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Rock Solid Value


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Rock Solid Value

  1. 1. Value Proposition<br />Manufacturing and distribution organizations often spend 5% to 10% of revenue on transportation.<br />Rock Solid frequently helps clients reduce transportation-related expenses by 5% to 15%.<br /><br />
  2. 2. Rock Solid Business SolutionsSupply Chain Leadership<br /><ul><li>Established in 1993, Rock Solid Corporation is a global leader in supply chain management
  3. 3. Rock Solid is a hybrid company with expertise in IT solutions, consulting and logistics
  4. 4. Rock Solid has experience in all transportation modes including: small package, truck load, LTL, air freight, sea freight, intermodal and expediting</li></li></ul><li>Rock Solid’s Five Points to Client Value<br />DISCOUNT<br />PRICING<br />TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE<br />EXPERT<br />LOGISTICS<br />SUPPORT<br />TRANSPORTATION<br />MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING<br />BILL PAYMENT & AUDITING<br />
  5. 5. DISCOUNT<br />PRICING<br />DISCOUNT <br />PRICING<br />DISCOUNT<br />PRICING<br />TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE<br />After a freight spend analysis, Rock Solid identifies saving opportunities and the best carriers to suit the client<br />Rock Solid has excellent relationships with the carriers and works closely with them to get the very best rates tailored to each client’s specific needs<br />Benefits: 5-15% savings on freight spending<br />EXPERT<br />LOGISTICS<br />SUPPORT<br />TRANSPORTION<br />MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING<br />BILL PAYMENT & AUDITING<br />
  6. 6. SOFTWARE<br />TRANSPORTATION <br />MANAGEMENT<br /> SOFTWARE<br />DISCOUNT<br />PRICING<br />TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE<br />Our easy-to-use shipping software optimizes carrier selection, transit times, and price<br />Enhanced visibility and control<br />Rock Solid is “Carrier Neutral” and will add carriers to suit client preference<br />Benefits: streamlined freight buying process & enhanced communication<br />Our easy-to-use transportation management software (TMS) streamlines the freight buying process (quoting, booking, tracking and paying for freight)<br />TMS provides enhanced visibility and control over individual shipments and overall freight spend<br />Benefits: soft dollar savings resulting from reduced time spent on shipments<br />EXPERT<br />LOGISTICS<br />SUPPORT<br />TRANSPORTION<br />MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING<br />BILL PAYMENT & AUDITING<br />
  7. 7. DISCOUNT<br />PRICING<br />TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE<br />One consolidated transportation bill (accurate, audited and no double billing) <br />Eliminate costly and time consuming work on bill auditing and reconciliation <br />Benefits: Improves cash flow, reduces duplicate payments and overcharges (savings: 4-8%)<br />One consolidated transportation bill (accurate, audited and no double billing) <br />Eliminate costly and time consuming work on freight bill auditing and payment <br />Benefits: Soft dollar savings, improves cash flow, reduces duplicate payments and overcharges<br />EXPERT<br />LOGISTICS<br />SUPPORT<br />TRANSPORTION<br />MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING<br />BILL PAYMENT & AUDITING<br />FREIGHT MANAGEMENT<br />BILL PAYMENT &<br />AUDITING<br />
  8. 8. DISCOUNT<br />PRICING<br />TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE<br />Rock Solid management reports capture your shipping patterns and identifies potential future savings<br />Customized reports on carrier performance and costs<br />Benefits: Reports for identifying future saving opportunities<br />In addition to managing the day to day shipments, Rock Solid consultants also analyze your shipping patterns and recommend ways to capture future savings<br />Customized reports on carrier performance, costs, transit times, and service<br />Benefits: Proactive solutions to capitalize on new supply chain opportunities <br />EXPERT<br />LOGISTICS<br />SUPPORT<br />TRANSPORTATION<br />MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING<br />BILL PAYMENT & AUDITING<br />TRANSPORTION<br />MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING<br />MANAGEMENT REPORTING<br />
  9. 9. DISCOUNT<br />PRICING<br />TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE<br />EXPERT<br /> LOGISTICS <br />SUPPORT<br />Single point contact for customer service available 24 hours / 7 days<br />Rock Solid logistics consultants manage your shipments and address all issues, freeing up your employees to focus on core business activities <br />Benefits: soft dollar savings and access to Rock Solid’s expert logistics support<br />EXPERT<br />LOGISTICS<br />SUPPORT<br />TRANSPORTATION<br />MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING<br />BILL PAYMENT & AUDITING<br />