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Log template assignment

  1. 1. 1REFLECTIVE PRACTICE GUIDANCE LOGSDATE:Monday March 26th2012 Guidance Strategy Used: Indirect GuidanceOBSERVATION(Observe, identify the problem, examine the context of the problem)On Monday March 26th2012 there were two infants sitting on the alphabet mat. One of thechildren named Alexandra who is was playing with a musical leap frog toy and Alexandraseemed to like this toy because of the flashing lights and sounds. Then another child namedGreg who is was sitting close by Alexandra at the time was playing with a bed maze toy,when Greg heard the sound that the toy was making he crawled over to Alexandra. When hegot over to the toy he was pulling on the toy and then Alexandra tried to pull back the toyand when that wasn’t working Greg reached over and try to grab Alexandra’s hands andAlexandra did the same.The two infants in my observation are both young and now learning to maneuver themselves.The toy that helped contribute to the problemsings the alphabet and has flashing red lights onthe antenna of the centipede. I have noticed that other infants are very prone to sounds andlightsthat this toy makes it attracttheir attention very quickly. By Greg trying to take the toysaway I as the adult can say “sharing please” or “gentle touching” but infants do not knowwhat these words mean they will just keep on reaching for the same toy. However, it is stillbetter to say these words because it still reinforces and familiarizes the children with thesewords. The environment of where the children were sitting is a very appropriate area becauseit was safe and had a toys shelf with many different options of toys to choose from and that’swhen I had to make a decision.
  2. 2. 2DECISION(Choose a guidance strategy from this course that fits with the problem. Clearly state why thechosen strategy is appropriate for this child/situation)The guidance strategy I chose was indirect guidance because I redirected Greg by shakingand showing him a red rattle. The strategy that I use is appropriate for Greg because he is aninfant and of his age. With infants you cannot give punishments, I could have physicallyremoved Greg and place him elsewhere which would be direct guidance, but be wrong for achild that is Greg’s age and it wouldn’t have solved anything because he would cry andstruggle to crawl back to the toy but I simply thought of sounds seeing that the sound is whatwas drawing Greg’s attention.I had used direct guidance-positive verbal guidance by verbally saying to Alexandra and Greggentle touching and sharing but that did not work seeing as an infant cannot comprehendthose words.When speaking to the two infants involved I did not yell I spoke comely and softly to theinfants because it was appropriate to do with the situation. Because yelling does not helpsolve a situation involving infants it will make the infants agitated and cry.ECEP 211Log template 11F
  3. 3. 3ACTIONS(Clearly discuss your actions, the child’s response and the results of the guidance strategy)I had reached over to the rattle bin and it took out a red rattle, then I started to shake therattle close to where the child was. Greg quickly turned his head and tried to crawl and reachto get the rattle. I gave Greg the rattle and he shook it and then started to eat the rattle. Theindirect guidance strategy that I used worked because Greg was redirected and forgot aboutthe other toy that Alexandra was playing with.The strategy I chose to use, I would not change the strategy because dealing with infants it isvery easy to redirect an infant.
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  5. 5. 5Reflect(Specify what went well. Are there some things that you need to change? Why?STRENGTHSAfter I had made the changes Greg played happily with the rattle until he got tired of therattle and saw another toy that caught his attention that was lying close to him. My strategywent well overall because Greg and Alexandra did not come into contact with each otheranymore by grabbing hands of getting agitated and crying.I would not change any of my strategies simply because of the age group of the 2 infants andmy strategy worked well.NEEDS
  6. 6. 6ChangesDear Supervising Teacher: Please read and review each guidance log. For each log, pleaseselect the appropriate box below.O This log is based on your observations of the student’s actual in practice.O This log is somewhat accurate.O This log is not accurate. Please explain:________________________________Agency Name: _______________________________________Agency Phone number: ________________________________ECE name and signature: _______________________________ Date: __________Thank you.
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