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The ideal school


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Published in: Education
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The ideal school

  2. 2. ENVIRONMENT Our ideal school wil be located in a quiet place not far from the town and surrounded by many trees. It will have different sport fields, a gym, a swimming pool, a tennis court,a very modern library, a nursery room, physchological service for students, a healthy restaurant for students and teachers, a big and comfortable auditorium and a very big parking lot.
  3. 3. In our ideal school, students will be: • Responsible, autonomous, punctual, friendly and very happy. • It’s important that we only have 15 or 20 students per course. • All students will practice values like: respect, honesty, frienship, solidarity and so on. • At the end of each level, secondary students will have the opportunity to travel to another country for a summer camp. STUDENTS
  4. 4. «We enjoy studying in this school»
  5. 5. TEACHERS • They should be responsable, tolerant, patient, an d trained frequently. • They must teach values to their students. • They have to make classes very interesting and funny. • They should use TICS in their classes as much as possible. • And of course they must love teaching and enjoy what they do.
  6. 6. CLASSROOMS • The classrooms will be large with enough light, comfortable chairs, smart boards, a video-beam, a T.V, with computers for all students, a printer for copying our supplementary materials and smart boards. • English teachers need bilingual classrooms to strengthen and improve communicative skills. • Specialized classrooms to developed the artistic skills of the students.
  7. 7. WORKLOAD • It is important that the teachers don’t have more than 4 hours per day. They can grade the evaluations or plan their classes in the other two hours • The area meetings and activities will be planned in working hours. • Teachers will have time to share in special dates with all partners.