Best of Singapore to See and to Do


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Best of Singapore to See and to Do - jam-packed with fun everywhere as there are high-ceilinged skyscrapers, monumental buildings, amusement rides, adventurous beach activities,much else to see, celebrate and enjoy.

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Best of Singapore to See and to Do

  1. 1. Best of Singapore - To See and to DoHugged by the ocean waves on all its sides, Singapore takes a predominantposition on the tail of the Peninsular Malaysia. Singapore is jam-packed with funeverywhere as there are high-ceilinged skyscrapers, monumental buildings,amusement rides, adventurous beach activities, enormous night clubs,architectural religious sites and much else to see, celebrate and enjoy.The lion country is an action packed destination, apt for short holidays as well asfor long vacations that take months together. From the grown-up elderly to a justborn one, the nation specializes in some or the other stuff to entertain its audience.So, one that comes here will be left entertained to the peak.
  2. 2. The sites are enthralling and the moments you spend here stay behind your innermemory. This is the best time to list your desires in a line, and visit Singapore.Come with your folks and relish to the maximum by glancing through this vacationguide.The queue is pretty lengthy, but all these places have to be seen without any missas they all are absolutely outstanding.It will be the Singapore Zoo to mention first, as this has become a unique icon forthe nation. The zoo has been wearing the gorgeous headband for years together,which can never be grabbed by any other zoo. Several thousand species of animalsand birds share their shelter, every individual has its own space to live comfortablyand food to eat wholesome. Animals from all zones and from extreme poles have
  3. 3. been brought, adopted and grown-up here. The friendly orangutans, the manlylions, the brave cheetahs, beautiful zebras, lovely moneys, cute meerkats, andmany more animal species can be encountered close. One can feed the lovelycreatures, dine with them for the breakfast, touch them, watch their gestures andactivities and see animal shows performed by the animal themselves. Apart fromthese stuffs one can see other parts of the zoo - Wild Africa, Fragile Forest, RiverSafari, Night Safari, Treetops Trail, Gibbon Island, Australian Outback, Great RiftValley of Ethiopia, Primate Kingdom, Reptile Garden, Critters Longhouse andTropical Crops & Orchid Garden. Take you day end at Hotel Taipei Howard Plazawith summer discount offer of 50%..
  4. 4. Next in the queue follows the Universal Studios Singapore, well assorted rides,shows and eateries spread around from the entrance to the exit. This is one of thedream spots to visit in Singapore, as whatever things you saw in the films willcome true, it may be a dinosaur chasing you or a mummy raising from the ground.There are several breathtaking rides and themed adventure zones such as Revengeof the Mummy, Ancient Egypt, Jurassic Park, Canopy Flyer, Waterworld,Madagascar, Transformers Ride, Space Chase, Shrek, The Lost World, Donkey Live!,Sci-Fi City, Hollywood, New York, Marine Life Park, Far Far Away and lots more. Youcan indeed interact with characters such as Frankenstein, Marilyn Monroe, WinnieWoodpecker and all others you expect.
  5. 5. Up next in the series is the Gardens by the Bay which is absolutely free to enter.Though entrance fee is nil, there is a small fee collected for specialty zones. Onecan soak himself into admiration by seeing the uniformly grown tulip flowersarranged in contrasting colors - one may get Tulipmania for sure, as thesemanicured gardens appear to be more colorful than the rainbow. There are somany other extraordinary attractions to see inside this haven - the DragonflyBridge, Meadow Bridge, Silver Garden, the Canopy, Golden Garden, Victoria LillyPond, Water Lilly Pond, Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, Supertree Grove, The World ofPlants, Kingfisher Lake, Bay East Garden and Heritage Gardens. The destination hasdining facilities - bakes, cafes and restaurant everything within. There are alsobasics like toilets, disabled access, cash machines, first aid, lift, gift shops and busstops.
  6. 6. However I have shared my experience about the most loved spots of the country,one can help himself entertained and busy by exploring a couple of museums,temples and pagodas.To increase your cup of joy, why dont you prepare it from your kitchen that too ina traditional method. Joining a cookery class to learn to cook the authentic recipes.This may sound strange to new visitors but this is one of the interesting things todo in Singapore, as surveyed. Tourists love to do this regardless of their length ofstay, as there are classes from a few hours to weeks. You can choose your type,cook and bake different Singaporean dishes, eat and get certified by the experts.Right from a salad to the main course and the dessert, everything can be cookedwith the same traditional flavor and taste. So plan in advance and execute it as
  7. 7. well.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Author: Sri Akila, a graduate in Engineering had no love for machines butpassionate on travel. She commenced her journey a couple of years back, and stillwanders the realms of the earth, penning down her glorious experiences. Her urgefor traveling and passion for writing peaks every day in and day out. Currently sheis interested to share her experience and knowledge about travel plan and hotelbooking plan at - Hotel Taipei Howard Plaza.