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  1. 1. Storyboard for our film opening.<br />MallekRackal, MukedMiah, Penny Neale and Sarah El-Assali.<br />
  2. 2. Title: EstablishingShot Type: Long<br />Title: Penny1Shot Type: Mid<br />1<br />3<br />Actions: Stella walking towards the house with shopping bags as credits appear<br />Duration: 2-3 seconds<br />Actions: Stella’s friend looking down at her phone/magazine? Then she looks up and talks to Stella.<br />Duration:5-6 seconds<br />Title: Sarah1Shot Type: Mid<br />Title: GossipShot Type: Mid<br />2<br />4<br />Actions: Stella applying make-up in the mirror. Then slowly moving away to reveal she is actually looking the mirror<br />Duration: 5-6 secs.<br />Actions: The two are talking on the sofa. And chatting about Stella’s date.<br />Duration: 5-6 seconds<br />Dialogue: <br />Establishing: Voice over of Stella explaining.<br />Sarah1: a mixture of voiceover and Stella talking.<br />Dialogue:<br />Penny1: None<br />Gossip: The two talking about her date later on.<br />
  3. 3. <ul><li>Picture</li></ul>Title: xbox2Shot Type: long<br />Title: xbox1Shot Type: Mid<br />Picture<br />5<br />7<br />Actions: The two playing xbox from a different angle, and wearing different clothes. Also sped up.<br />Duration: 5-10 secs<br />Actions: The two playing xbox. the footage will be sped up to make it comical.<br />Duration: 5-10 secs<br />Title: Jamal1Shot Type: Mid<br /><ul><li>Picture</li></ul>Title:kareem1Shot Type: mid<br />6<br />8<br />Actions: Jamal also playing xbox and being happy that he is winning.<br />Duration: 3-4 secs<br />Actions: The brother casually playing football on the xbox and getting annoyed because he is losing. <br />Duration: 3-4 secs<br />Dialogue:<br />Kareem1: voiceover of stella<br />Jamal: voiceover of stella.<br />Dialogue:<br />Xbox1: voiceover of stella<br />Xbox2: voiceover of stella.<br />
  4. 4. Title: FriendShot Type: Long<br />Picture<br />Title: JonnyShot Type: extreme long<br /><ul><li>Picture</li></ul>9<br />11<br />Actions: the two brothers fighting over the outcome of the match. Stella walks in to say something but they barely hear her.<br />Duration: 2-3 secs<br />Actions:shot of jonny walking up to the house<br />Duration: 1-2 secs<br />10<br />12<br />Title: Jonny2Shot Type: mid<br />Title: Brothers1Shot Type: Mid<br />Actions: jonny checking his hair and breathe ready to go and see stellla.<br />Duration: 3-4secs<br />Actions: The point of view shot from behind the brothers. <br />Duration: 2-3 secs.<br />Dialogue:<br />Friend: stella: guys my friend is coming over.<br />Brothers1: Jamal: what did she say, who is coming.<br />Dialogue:<br />Jonny: none<br />Jonny: voiceover of stella<br />
  5. 5. 13<br />15<br />Title: Jonny3Shot Type: mid<br />Title: walking AwayShot Type: long <br />Actions: A shot from behind Jonny looking towards the two brothers.<br />Duration: Shot reverse shot<br />Actions: Jonny and Stella walking away from the brothers.<br />Duration: 3secs<br />14<br />16<br />Title: StellaShot Type: MId<br /><ul><li>Picture</li></ul>Title: Brothers4Shot Type: Long<br /><ul><li>Picture</li></ul>Actions: Shot of Stella coming down the stairs.<br />Duration: shot reverse shot with above. <br />Actions: Kareem getting angry and wanting to confront Stella and Jonny.<br />Duration: 2secs<br />Dialogue:<br />The brothers talking with Jonny, also a section in Iranian.<br />Dialogue:<br />Just Jonny making a funny comment to Stella.<br />