. Morning News6. During third phase expansion of private d. London HeraldFM Radio network in the country ; how manynew cities will get FM Radio service? 6. Which state has launched caravan servicesa. 227 in order to promote tourism?b. 75 a. MPc. 78 c. TNd. 173 c. HP d. UttarakhandAns: 1 .b 2. a 3.c 4.a 5.a, 6 a Ans: 1 .a 2. a 3.b 4.a 5.b, 6 aJuly 9 & 10:1 . On July 1 0, 201 1 , which of the following July 11:train recently derailed and claimed 50 1 . World Population Day is observed on...people lives? a. July 10a. Howrah Kalka Ex press b. July 11b. Howrah Delhi Ex press c. July 9c. Doon Shatabhdi d. June 30d. Kolkata Rajdhani 2. The US has suspended how much military2. What is the capital of newly formed aid to Pakistan?country South Sudan? a. $800 milliona. Juba b. $7 00 millionb. Malakal c. $600 millionc. Riek d. $500 milliond. Nabre 3. Qantas Airlines has decided to cut3. Indian govt. is committed to provide clean international services. This Airlines is from?electricity to common man by the y ear? a. USAa. 2020 b. Australiab. 201 2 c. Netherlandsc. 201 4 d. Japand. 201 3 4. India has sought help from__-for resolving4. NADA stands for... trade obstacles for Indian agri ex ports to 27a. National Anti Doping Agency European Union countries?b. National Anti-dumping Agency a. Englandc. National Army Dev eloping Agency b. Polandd. National Anti Dollar Association c. Iceland d. GermanyButterfly’s Page 3
  4. 4. CURRENT AFFAIRS & GK JULY 2011Ans: 1 .b 2. a 3.b 4.b d. ArjunJuly 12: 3. India has imposed anti-dumping duty onCABINET MINISTERS : imports of a chemical used in industrialShri V. Kishore Chandra Deo : Tribal Affairs cleaning processes and ceramicsand Panchayati Raj. manufacture to protect domestic playersShri Beni Prasad Verma : Steel. from cheap Chinese shipments. The name ofShri Dinesh Trivedi : Railways. this chemical is...Shri Jairam Ramesh : Rural Development. a. Sodium Tripoly PhosphateMINIST ERS OF ST AT E (INDEPENDENT b. Calcuim Tripoly PhosphateCHARGE): c. Baking SodaShri Srikant Jena: Statistics and Programme d. Sodium Tripoly SulpharImplementation and Minister of State in theMinistry of Chemicals and Fertilizers. 4. What is the name of The first ultra long-Smt. Jayanthi Natarajan: Environment and haul passenger jet with a capacity to flyForests. about 250 passengers up to 1 6,000 km non-Shri Paban Singh Ghatowar: Development of stop touched down at the Indhira GandhiNorth Eastern Region. International airport in Delhi on July 13?Shri Gurudas Kamat: Drinking Water and a. Boeing 787Sanitation. b. Boeing 707MINIST ERS OF STATE: c. Jet 711Shri Sudip Bandopadhyaya : Health and d. Air Bus 707Family Welfare.Shri Charan Das Mahant : Agriculture and 5. France has decided to withdraw its 1 000Food Processing Industries. troops from Afghanistan by the end of...Shri Jitendra Singh : Home Affairs. a. 2013Shri Milind Deora: Communications and b. 2012Information Technology. c. 2015Shri Rajiv Shukla : Parliamentary Affairs. d. 2014July 13: Ans: 1 . c, 2. a, 3. a,4. a, 5. b1 . Who is heading the committee set up tosuggest way s and means for reforms in the July 14:power sector? 1. India is all set to sign Aviation Safetya. S.K. Das Agreement in July 201 1 withb. B.N Sridhar a. USAc. V .K. Shunglu b. Chinad. Jyotia Gupta C. Germany d. Italy2. The Indian Navy has commissionedindigenously built Fast Attack Craft (FAC) to 2. How many states will be honoured states,keep an eye on illegal activities in the including Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, forAndaman seas? its name is achieving high food grain production in 201a. Koswari 0-1 1 fiscal?b. Godavari a. 6 b. 5c. Ganga c. 11 d. 4Butterfly’s Page 4
  5. 5. CURRENT AFFAIRS & GK JULY 20113. Which Naval ship has been b. 1000: 927decommissioned on July 1 4 201 1 by Indian c. 1000: 916Navy d. 1000: 925a. INS Sharabhb. INS Virat 5. Common Service Centre Common Servicec. INS Bheem Centre is observed on...d. INS Vikrant a. July 15 b. July 164. Womens football World Cup final 201 1 c. July 14was played between: d. July 13a. Japan and the United Statesb. Germany and the United States 6. Gov. of India has raised ex port price ofc. Japan and Netherlands onion by ___on July 15 2011d. New Zealand and Australia a. $30 b. $40A ns: 1 . a, 2. b, 3. a 4. a c. $50 d. $45July 15:1. The Lokon volcano which erupted on July A ns: 1 . c 2. b 3. a 4. a 5. b 6. a1 5, 2011 is in...a. Brazil July 16, 17, 18, 19:b. Chile 1. The Lokon volcano which erupted on Julyc. Indonesia 15, 2011 is in...d. Uganda a. Brazil b. Chile2. When Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLV c. IndonesiaC-17 successfully placed India’s latest d. Ugandacommunication satellite GSA T-12 in its e. Indiaorbit, then it was PSLV flight no...a. 21 2. The winner of 2011 Women Football is...b. 18 a. USAc. 20 b. Japand. 16 c. India d. South Korea3. The government has approved creation of e. Braziladditional storage capacity of about 152 lakhtone food grains. These storage will be 3. How many Indians have found place in ICCformed in how many states dream team for Test Cricket?a. 19 a. 3b. 12 b. 4c. 25 c. 5d. 9 d. 2 e. none of these4. In census 2011 child sex ratio in ruralareas isa. 1000: 914Butterfly’s Page 5
  6. 6. CURRENT AFFAIRS & GK JULY 20114. Who is Ruper Murdoch? 3. In July President Pratibha Devisingh Patila. Business tycoon visited which of the following countries?b. Media tycoon a. South Korea and Mongoliac. New Foreign secretary of state b. South Korea and Chinad. Rebel leader in Libya c. Japan and Mongoliae. none of these d. Malaysia and North Korea e. Vietnam and South Korea5. which country has decided to conductelephants census after almost a century ? 4. Delhi gov. has decided to improve greena. Singapore cover in national capital byb. Thailand a.33% b. 23% c. 27 % d. 18% e. 24%c. South Africad. Sri Lanka 5. Amy Winehouse, who was found dead ate. Zimbabwe her flat in London on July 23rd was a... a. Writer b. Poet c. Dancer6. In which state Uranium Corporation of d. Player e. SingerIndia has found huge deposits Uranium?a. TN 6. Recently at least 84 people died when theb. Assam gunman opened fire at the youth campc. Andhra Pradesh organised by the ruling Labour Party ond. Kerela Utoeya island. This island is in...e. none of these a. Norway b. China c. Germany d. Austria e. Japan7. Signing of the tripartite agreement for thecreation of Gorkhaland Territorial 7. Gagan Narang, who has been selected forAdministration held at Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, is related with...a. Kolkata a. Wrestling b. archery c. shootingb. Darjeeling d. short put e. 400 relay racec. Siligurid. Hoogly 8. The Centre has fix ed a target of___ dollarse. none of these for investment in the North-East within next five y ears.Ans: 1. c, 2. b, 3. b, 4. b, 5. d, 6. c, 7. b a. 1 trillion b. 10 billion c. 20 billion d. 5 trillionJuly 20-23: e. none of these1. The Committee of Secretaries has Ans: 1. b 2. c 3. a 4. a 5. e 6. a 7 . c 8. Arecommended how much per cent FDI in themulti-brand retail? July 24:a. 71 b. 51 c. 61 d. 44 e. 50 1 . India’s coal stocks touched all time high at..2. On July 22 India opened its first Border a. 70 million tonnesHaat with b. 170 million tonnesa. Sri Lanka b. Pakistan c. 90 million tonnesc. Bangladesh d. Nepal e. Bhutan d. 100 million tonnes e. none of theseButterfly’s Page 6
  7. 7. CURRENT AFFAIRS & GK JULY 20112. The government aims to set up how many a. Philippines b. Finlandnew mega food parks across the country in c. Japan d. Thailandthe 12th Plan? e. none of thesea. 100 b. 50 c. 75 d. 60 e. none of these 6. New President of Vietnam is3. Indian Railway s is planning anti-collision a. Truong Tan Sangdevices in trains for better safety. This will b. Nguyen Tan Dungcost railway s nearly c. Tan dinga. 70,000-crore rupee d. WiChe Fangb. 50,000-crore rupee e. none of thesec. 100,000-crore rupee answers: 1 . b 2. b 3. a 4. d 5. a 6. ad. 25,000-crore rupeee. none of these July 27-28:answers: 1. To which country India will give $201 . a 2. B 3. a million Line of Credit for setting up a Joint Information Technology, Education andJuly 24-25: Outsourcing Center?1. Hina Rabbani Khar, who recently visited a. Mongolia b. VietnamIndia, is the first woman Foreign Minister c. Cambodia d. Hollandof... e. none of thesea. Bangladeshb. Pakistan 2. World Hepatitis Day was observed onc. Afghanistan a. July 28 b. July 27 c. July 29d. UAE d. July 25 e. none of thesee. none of these 3. New Solicitor General of India is?2. with which country India, recently signed a. Rohinton Fali Narimandouble taxation avoidance agreement with b. C.K.Daphtaryfirst Baltic country ? c. H.N.Sanyala. Latvia d. Mohan Parasaranb. Lithuania e. none of thesec. Swedend. Estonia 4. Prasar Bharati is conducting e-auction fore. none of these available slots on DTH platform. The exercise would fetch...3. 5th India steel Summit held at a. 70 crore rupees b. 50 crore rupeesa. Delhi b. Indore c. 46 crore rupees d. 30 crore rupeesc. Bhopal d. Bokaro e. none of these e. none of these4. which state constituted a state level 5. New Principal Secretary to the PrimeSecurity Committee to ensure security in six Minister of India would be from Oct.3 2011districts during Kanwar Yatra 2011 ? onwarda. Delhi b. Uttarakhand c. UP a. Jay ant Bhatt b. Puluck Chatterjeed. Haryana e. none of these c. S.K. Khanna d. Viveksuri e. none of these5. Nock-ten a tropical recently hit?Butterfly’s Page 7
  8. 8. CURRENT AFFAIRS & GK JULY 20116. The author of "Ross Masaud" is... c. Sanhai and Vinmara. Hakim Syed Zillur Rehman d. Essar Projects Ltdb. Syed Ahmed Khan Jr. Answer: (d)c. Hamid Ansarid. Jubin Mehta 5. Name the public sector lender thate. none of these selected Metlife as its partner for a proposed foray into the life insurance segment.Answers: 1 . a 2. a 3. a 4. c 5. b 6. a a. Syndicate Bank b. Punjab National BankJuly 29: c. Corporation Bank1. General Motors India launched the diesel d. United Bank of Indiaversion of which car with a starting price ofRs 4.29 lakh on 25 July 2011? Answer: (b)a. Sparkb. Chevrolet Beat July 30-31c. Chevrolet Optra 1. British singer and song writer Amyd. Chevrolet Cruze Winehouse whose self-destructive habitsAnswer: (b) overshadowed a distinctive musical talent was found dead on 23 July 2011 in London.2. Name the leading education company For which of her albums did she win 5which launched the master resource centre Grammy awards?(MRC) in Chennai on 25 July 2011. a. Back to Blacka. Everonn b. Stronger Than Meb. Educomp Solutions c. Rehabc. Piron Education d. Love Is a Losing Gamed. Curion Education Answer: (a)Answer: (a) 2. Name the Former Indian Prime Minister3. Which telecom unit in a circular issued on who was honoured with the highest24 July 2011, announced its decision to Bangladesh award — the Bangladeshcombine two divisions offering services Swadhinata Sammanona (Bangladeshbased on CDMA and GSM, two rival Freedom Honour ) on 25 July 2011?technologies? a. P. V Narasimha Raoa. Tata Teleservices b. Indira Gandhib. Bharti Airtel c. Rajiv Gandhic. MTNL d. Atal Bihari Vajpayeed. Idea Cellular Answer: (b)Answer: (a) 3. Which of the following days is celebrated4. Which company announced on 27 July as the Foundation Day of Ministry of Earth2011 that secured an engineering, Sciences (MoES) was formed in 2006?procurement and construction (EPC) a. 25 Julycontract worth $320 million from Jurong b. 26 JulyAromatics Corp c. 27 Julya. Glencore d. 31 Julyb. SK Engineering Answer: (c)Butterfly’s Page 8
  9. 9. CURRENT AFFAIRS & GK JULY 20114. Which day was celebrated as first official judiciary and only a serving or retired ChiefWorld Health Organization-supported World Justice of India or a Judge of the SupremeHepatitis Day in July? Court would be eligible for being appointeda. 20 July as Chairperson.b. 25 July Which of the above statements is/arec. 27 July correct?d. 28 July a) Both i and ii are correct.Answer: (d) b) Only i is correct. c) Only ii is correct.5. Which one of the following nations d) Neither i nor ii is correct.Germany thus became the first European Answer: (a) Both i and ii are correct.nation since 1995 to allow its citizens to visitKashmir after it revised an advisory that had 3. The Union Cabinet Approved Nationalcautioned against trips to Kashmir? Social Security Fund for Un-organiseda) Germany Sectors. The fund is likely to benefit __croreb) France workers in the unorganized sector.c) UK a) 43.3d) Spain b) 35.6Answer: (a) Germany c) 34 d) 20.56. Which one of the following became the Answer: (a) 43.3first Baltic nation to Sign a double taxationavoidance agreement with India? 4. The President of India, Pratibha Devisingha) Lithuania Patil on 21 July 2011 released ab) Spain commemorative postage stamp on Vitthalc) Estonia Sakharam Page. Which of the following factsd) Poland related to Page are not true?Answer: (a) Lithuania 1. His integrated Area Development Scheme for the integrated development of1. The Annual Plan Outlay for Kerala for the village areas and the amelioration of smallYear 2011-12 Finalised at __ Crores. land holders, traditional artisans anda) 12010 crores agricultural labourers.b) 13010 crores 2. His persuasion to the Maharashtrac) 11110 crores Government to implement Employmentd) 14010 crores Guarantee Scheme on a pilot basis finally ledAnswer: (a) 12010 crores to enactment of Employment Guarantee Act in the Maharashtra in 1970.2. The Union Cabinet of India on 28 July 3. As Chairman of the Maharashtra Cottage2011 approved the proposal for the Industries Board, he implemented theenactment of a new legislation in the form of Employment Guarantee Scheme forthe Lokpal Bill, 2011. Consider the following rejuvenating the age-old traditional villagestatements regarding Lok Pal bill. industries.i) The Lokpal will consist of a Chairperson 4. He was elected to the Bombay Legislativeand 8 members. Half of the members shall Council successively in 1952 and 1954 andbe judicial members. to the Maharashtra Legislative Council inii) The Chairperson would be from the 1960, 1966 and 1972.Butterfly’s Page 9
  10. 10. CURRENT AFFAIRS & GK JULY 2011a. Only 1 provide rotating interest- free loans tob. Only 3 farmers.c. 1 & 3 a. 2 & 4d. Only 4 b. Only 1Answer: (c) c. Only 4 d. 1 & 35. Who did the Union government appoint Answer: (c)on 23 July 2011 as the Solicitor-General, thesecond senior most law officer of India?a. Fali S Narimanb. Rohinton Narimanc. Gopal Subramaniumd. Harish SalveAnswer: (b)6. According to World Health Organization-sponsored study on Major DepressiveEpisode (MDE) published in the BMCMedicine journal what percentage of Indianssuffer from what is called Major DepressiveEpisode (MDE)?a. 36%b. 27%c. 13%d. 42%Answer: (a)7. Two Indians -Nileema Mishra and HarishHande were chosen Ramon MagsaysayAward for 2011.Which of the facts regardingthem are false?1. Harish Hande established the companySELCO India in Bangalore in 1995. Hiscompany provides affordable renewableenergy services to poor villagers along withdoorstep financing and services.2. Harish Hande runs a solar electricity firmthat has lit up over 125000 households toemerge as Indias leading solar technologyfirm.3. Nileema Mishra was recognized for herpurpose-driven zeal to work tirelessly withvillagers.4. She founded the Farmer’s Association inBahadarpur village of Madhya Pradeshwhich has a population of around 10000 toButterfly’s Page 10