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KPMRS is a free web site rank monitoring service that checks your search engine rankings on Google, Bing and alexa.

You can monitor your competitor's websites and monitor their rankings along with your own website targeted keywords.

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SEO Tool to Check Website Ranking - KPMRS

  1. 1. What is KPMRS?KPMRS is a free website ranking monitoring SEO tool. It tracks search engine positions forkeywords phrases on Google, Yahoo, Bing and provides a nice report of your sites rankings overtime. Try now by submitting your targeted keyword and URL in the text box above. It is Free!Who is it for?KPMRS is a perfect SEO tool for internet marketers, SEO consultants and website owners. Weunderstand how important it is to keep an eye on your search engine rankings. We felt theneed, we provided the solution!We support rankings for up to 12 countries - UK, US, Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, India,Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Canada, and Germany.KPMRS Features:Install rank checker widget on your website:Rank checker widget helps you install search engine rank checking tool on your own website sothat your visitors can use it to check their sites ranking directly from your website. It is aperfect SEO tool for Internet marketing & SEO agencies who offer search engine optimizationservices to other small & medium scale businesses as these companies can start offering freerank checker service to their clients.Compare rankings with competitorSo, you are all set with your SEO Campaign. You have done your basics right by putting up yourtargeted keywords, meta tags, search engine friendly URLs and what not. But the biggestchallenge is to monitor your efforts. We understood that along with monitoring their ownwebsites performance, SEO professionals are keen about knowing how their competitors aredoing on the search engines as well. And thats where KPMRSs Competitor Ranking Feature willhelp you! You can monitor your competitors websites and monitor their rankings along withyour own website for your targeted keywords. Website: Website:
  2. 2. See the snapshot/sample of the report below.Social Media Monitoring ToolKPMRS social media marketing tool will help you find how popular are you among various socialnetworks on the web. Just enter your website URL and it will show you how do you rank onvarious social networking websites.Website Discovery toolIt is a perfect tool to monitor your the progress of your SEO efforts. Lets say you just started anew website. After say, 4 months, your website starts receiving some traffic from search enginefor multiple keywords, say 100 visits from 35 different keywords daily. At this point, there is noway for you to find out if your website was discovered for any new keyword, unless youdownload your keywords and start comparing manually. This tool will just do this jobautomatically and make your life so easy.Backlinks checking & monitoring tool Website: Website:
  3. 3. Backlinks are the incoming links to a website or web page. As a KPMRS member, you can checkand monitor your websites backlinks report provided by Google and Alexa.Website rank widgets for site ownersKPMRS widget will let you flaunt your search engine rankings to your websites visitors. It is aperfect tool for any Internet Marketing professional or company to show off their SEO effortsfor a given website and keyword. Heres how it looks for our targeted keyword "websiteranking" on our website www.kpmrs.comThere are 2 types of widgets that you can use –Get email alerts when your ranks changesNow you dont have to go to search engines to check your website ranking every time. KPMRSwill keep an eye on your website positions for your targeted keywords every day. Our crawlersrun every single day and check your site ranking on Google, Yahoo & Bing. If we find a change,we will inform you immediately through email. We will send you a separate email for your USand UK rankings. Here is how the report will look: Website: Website:
  4. 4. Website: