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Kaitlyn magyarosi the_storm (1)


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The Storm

Published in: Art & Photos, Technology, Business
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Kaitlyn magyarosi the_storm (1)

  1. 1. EDU 103The storm
  2. 2. Calm before the storm
  3. 3. Beginning of a storm
  4. 4. Tornado
  5. 5. The storm in Lebanon Ohio Guv7Po Destruction
  6. 6. Tips and warnings Leave a radio with batteries near your safe place in case of power outages, so you may be aware of more severe weather approaching. A NOAA Weather Radio will have more often updates than your local radio station. Download weather radar software, such as Weather Bug, to have instant access to Doppler radar on your computer. Cell phones often have this available, as well. Tornados often form as a result of a Tropical Storm or Hurricane, most frequently in the north east quadrant of the storm. Tornados often strike at night, when you cannot see them. At this point, you will have to rely on Doppler radar, weather alerts, and listening for the sounds of a tornado. Read more: How to Know The Signs of a Tornado | tornado.html#ixzz1zUE8RJjZ
  7. 7. Where to go during a storm/tornado Door way Bathtub with a mattress on you Crawl space under house Basement Lover levels of buildings Stare ways Cellar If driving pull under a bridged highway
  8. 8. What to look for if there is goingto be a tornado A sickly greenish or greenish black color to the sky. If there is a watch or warning posted, then the fall of hail should be considered as a real danger sign. Hail can be common in some areas, however, and usually has no tornadic activity along with it. A strange quiet that occurs within or shortly after the thunderstorm. Clouds moving by very fast, especially in a rotating pattern or converging toward one area of the sky. A sound a little like a waterfall or rushing air at first, but turning into a roar as it comes closer. The sound of a tornado has been likened to that of both railroad trains and jets. Debris dropping from the sky. An obvious "funnel-shaped" cloud that is rotating, or debris such as branches or leaves being pulled upwards, even if there is mo funnel cloud is visible.