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Media studies key concepts


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Media studies key concepts

  1. 1. Media Studies: Key Concepts<br />
  2. 2. The Key Concepts<br /><ul><li>Media Language
  3. 3. Institution
  4. 4. Genre
  5. 5. Representation
  6. 6. Audience
  7. 7. Ideology
  8. 8. Narrative</li></li></ul><li>The Repertoire Of Elements<br />Iconographyis things that are characteristic and symbolic to a particular representation, for example representing a women who is dumb, could be blond, she could dress in reveling clothing. Then you could represent a women who is smart, by showing her in professional clothing and she thinks that she is better then other people.<br />Most genres will have their own iconography this could be characteristic prop’s, costumes, settings and character types. All of these things indicate to the audience which category they should place the film that they are watching in.<br />There should also be sound signifier's, for example Music, verbal dialogue features and sound effects. all of these help to indicate to the audience what the genre is.<br />
  9. 9. GenreAdvantage's for audience's<br />For most people it's easy to know or to recognize what genre a film belongs to. This helps the audience to choose what text's they want to consume. This also provides the audience with certain expectations.<br />For audience's familiarity through repetition is one of the ways that the audience's use to help them understand media texts.<br />Most audience's are thought to like some genre's because of there reassuring and familiar patterns of repetition and variation.<br />
  10. 10. GenreAdvantage's for producer's<br />Some of the producer's like the concept of genre's because the genre they use can exploit a formula that could win and minimize the producer taking monetary risk's.<br />For producer's it's easy to market a film poster or a film trailer because it can simply utilize genre convention's.<br />It's easier to make: - for a special effects person it's easy, to do similar effects for films. For the director as well, it's easy because they can stick to making a film, for example it's easy for Steven Spielberg to make action films.<br />It's easy to get a audience: - For most audience's out there, they like to stick to their favorite genre's, so most films that are made will have a ready-made paying audience.<br />It's easy to choose and market your star: - Most star's out there have generic associations, that allows the audience to enjoy the films they star in. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jennifer Aniston.<br />