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Mobile App Development Process


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Netconnect makes stunning, dynamic, and natural versatile applications for our customers on iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Amazon Kindle, etc. The procedure begins with the examination of our customers' objectives, trailed by a careful statistical surveying and contenders' investigation to build up an unmistakable system for achievement.

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Mobile App Development Process

  1. 1. Mobile App Development
  2. 2. Step by Step Procedures for a Mobile App Development
  3. 3. Start Sketching of Mobile App
  4. 4. Find out whether there are other apps doing the same thing
  5. 5. Find design inspiration for your app
  6. 6. Find information on the technical requirements
  7. 7. Find out how you can market and monetize your app
  8. 8. Why mobile app development is so difficult
  9. 9. There are more than 1 million apps for Android and iOS, so developing a mobile app that has not been done before is very tedious.
  10. 10. Find mistakes of your competitors
  11. 11. It is important to focus on your own project and your user acquisition. After studying the key features and mistakes of your competitors, and drop all other thoughts about them.
  13. 13. Find out what your requirements are and get a clear picture of whether your idea is really feasible
  14. 14. In most cases there will be an alternative solution to proceed on a slightly different way and your research extends into law restrictions like copyright and privacy questions, giving you a complete understanding of your situation.
  15. 15. Create aWire Frame Wireframing is the process of creating a mock-up or prototype of your app.
  16. 16. Define the Back End ofYour Mobile App
  17. 17. Test your Prototypes The goal is to concretize your app concept before it goes into the design process
  18. 18. Build the Back End & Design the App Skin
  19. 19. Mobile App Development Company in Lancaster Mobile App Development Company in Lancaster