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Publisher research (finished)

  1. 1. Publisher Research
  2. 2. Bauer Media Group Bauer media group was founded in 1875 and is privately owned with the Bauer family as management. The headquarters of the company is in Hamburg, Germany and the brand operates in 16 companies. The company has been managed by 4 generations of the Bauer family and started off as a small printing house. Bauer media group is now the UK’s largest publishing group. Bauer publishes many of the women's’ weekly and TV listings magazines such as; Bella, Take a Break, that’s life!, TVChoice, and Total TV Guide, along with a number of puzzle magazines. Although they own a vast majority of magazines, they only own 2 music magazines which are ‘Kerrang’ and ‘Q’, but currently have 6400 employees. IPC IPC media was founded in 1958 and sells over 350 million copies of magazines each year. They are the UK’s leading consumer magazine publisher and engage with almost two thirds of the women in the UK and 42% of men. IPC is divided into six sections; newspapers, magazines, trade and technical, books, printing, and new products. It sells a few of the most recognised newspapers in the UK, the Sun and the Daily Mirror. The magazines which they publish are made to target the general population of male and woman in separate magazines, and also upmarket women. Some of the magazines which they publish are; Teen now, Marie Clare, Look, and Nuts.
  3. 3. NME Readership statistics as of June 2012:
  4. 4. Kerrang! Readership statistics as of June 2012:
  5. 5. Q Readership statistics as of June 2012:
  6. 6. Is there a common trend regarding the reader profiles? Of the reader profiles that I searched, they all shows around 60% of males reading the magazines compared to the amount of females who read it. Both Kerrang and NME showed around 90% of 15-34 year olds reading the magazine whereas Q differed slightly with only 83% of readers being aged 15-34. Although there is nearly a 10% difference between Q, and Kerrang and NME, it still shows that the age group of the audience is largely between 15 and 34. The social grades of the magazines differ quite a lot, and don’t really show any trend within the magazines. Pick a publisher for your magazine and discuss why you have chosen them I would choose IPC media to publish my magazine as they are the UK’s leading consumer magazine. Also, there reader statistics are close to which my magazine is aimed at which will therefore help to appeal my magazine to the right market. They publish a wide variety of magazines, including NME music magazine which means they will know how to advertise it appropriately hopefully enticing more readers. Because they have experience in the publishing magazines similar to the genre of mine, I believe that they would be the most successful to publishing my magazine.