Hpgd 3203 (wan malini binti w. husin)


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Hpgd 3203 (wan malini binti w. husin)

  1. 1. Subject: Kajian Tempatan (Year 5) Topic : Location of MalaysiaStudent: Year 5, Mixed Ability, National School Duration: 30 minutes (1 period) By: Wan Malini Binti W. Husin
  2. 2. Learning Outcomes: By the end of this lesson, students will be able to;2.Identified the location of Malaysia in Southeast Asia map3.Identified the location of Malaysia in Asian Continent4.Identified the location of Malaysia in World map5.Identified the type of sea around Malaysia6.Explain the list name of ASEAN countries
  3. 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x88Z5txBc7w&feature=related
  4. 4. Where isMalaysia?
  5. 5. 1: Location of Malaysia in Southeast Asia
  6. 6.  Malaysia is surrounded by the South China Sea, the Straitsof Malacca and Johor Strait. South China Sea separates the Sabah and Sarawak andPeninsular Malaysia. While the Johor Strait separates Peninsular Malaysia andSingapore. Malacca strait separating Malaysia and Sumatra, Indonesia.
  7. 7. 2: Location of Malaysia in Asia Continent
  8. 8.  The oceans that surround the Asia Continent is:i: Indian Oceanii: Arctic Oceaniii: Pacific Oceaniv: Black Seav: Red Seavi: Mediterranean Sea
  9. 9. 3: Location of Malaysia in World
  10. 10. Students will clearly understand by looking at; http://www.google.com/earth/index.html
  11. 11. ASEAN ASEAN, an acronym for "Association of Southeast AsianNations" or the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. ASEANwas established on August 8, 1967 in Bangkok with the aim ofstrengthening regional cooperation. Member states hold themeeting on November.
  12. 12.  Asean countries consist of;1.Brunei Darussalam2. Philippines3. Indonesia4. Cambodia5. Laos6. Malaysia7. Myanmar8. Singapore9. Thailand10. Vietnam
  13. 13.  ASEAN outlined the main principles as follows:1. Respect for independence, dominance, equality, territorial integrityand national identity of all nations2. Rights for each country to lead a national presence is independentof outside interference3. Settlement of differences or debate in peace4. Reject the use of military5. Effective cooperation between members.
  14. 14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrnK5UQDdO0
  15. 15. Please make training at; http://quizlet.com/12833354/negara-asean-flash-cards/
  16. 16. Comparison of Tools:No. Old Tools New Tools 1 Text Book Microsoft Power point2 Text Book YouTube Video3 Map in text book, teacher bring Goggle Earth own map4 Printed Test, Exercise from text Quizlet book or by teacher
  17. 17. Advantages of Tools:No. Old Tools New Tools 1 Teacher used text book to teach Teacher used Microsoft Power point to student in class. present a slide about topic that teacher want to teach. Student more attract with the power point slide because the content in the slide easier to understand by student. 2 Teacher used text book to teach Teacher used YouTube Video in teaching, student in class. Teacher will explain so that students better understand the detail about the topic. topics taught by teacher 3 Teacher bring own map or used map Teacher will used Goggle Earth to show in text book to teach. students the detail images of location of Malaysia. 4 Teacher has to make exercise or test Teacher used Quizlet to make test or in Microsoft Word and printed it, exercise for students and students can then teachers give to the students to doing the exercise or test anytime they answer it. want.
  18. 18. Appropriateness of Tools:No. Tools Appropriateness of Tools 1 Microsoft Power point Can be used in any subject to attract students in learning process. 2 YouTube Video There are many of video that can be show to the students as long as they related to the topic. 3 Goggle Earth Can be used in any subject such as Geography, History and Science to attract students in learning process. 4 Quizlet Easy to make and can be share for anyone in the world as long as they have internet connection.