Mendeley resentation , Sina Manavi


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Sina Manavi as a advisor of Mendeley Advisor presented Mendeley in University Putra Malaysia

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  • We support academics, students and other professionals (or researchers) in their work with scientific literature.We provide scientific knowledge.We organize scientific knowledge.We help to explore and share scientific knowledge.
  • Mendeley resentation , Sina Manavi

    1. 1. www.mendeley.comSina ManaviManavi.Sina@gmail.comMendeley AdvisorUniversity Putra Malaysia26 April 2012
    2. 2. Agenda• What is Mendeley?• Your profile• Managing your documents & references• Inserting citations & generating bibliographies• Sharing references using groups
    3. 3. What is Mendeley?• Free Desktop and Web Application• Designed for managing and sharing references• Discovering research data and collaboration• Paper management tool and social network
    4. 4. What is Mendeley?• No need to writing the references and citations manually• Sharing the references with classmates and supervisors• Annotate/write papers with classmates and supervisors
    5. 5. Comparison of Mendeley and others
    6. 6. Comparison of Mendeley and others
    7. 7. Based in London, Mendeley are 30+ researchers, graduates andsoftware developers from... Supported by:
    8. 8. Mendeley as a Web Application
    9. 9. Mendeley Desktop Application
    10. 10. Your Profile
    11. 11. Search papers, groups and people easily
    12. 12. Mendeley Features
    13. 13. Reference Manager• Quick and simple installation• Citation styles for +1000 journals• Create bibliography instantly• Flexible formatting
    14. 14. Read and annotate your PDFs• No need any other PDF reader• Easily Annotate and highlighting• Share annotations with others• Save and print annotations
    15. 15. Network and Discover
    16. 16. Backup, Sync and Mobile• Synchronized and accessible• Across multiple computers• On any operating system• On the web• On iPhone/iPad (free)• On Android devices(beta Version)
    17. 17. How to add papers or citations … and Mendeley will try to extract the document details automatically You can also: • Add existing EndNote/BibTeX/RIS databases • Sync with other reference management webapps • Use Mendeley Web Importer to add from online databases • Add from the Mendeley Research Catalog
    18. 18. Document details lookupEnter the DOI, PubMed, or ArXiv ID andclick on the magnifier glass to start lookupMissing info is added automatically
    19. 19. Web ImporterAdding any links ordocuments onlineto your Library asa Bookmark.
    20. 20. Share references with Mendeley Groups Groups can be private or public (invite only or open) View the group online –Public groups only have the reference details – no other users can request tofull text. Private groups contain the full text join or simply follow theincluding notes & annotations. activity of the group
    21. 21. Create Groups in Mendeley Desktop Private groups contain the full text. Public groups share references only.
    22. 22. Create Groups in Mendeley Desktop You can also create groups online.
    23. 23. Search the Mendeley Research Catalog
    24. 24. Leave feedback and see what’s coming next Visit to see what others are saying, leave feedback, request features or report bugs.
    25. 25. Thanks for you attention
    26. 26.