Texas STaR Chart Summary


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Texas STaR Chart Summary

  1. 1. Texas STaR Chart Summary District : Beaumont Campus: Austin middle school Presented by: Sindhura.Nekkanti
  2. 2. Introduction  Texas State has launched Long Range Plan for Technology, 2006- 2020 with the objective of inducing technology into the schools to prepare students for 21st century challenges.  Long Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020 includes four areas. They are: 1. Teaching and Learning; 2. Educator Preparation and Development;
  3. 3. 3. Leadership, Administration and Instructional Support; and 4. Infrastructure for Technology.  Texas Campus STaR Chart was designed as a tool for planning and assessing school technology and readiness, each academic year.  Know I am going to discuss about the advancement of our campus based on STaR chart in the four areas of Long Range Plan.
  4. 4. Teaching and Learning  In the year 06-07 the STaR chart shows that our campus was in the stage of Developing Tech, and was the same all the three years.  From the year 06-07 our students started working with peers and experts to solve problems and technology.  In our campus technology is integrated into foundation areas TEKS and activities are separated by subject and grade,
  5. 5.  In our campus instruction is teacher- directed and students regularly use technology on an individual basis to access electronic information and develop communication and presentation projects.  There is minimal use of technology in foundation TEKS. Most Technology Applications TEKS are met K-8; high school campuses teach at least 2 Technology Applications courses
  6. 6. Educator Preparation ◦ In the year 06-07 the STaR chart shows that our campus was in the stage of advanced Tech, and was later on decreased to developing tech ◦ Most of the teachers participated in professional development on the customization of online courses ◦ There are regular technology- supported learner-centered projects in our campus.
  7. 7. 2. Our school has provided anytime, anywhere use of online resources from the school’s website. 3. All the educators in my campus meet SBEC standards. 4. Our campus allocates more than 30% of the budget for professional development.  Maintains good teacher-parent relationship
  8. 8. Administration and Support  Texas STaR chart summaries that our campus was in the advanced Tech in 06-09.  Campus plan board approved and supported by supt. 1 technical support staff to 500 computers, full- time district technology director.  Our campus provides on-going professional development utilizing multiple staff development models including training, observation/assessment study groups
  9. 9.  In our campus presently: • There is one technical support for every 350 computers. • Campus instructional support staff. • Technology Allotment, e-rate, state and federal competitive grants and local funding are available. • 19-29 hours of technology professional development available per school year for all teachers
  10. 10. Infrastructure for Technology  In 06-07 our campus had no proper facility of classroom technology and technical support (INF 3 and INF 4).  In 08-09 INF 3 and INF 4 focus area was launched, which included: 1. Online learning with still images and audio.  In 08-09 there was much effort around the focus areas of: 1. Technical support and 2. Distance learning capacity
  11. 11.  By the year 08-09 our campus meet most of the requirements of advanced Tech like: 1. access to internet-connected multimedia computers. 2. Internet available in all rooms. 3. Fully equipped classrooms for better instruction. 4. One technical staff to 350 or less computers and 5. Local and wide area networking.
  12. 12. Summary Key area Key Area Total Key Area STaR Classification 06-07 07-08 08-09 06-07 07-08 08-09 Teaching and Learning 12 12 12 Developi ng Tech Developi ng Tech Developi ng Tech Education Preparation 12 12 15 Developi ng Tech Developi ng Tech Advance d Tech Leadership, administration and Instructional Support 18 16 15 Advance d Tech Advance d Tech Advance d Tech Infrastructure for Technology 16 14 15 Advance d Tech Developi ng Tech Advance d Tech