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Usa today 2010.12.06

  1. 1. c INTERNATIONAL EDITION Portman’s . COLLEGE FOOTBALL plunge toChampionship dark side mPsychological weekend thriller stretches actress physically and mentally, 5B mBlack Swan, Niko Tavernise, Fox Searchlight Portman: Ballerina teeters from sanity. eeee review, 6B Jones: NO. 1 IN THE USA Sooners QB mAuburn and Oregon all but assured a BCS NFL Rivalry title game, 1, 2, 3B mSee how WEEK 13 Steelers showdown By Kevin C. Cox, each coach QB: Faced mIt’s December, and every the Ravens Getty Images voted at yesterday. game counts, especially in Newton: Tigers QB this tight field, 1B By Tim Heitman, US Presswire Ben Roethlisberger. Photo by US Presswire Millions The BoomerMonday, December 6, 2010Newslinen News n Money n Sports n Life of families divide Stretched overCriminal probe atArlington Cemetery 19 years, some feel a disconnect missingmEight urns of remains found in onegrave. ‘Most likely not a mistake,’ 3A House votes safety net to censure Steve Morley Born 1959 Fewer people are Rep. Rangel “We were at buying life insurance mN.Y. Democrat the tail end of punished for By Sandra Block ethics violations, everything.” USA TODAY including failure to The percentage of U.S. households with life insur- pay taxes, 4A ance coverage is at its lowest in 50 years, leaving By Jack Gruber, USA TODAY millions of families without a safety net, industry experts say. Going down Only 44% of households have an individual life in- surance policy, and 30% have no individual or em- the career ployer-provided life insurance, according to a recent survey by LIMRA, an industry-sponsored group. ladder Some 11 million households with children younger than 18 — viewed as families with the greatest mEconomy forced need for coverage — have no life insurance. many, like former By Susan Tusa, Detroit Free Press The drop in insurance coverage comes at a time executive Greg when premiums for term life insurance are signifi- Wendy Thomson cantly lower than they were a decade ago. For ex- Corkett, to take Born 1950 ample, a 35-year-old lowlier jobs, 5A healthy man can pur- By Eileen Blass, USA TODAY “They just did not chase a $500,000, 20- Families year term policy for about coveredmMoney: November gives retailers hope know what to do $25 a month, according to Percentage of Sales performed better than analysts predicted, with all of us.” ING, a financial institution that sells life insurance. husband-wife families with kidsbringing hopes of merry holiday season. 5A. Behind the decline: under 18 who have uT he economic life insurance.mSports: Tiger’s ‘good ball-striking day’ By Mei-Chun Jau for USA TODAY downturn. More than 90% Woods atop Chevron World Challenge leader- 40% of families said they 77%board. Story at By Haya El Nasser birth explosion began and five years haven’t purchased life in- surance because theymLife: 10 places to celebrate Repeal Day USA TODAY before it officially waned. have other financial pri- “We were at the tail end of every- Prohibition ended Dec. 5, 1933. At Steve Morley can rattle off the cul- thing,” says Morley, a software engi- orities. tural milestones of the Baby Boom generation with ease. Identifying SENI R neer who lives in McKinney, Texas. Merchandisers and TV shows aimed At the same time, 40% of families with children MOMENT with them, however, proves more for an older audience when he was under age 18 said they 2004 20101 elusive. growing up, he recalls, “marketing to would have immediate 1 – through June John F. Kennedy’s assassination? people who were 10 years older trouble paying expenses Source: LIMRA “I was 4, although it is one of the BOOMERS TURN 65 than me. When the show thirty- if the primary breadwin- By Julie Snider, USA TODAY earliest memories that I have.” USA TODAY and CBS News something came on (in 1987), that ner died. The Summer of Love, in 1967? “I was aimed at older people. . . . Hon- uProcrastination. was 8.” are exploring the aging of an iconic generation and estly, I’ve never felt like a Baby Unlike auto and mortgage uWays to make The assassinations of Martin Lu- the impact on the nation. Boomer.” insurance — which are insurance more ther King Jr. and Sen. Robert Kenne- Call it a generation gap within the typically mandatory for affordable. Tips dy? “Turned 9 that summer.” Cover story same generation. home and car owners — at Woodstock, in 1969? “Barely The Baby Boom stretched over 19 life insurance is a volun- aware when it happened.” See a photo calendar years, from 1946 through tary purchase, says Butch By Frédéric Castél gallery of Britton, chief executive of ING’s US life insurance di- The Vietnam War? “Saigon fell be- Boomers 1964 — enough time for the first andSee Paris like a Parisian fore I got my driver’s license.” Morley is a late Boomer, born in reflecting on their generation at boomers last Boomers to have lived through vision. That causes people to put off buying it, he says. Please see COVER STORY page 2A u Procrastination can backfire, because young,mRent an apartment, shop like a local 1959 — 13 years after the postwar healthy people can usually get the least expensiveand avoid overpriced tourist traps. premiums, says Amy Danise, managing editor forStory at “A lot of people really overlook theUSA TODAY Snapshots® S DA Bill puts healthier lunch on menu whole need (for insurance) until they have a health condition, and then life insurance prices are out of reach for them,” she says. uFewer insurance agents. Nearly 80% of fam- What o footb W pro foo ball fans Also, more schoolchildren to be ings in the government’s efforts to ensure that school food is free of E. coli O157:H7, salmonella ilies don’t have a personal life insurance agent or like l abou the game ut t e eligible for free, discounted meals and other contaminants. It also found that 23,000 broker, according to LIMRA. The decline in premi- children were sickened by food they ums for term life insurance has made it more diffi- By Peter Eisler ate at school from 1998 through 2007 cult for agents who sell the policies to make enough USA TODAY and that about 26,000 schools failed to money to cover their expense, Britton says. Competit n Competit on Co pet tion t and rivalries ries ies i s 57% meet requirements for cafeteria in- In 2010, there were 184,873 “affiliated agents”— WASHINGTON — A bill that would spections. insurance agents who primarily or exclusively sell Athletic display disp di pl pla 32% % improve the safety and nutritional “It is unconscionable that food that one insurance company’s products — down from value of food served at schools — and is known to be tainted could ever be more than 246,000 two decades ago, according to Watchingng g LIMRA. And life insurance agents who have stayed with friends ends nds 26% 26% expand the number of children eligi- fed to our children in school cafete- ble to get free and reduced-price rias,” says Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D- in the business are increasingly selling permanent Strategy, intellec- gy, ntell , ntell llec life insurance to affluent families. Permanent life in- tual components component pone pon pon n ne nen 24% 4% 4 meals — now awaits President Obama’s signature. N.Y. “This legislation marks a major step in the right The legislation, approved Thursday by the House direction.” surance has a savings component and doesn’t ex- Fans, pire, but it is more expensive than term insurance. excitement enn 18% 8% of Representatives and previously approved by the The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 ex- Senate, directs the U.S. Department of Agriculture pands the Child Nutrition Act, first passed in 1966. Insurance companies are adopting several strate- to set new nutrition standards for all food served in It commits an additional $4.5 billion to child nutri- gies to reach out to middle-income families who Source: Har is Interactive survey of 2,620 adults Sept. 14-20 arr ar is rr r ve of 2 620 e 2 schools — in lunchrooms and in vending machines. tion programs over the next 10 years — spending don’t have a life insurance agent. By Anne R. Carey and Karl Gelles, USA TODAY It also alters rules for federally subsidized school that is offset by cuts in other USDA programs. MetLife is aggressively marketing its group life in- lunch and breakfast programs so that an estimated The federal government spends about $16 billion surance policies to employers, says Todd Katz, exec- International special edition 115,000 more low-income students will qualify for a year on child nutrition programs. Schools are re- utive vice president of insurance products. Employ- free or discounted meals. imbursed $2.68 for each lunch; the USDA also do- ees can typically buy the policies through payroll This is a special edition of USA TODAY designed Today, 62% of the 31 million students who eat nates millions of pounds of ground beef and other deduction, sometimes at a lower cost than an indi- and edited for readers around the world. vidual policy. MetLife is also investing heavily in Additional content and late-breaking news and school food qualify. commodities for use in those meals. Under the bill “The legislation marks a new day for how we passed Thursday, participating schools must serve programs that allow customers to buy insurance sports scores can always be found at policies online or by phone, Katz says. ¡¿H¢ApB-740214¿ (e)o think about school meals and other child nutrition food that meets the new USDA nutrition standards. programs,” says Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., who Among key provisions, the legislation: In addition, websites such as al- chairs the House education committee. “This will uProvides a 6-cent increase in the meal reim- low consumers to shop for insurance online. allow us to get rid of the junk food in our schools.” bursement rate for schools that meet new USDA But despite the growth of such sites, most insur- The bill also includes provisions to better train nutrition standards for cafeteria food. ance is still purchased “face to face from a live per- school cafeteria workers and more quickly alert uCommits $40 million for farm-to-school pro- son at the kitchen table,” says Byron Udell, chief ex- schools that may have received food that is being grams, championed by first lady Michelle Obama. ecutive of AccuQuote. ©COPYRIGHT 2010 USA TODAY And with fewer agents knocking on doors, he a division of Gannett Co., Inc. recalled because of contamination concerns. A USA Such programs encourage schools to buy produce TODAY investigation last year showed shortcom- from local farms and to establish school gardens. says, “there’s less of it getting bought.”
  2. 2. 2A · MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2010 · USA TODAYTalking ’bout a generation gap in same generationContinued from 1A last month. The impact of her generation was clear to her earlydrastically different experiences. on because of its sheer size. “Someone coming of age in “They just did not know what1950 lives through JFK, the soar- to do with all of us,” says Thom-ing rhetoric of Martin Luther son, a retired management con-King, the Mickey Mouse Club and sultant who grew up in Birming- Leave It to Beaver,” ham, Mich.Cover says Steven Gillon, resident historian “I remember having classes in the cafeteria and gym. . . . Theystory of the History Channel and au- were building schools like mad. When I went away to college, I thor of Boomer Na- had a tiny (dormitory) room thattion. “After 1960, their memories By Susan Tusa, Detroit Free Press was meant for two in the ’20sare Watergate and oil embargo.” “I was always just squished”: Wendy Thomson, and there were three of us. I was Yet, they have been lumped 60, was among the early Baby Boomers. always just squished.”into one demographic behemoth But she has been able to send(77 million) that has guided mar- her sons to college and to retireketing decisions, transformed early, something that will be ahistory and politics and reshaped “I am a struggle for her sister-in-law,entertainment sensibilities formore than six decades. Venti, half-caff who was born in 1962. “Her whole experience was As the nation marks the 65th Boomer.” just so different from mine,”birthday of the first Boomers be- By Mei-Chun Jau for USA TODAY Thomson says.ginning next month, the millions Michele Kimbrough “Saigon fell before I got my driver’s license”: Steve Morley, a software engineer of “She is far away from retire-born at the tail end of the genera- Born 1964 McKinney, Texas, spends Thanksgiving with his wife, Lynda, 19-year-old son, Andrew, ment and she is now stuck. Thetion are feeling a disconnect. and 16-year-old daughter, Sarah. market crashed, housing values “I don’t see myself as the typ- crashed.”ical Boomer,” says Anthony Fer- but because it built a bridge to a the 1960s; Hispanics are 13%. lish at home, compared with 22% His brother talked about the Older Boomers redefineddaise, born in 1962. His older sis- dramatically different America, uEducation. The share of of the younger ones. Summer of Love — the event that American culture in what Gillonter is 64, at the front end of his says William Frey, demographer women with a high school diplo- Gillon says the Boomer gener- defined the hippie countercul- calls “a cultural earthquake.”generation and worlds apart in at the Brookings Institution. “The ma or less education dropped ation is so deeply rooted in the ture movement when as many as “They created a world signifi-experiences. Boomers are the transition be- from 43% among older Boomers American experience, from TV 100,000 people gathered in San cantly different than the one their Ferdaise, a nurse who lives in tween old and new,” he says. to 38% among the younger ones. shows and advertising to politics Francisco — and attending small parents created,” he says, makingPhoenix, makes his point in mu- That transition also occurred The opposite is true among men, and race relations, that immi- concerts where The Doors and the differences between youngsical terms: “She saw The Doors within the generation. a potential fallout of rising im- grants who did not grow up here Janis Joplin performed. Another and old Boomers seem minor byin concert. I saw The Clash.” Michele Kimbrough migration: 38% of can’t be viewed as true Boomers. brother, who had conscientious- comparison. of Chicago was born older male Boomers “Being a Boomer is being part objector status during the Viet- Adds Gillon, himself a BoomerBridging the old and the new during the last year of had no postsecond- of a unique and historical experi- nam War and was exempted born in 1956, “We have inherited the boom, in 1964. ary education, com- ence . . . a shared generation ex- from military service, spoke at an a world that Boomers have The beginning and end of ageneration are marked by a rise Her parents are Baby Boomers. SENI R pared with 44% of those born later. perience of people who grew up in America,” he says. “You have anti-war event. “The people who are born made.”and fall in the number of births. “It’s entirely subjective, but “I don’t really relate myself to the Boomer MOMENT uMarriage. More late Boomers have to remember Captain Kangaroo.” The difference between older post-’59, they don’t have the same sense of being the children Corrections & Clarificationsmost people agree on the begin- generation,” says Kim- BOOMERS TURN 65 not married. Ten per- and younger Boomers is heavily of that generation,” McMorrowning (1946) and ending dates brough, a former non- This series also will be cent of older male influenced by the Vietnam War. says. “I’ve been an observer. Nev- USA TODAY is committed to accuracy. To reach us, contact Standards Editor Brent Jones at(1964) of the Baby Boom genera- profit executive work- on boomers.usatoday- Boomers and 8% of “If you were born by 1950, you er felt a part of it.” 1-800-872-7073 or e-mail accuracy@usatoday- .com. Please indicate whether you’re respond-tion, and if you look at it de- ing on a doctorate in .com and cbsnew- older female Boom- had to confront Vietnam in some Frey says later Boomers “got ing to content online or in the newspaper.mographically, that makes natural medicine. “I For more cov- ers have not married way,” Gillon says. “It was like a gi- the short end of the stick.” Thesense,” says demographer Cheryl am a Venti, half-caff erage, watch CBS’ The — but among young- ant mountain that stood in their first in their generation were re- In some Thursday editions, aRussell, editorial director at New Boomer,” she jokes, Early Show, 7-9 a.m. ET er Boomers, 16% of pathway.” bellious and grew up in a pros- photo caption accompanying aStrategist Publications, a publish- using popular coffee men and 12% of He calls the younger end of the perous time. Younger ones “en- cover story on LeBron James mis-er of reference books. house terms. “I can call myself a women haven’t been to the altar. generation “shadow Boomers,” a tered the workforce when things identified the man selling T- In 1945, there were fewer than flower child and still navigate uMilitary service. About group that straddles two genera- were pretty bad,” he says, in an shirts. His name is Derrick Tatum.3 million births in the USA. The successfully through this new 71% of early male Boomers never tions (Boomers and Generation era marked by gas shortages andfigure hit 3.4 million in 1946, culture of hip-hop madness.” served in the military compared X), and relates to both yet feels as President Nixon’s resignation.topped 4 million in 1954 and Census numbers show the with 87% of late Boomers. The if it belongs in neither. “For some, when they first gotpeaked at 4.3 million in 1957. The changes in America’s profile from military draft ended in 1973, long “From my perspective, I’ve their driver’s license they werenumber of annual births stayed one end of the Boomer genera- before late Boomers reached 18. been following the parade,” says sitting in gas lines,” says Robertabove 4 million through 1964 be- tion to the other: The numbers fluctuate every Greg McMorrow, born in 1961. Lang, sociologist at the Universityfore slipping to 3.8 million in uRace and ethnicity. Seven- year, as Boomers die and Boom- He and eight siblings were of Nevada-Las Vegas. “It wasn’t1965. That put the end of the Ba- ty-six percent of early Boomers er-age immigrants move here. born during the Baby Boom. like ‘fun fun fun till her daddyby Boom at the close of 1964. are non-Hispanic whites, com- Younger Boomers are more “My oldest sister was born in takes her T-bird away,’ ” he says, About 37 million people now pared with 68% of those born lat- likely to be immigrants — 17% vs. ’47, and one younger brother was referring to The Beach Boys’in the USA were born in the first er. Blacks are the largest minority 13% of older Boomers — and born in ’63,” says McMorrow, a 1964 hit Fun, Fun, Fun.half of the Baby Boom, and about among older Boomers but are nearly half of the young immi- small-business owner in San40 million in the second. outnumbered by Hispanics grant Boomers arrived here after Jose. “The ’60s and protest stuff Contrasting experiences The generation is significant among younger Boomers. Blacks 1990. Only 15% of older Boomers was something that my oldernot only because of its numbers make up 12% of Boomers born in speak a language other than Eng- brother and sister were a part of.” Wendy Thomson turned 60 Conquer Cancer This Holiday Season View and purchase our collection of holiday cards, candles, and ornaments PHOTO CARDS COURTESY OF
  3. 3. USA TODAY · MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2010 · 3A Nation Nationline Army launches cemetery probeDeath to be ‘relief’ for 8 urns found nality involved,” Chris Grey of the Army’s Criminal Investi- the urns, which were matched to crematoriums marked, improperly marked or mislabeled on cemetery The worker, Tim Langow- ski, 51, of Frederick, Md., toldhome-invasion killer in single grave gation Command said of the latest controversy at the na- across the country. They tracked numbers found on maps. Other problems in- cluded urns that were USA TODAY that he took Kathryn Condon, who over- A Connecticut man sentenced to death Thursdayin the killings of a woman and her two daughters at Arlington tion’s renowned military burial ground. the tags to individual dece- dents. Their efforts continue dumped in a landfill area, as well as multiple graves buried sees Army cemetaries, to an area of the cemetery used assaid his execution will be “a welcome relief.” Steven Three sets of remains have on four urns without tags, under a single headstone. a dump site for vegetationHayes made his first public comments about the By Oren Dorell been identified, and the cem- Grey said. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D- and soil, where he found twocase before being formally sentenced by New USA TODAY etery has notified family The criminal investigation, Mo., chair of a subcommittee urns while on the job in 2005.Haven Superior Court Judge Jon Blue. “I am deeply members, cemetery spokes- the fourth in recent years at on contracting oversight, ap- One of the urns containedsorry for what I have done and the pain I have Army investigators woman Kaitlin Horst said. Arlington, comes as the cem- pointed a panel to study ashes and two mementos: acaused,” said Hayes, adding he was after money for launched a criminal probe af- One of the sets has been re- etery continues to sort out problems at Arlington. The letter and a photograph of adrugs. “I am tormented and have nightmares about ter eight urns were found in a buried. “discrepancies” between its panel projected that up to girl in a blue and white cheer-what happened in that house.” single grave marked “un- A forensic anthropologist records and its graves. No 6,600 of more than 300,000 leader outfit. Both urns were William Petit, a physician who was severely beat- known” at Arlington National from Hawaii helped investi- charges have yet been filed in graves could be unmarked or turned in to cemetery work-en with a baseball bat during the attack on his fam- Cemetery in Virginia. gators determine that a any of the investigations. The improperly labeled. ers at the time.ily, told the court he had considered suicide many “When there’s eight sets of fourth set was unidentifiable, Army Inspector General re- The latest discovery came News of the investigationtimes since the deaths of his wife, Jennifer Hawke- human remains in one grave, Grey said. ported in June that a survey after a tip provided to WTOP put him at ease.Petit, and their daughters, Hayley, 17, and Michaela, it’s most likely not a mistake, Investigators used forensic of three of Arlington’s 70 sec- Radio in Washington by an “That tells me they’re look-11. Petit, who fought back tears, said he struggles so we have to look into techniques to decipher initials tions found 211 such discrep- employee of Lane Construc- ing into it and doing the rightwith nightmares and flashbacks. whether there is any crimi- on tags connected to some of ancies — graves that were un- tion, Horst said. thing,” Langowski said. Hayes sexually assaulted and strangled JenniferHawke-Petit. Authorities say he and co-defendant Calif. killing is real whodunitJoshua Komisarjevsky tied her daughters to theirbeds, poured gasoline on or around them and setfire to their Cheshire home in 2007. Komisarjevskygoes on trial next year.Unabomber’s land for sale in Montana HELENA, Mont. — A 1.4-acre parcel of land inwestern Montana that was once owned by Un- The hit-man-styleabomber Ted Kaczynski is on the market for$69,500. slaying of publicist The listing offers potential buyers a chance toown a piece of “infamous U.S. history” and says the Ronni Chasen hasforested land “is obviously very secluded.” It’s listed elements of aby John Pistelak Realty of Lincoln. The Lincoln-area property, which had been listed Hollywood filmat $154,500, does not have electricity or runningwater. Kaczynski was critical of technology. By William M. Welch The property does not include Kaczynski’s cabin, USA TODAY By Nick Ut, APwhich is on display at the Newseum in Washington. Kaczynski is serving a life sentence for killing LOS ANGELES — The latest film- Died behind wheel: Ronni Chasen’sthree people and injuring 23 during a nationwide noir style mystery to grip Tinseltown damaged car gets towed Nov 16.bombing spree between 1978 and 1995. has produced a second body, but the plotline is still unfolding known. Residents of the Harvey A man known only as Harold pulled Apartments knew him as Harold. out a gun and shot himself to death in They said he was an ex-con, who had the lobby of a cheap Hollywood once lived there and been evicted but apartment building Wednesday eve- returned recently asking if police ning as he was approached by gum- were looking for him, The Los Angeles shoes from the Beverly Hills Police Times reported. Department, Los Angeles police say. “He told me several times, ‘If it ever Beverly Hills cops say they wanted came back down to me going to pris- to talk to the man about the hit-man- on, I would die first,’ ” resident Bran- style murder of a publicist to the stars, don Harrison told the paper. Ronni Chasen, on Nov. 16. Chasen, who is driving this plot, Chasen’s death, in a rain of carefully was the queen of air-kisses, one of targeted bullets to the chest while be- those Hollywood fixtures whose By William Wilson Lewis III, The Press-Enterprise, via AP hind the wheel of her black Mercedes, brassy hustle seemed to epitomize was the opening scene in a real life- the big personalities behind the bigGolf course obstacle and-death drama that seems to be screen. She called people “darling,”Fore! Flight instructor Richard Hammerschlag, 63, following a Hollywood formula: A hugged them and smooched the airwalks away from his two-seater plane that crash- high flier brought to a grisly end, with as large jewelry swung around herlanded in a sand trap at a Southern California golf no obvious suspects and few visible neck.course, sending one person to the hospital with clues. Her abrasive New York accentminor injuries. No one on the ground was injured. It’s a story that has, as they say in didn’t hold back her ability to the film business, generated great schmooze at myriad social functionsSearch for missing Mich. boys halted buzz. where business is conducted in Holly- The victim’s decades of elbow-rub- wood. She was not one of the indus- Volunteers searching for three Michigan brothers bing with movie stars has been an ir- try’s most powerful figures. But shemissing for nearly a week have been asked to sus- resistible draw. She was killed while represented a niche of composers andpend their searches after today. Morenci Police driving home late at night from a par- songwriters, such as Hans ZimmerChief Larry Weeks said law enforcement officials ty after the premiere of the movie and Diane Warren, and musicianswill continue following up on tips but want time to Burlesque, starring, as she surely such as Sophie B. Hawkins, who had By Kevork Djansezian, Getty Imagesre-examine their efforts. would have wanted noted, Cher and chops and talent, if not top billing. “Those men and women that have actually done Christina Aguilera. Officers still investigating: A “person of interest” in the shooting death of Just days before she was gunnedthe searching have been tireless,” said Kathye Her- Chasen, 64, had a deal to promote publicist Ronni Chasen killed himself Wednesday at these apartments. down, she was e-mailing reporters torera, a friend of the family. “We would not want a the soundtrack for an Oscar. tout Michael Douglas’ work in Walltragedy because volunteers are too tired.” So far not much more is known Street: Money Never Sleeps, for award Tanya Skelton reported her sons — Andrew, 9; Al- about either death, but this much is consideration.exander, 7; and Tanner, 5 — missing Nov. 26 when clear: Somebody wanted Chasen While cops publicly bemoan thetheir father, John Skelton, didn’t return them after a dead, and they had pretty good aim. lack of clues, any audience can see lotsThanksgiving visit. John Skelton is facing three The cops, predictably, aren’t talking. of potential leads. Police seized Cha-counts of parental kidnapping and is being held in a “There are no further details avail- sen’s computers and searched it forToledo, Ohio, jail in lieu of $3 million bond. able at this time,” Beverly Hills Sgt. signs of any enemies. Shan Davis said Thursday. Gil Carrillo, a retired investigatorStolen painting surfaces before auction Police in Los Angeles, where the with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s An Edgar Degas painting that was stolen 37 years second death occurred, are dismiss- Department, who reviewed a prelim-ago and recently rediscovered before an auction in ing questions about the case. inary coroner’s report for a Fox TVNew York will be returned to the French govern- Beverly Hills is a rich and tony, but station that obtained it, said the killerment, U.S. officials said Thursday. tiny and separate, city surrounded by squeezed off multiple rounds in an U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch and James Hayes, Los Angeles. Los Angeles cops out- impressively tight formation thathead of the New York office of Immigration and number Beverly Hills cops almost 100 would befit a professional hit. “It’s aCustoms Enforcement, announced that a Manhat- to 1, but they are dealt out of the Cha- good shot group,” he told KTTV.tan seller, who didn’t know it was stolen, had sen case, except for the suicide on At the Harvey Apartments, a 1930sagreed to turn over the painting, Laundry Woman their turf, Los Angeles police spokes- art deco-style building on Santa Mon-With Toothache, without a forfeiture proceeding. man Richard French says. ica Boulevard, with the second body Sotheby’s had given the small oil portrait of a “We were called in because some- still on the floor, Los Angeles Policeyoung woman holding her jaw an estimated value one killed themselves in front of Bev- Capt. Kevin McClure delivered a Joeof $350,000 to $450,000. erly Hills police in our jurisdiction,” Friday-just-the-facts recap for the TV said French, who professed little pro- cameras.Also . . . fessional interest in either death. Taking up the story after the Bever- uBUFFALO, N.Y. — Police in western New York “It was pretty obvious what hap- By Timothy Norris, Getty Images ly Hills cops moved in, McClure said:have charged 33 people so far in an investigation pened. There shouldn’t be any sur- With the stars: Publicist Ronni Chasen, second from right, attends a party “They attempted to talk to the sus-that shows a new kind of supplier in the illicit drug prises,” he said. Jan. 11, 2009, with actors, from left, Jeff Sanderson, Freida Pinto and Dev Patel. pect. When they did the suspect pro-trade. They say medical patients, including many You don’t have to be a critic to duced a handgun. And there was awho rely on Medicaid for prescriptions, have be- know there are always surprises in a gun and the bullet that he used to kill to the two deaths, said Lt. Fred Corral, self-inflicted gunshot at that point income a popular way to get drugs like OxyContin to good script. himself match the weapon that end- watch commander for the Los Ange- time.”the street. The big question that the autopsy ed Ronni Chasen’s life. les coroner’s office. The patients see a doctor, or several doctors, and of Harold and the search of his death “No information is being given out” The dead man was described as a Contributing: Anthony Breznican income away with prescriptions they sell to a dealer scene should reveal is whether his on that score or anything else related black male in his 40s, address un- Los Angeles and the Associated Pressfor as much as $1,000. uLAS VEGAS — Six people,including two teenagers, have been indicted in the Court, jail overload puts justice in doubtpummeling death of Las Vegas high school teacherTimothy VanDerbosch, 50, who prosecutors saywas attacked because he dressed nicely.By Anne Willette with staff and wire reports By Keith Matheny The California Supreme Court in no-man’s land,” County Commission- non-violent misdemeanors to treat- USA TODAY October upheld the dismissal of 18 er John Wiley Price said. ment programs, says Vanita Gupta, Please recycle criminal cases in Riverside County, in- uIn North Carolina, the continu- deputy legal director for the Ameri- Courtrooms and jails have become cluding two felonies, because there ance rate in cases involving child can Civil Liberties Union. crowded to the bursting point, allow- weren’t enough judges to hear them. abuse and neglect or termination of New York and New Jersey reduced Published by Gannett Co., Inc. ing justice to languish in many loca- The ruling upheld the dismissal of parental rights topped 40% in nearly a their prison populations 20% and 19% Vol. 29, No. 58 (ISSN 1051-7405) tions, legal experts and many working more than 250 other misdemeanor quarter of the state’s 100 counties, respectively from 1999 to 2009 in USA TODAY in the judicial system say. and felony cases also on appeal. says Lana Dial, court improvement part through such programs, Gupta 7950 Jones Branch Drive “There’s a huge crunch in the judi- Chief Justice Ronald George, in a 7-0 program manager for North Carolina said. South Carolina in June ended McLean, VA 22108 cial system because of a lack of re- opinion, called it “a circumstance fair- Administrative Office of the Courts. mandatory minimum sentences for Tel.: +1-703-854-3400 Fax: +1-703-854-2095 sources,” said Margie Paris, dean of ly attributable to the fault or neglect of A 2009 study by Seattle University first-offense simple narcotics posses- International Headquarters (London): the University of Oregon School of the state.” law professor Robert Boruchowitz, in sion, and expanded the use of proba- USA TODAY Law. “The speed with which we’re Riverside County Chief Assistant conjunction with the National Associ- tion, house arrest and work-release P.O. Box 30793 moving cases along and the quality of District Attorney Bill Mitchell ex- ation of Criminal Defense Lawyers, programs. London WC1A 1AZ, England justice is really being compromised.” pressed outrage. found the explosive growth of misde- The Pew Charitable Trusts, a public All general inquiries: +44 (0) 207 559 5859 Paris and others cited three com- “The failure of the state to provide meanor cases burdening courts. policy non-profit, estimates South Fax: +44 (0) 207 559 5885 mon problems: adequate resources . . . has led to Researchers observed two defense Carolina’s reforms will reduce the E-Mail: uTougher law enforcement with- criminal defendants being rewarded attorneys in Washington state advis- need to build and operate new prison USA TODAY is a member of The Associated Press and Gannett out expansion of jail and court infra- with dismissal,” he said. ing 132 defendants on an arraignment space over the next five years, saving News Service and subscribes to Reuters, among other news structure; Elsewhere: calendar in under four hours. Most up to $175 million in construction services. USA TODAY, its logo and associated graphics are the federally registered trademarks of Gannett Co., Inc. All rights uFailure to improve court proce- uIn Texas, the Dallas County crim- raised no objections, resulting in find- costs and more than $66 million in are reserved. Registered as a newspaper with the Post Office in dures over many years; inal justice department in July found ings of guilt, the study found. operating expenses. the United Kingdom. Registrato al Tribunale di Milano il uOverworked judges, prosecutors 423 felony cases — 10% of all felony Several states are working on ways 22/05/2000 al numero 364; digitally printed by Rotomail Italia Matheny reports for The Desert Sun in SpA, Cologno Monzese, Milano. and defense attorneys continually cases — had no future court dates to improve their justice systems postponing hearings. scheduled, leaving inmates “sitting in through reforms such as diverting Palm Springs, Calif.