Envirmental science


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Envirmental science

  1. 1. Land-Use PlanningA Shopping CenterBy: Ashanti Sims
  2. 2. Did you live in this areabefore the shopping centerwas built ? yes no
  3. 3. If so what was the area likebefore the shopping centerwas built ? Woods N/A trees wildness
  4. 4. What problems do you knowthat are associated with theshopping center ? noice traffic crime
  5. 5. Is the shopping center’sinterior aestheticallypleasing ? 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr
  6. 6. Is the shopping center’sexterior aestheticallypleasing to you ? Yes No
  7. 7. Do you feel crime in yourneighborhood has changed withthe construction of the shoppingcenter ? yes no n/a
  8. 8. Were you consult in anywaybefore the shopping centerwas built? yes no
  9. 9. If so in what way and bywhom ? yes no n/a
  10. 10. Estimate the total number ofimperatives where water cannot seep through the ground ?
  11. 11. Estimate the number andaverage high of trees in theparking lot?  Its about 40 trees in the parking lot and they are about 35’-40’ tall
  12. 12. How are the trees planted  In beds
  13. 13. Estimate the percentage ofparking lot filled with cars
  14. 14. Where does all the waterthat falls in the shoppingcenter goes into ?  Drains
  15. 15. Is the area aestheticallypleasing to you ? Why or whynot ?  Yes because it looks up to par.
  16. 16. Were the road leading to the mall there before theconstruction of the mall? Where additional roads built toaccommodate the additional traffic? Were existing roadswiden?  No, yes, and no not that I know of.
  17. 17. What type of stores are in themall and how many stores aretheir total?  Clothes, shoes and pet and 101 store
  18. 18. Is there evidence that the mall wasconstructed where a farm, residentialor open field use to be ?  yes
  19. 19. Is there evidence that large trees were removefrom the shopping center ? If s, how could theyhave been incorporated into the design of themall, rather than being removed?  They could have been moved and replanted.
  20. 20. What type of wildlife ispresent at the mall ?  Cats and deer
  21. 21. Overview  My surveyors didn’t seem very positive about the mall they said that it was problems like traffic, wildlife, and too much crime. Most of the people I survey they were just running out the house for last minute items. The negative effect that the mall have can be reduce by getting more police and less stop lights. The problem is not the size of the mall because if you get a bigger mall that means more people which mean more crime and traffic. If I was to design a mall I would look at wildlife, streets, the area and if it already have bad traffic, and the way the water runoff.