Garak market electronic auction system


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  • 짙은 청록색 도표의 맨 윗문장 establishging~을 밑의 문장으로 바꿔주세요
    Directing and supervising auction company, intermediary wholesalers and related traders in market.
  • Chose가 아니고 choose입니다.
    가운데 부분의 fairness and transparency는 electronic auction system 으로 변경해주세요
  • Garak market electronic auction system

    1. 1. Seoul Agricultural & Marine products Corporation(SAMACO)
    2. 2. Introduction of SAMACO Changes in Transaction System Electronic Auction Future Operating Plans Questions & Answers
    3. 3. 1 To manage and operate public wholesale marketsTo manage and operate public wholesale markets founded by Seoul Metropolitan Governmentfounded by Seoul Metropolitan Government Directing and supervising auction company, intermediaryDirecting and supervising auction company, intermediary wholesalers andwholesalers and related traders in marketrelated traders in market Maintaining the markets’ facilities and supervising distributorsMaintaining the markets’ facilities and supervising distributors Training distribution specialists and improving the distributionTraining distribution specialists and improving the distribution structurestructure Operating Seoul Organic Food Center for School MealsOperating Seoul Organic Food Center for School Meals EstablishedEstablished 1984.4.10(Capital : 693.6 mil USD, Land & Goods : 669.3 mil USD, Cash : 24.3 mil USD ) MarketsMarkets ManagedManaged Garak Market, Gangseo Market, Yangjae Market(3 markets) OrganizationsOrganizations Headquarters and 1 branch, 1 business office StaffStaff 302(2 executives, 184 office staffs, 74 field/ technical staff, 42 cleri assistants)
    4. 4. 2 Electronic Auction SystemElectronic Auction System All products auctioned through fingerAll products auctioned through finger signal auction systemsignal auction system Finger signal auction system for certainFinger signal auction system for certain productsproducts started(apples, pears)started(apples, pears) Garak market(SAMACO) openedGarak market(SAMACO) opened All agricultural products sold by clientsAll agricultural products sold by clients (consignment sales)(consignment sales) 2000 1995 1991 1985 ~1985
    5. 5. 3 Changes in Auctioning Finger Signal Auction System Electronic Auction System
    6. 6. 4 Problems with Auctioning by Raising Hands Unfair transactions (Collusion by Intermediary wholesalers and the auctioneers) Difficult to understand the Finger signal auction system, suspicions of unjust transactions Lower bid than the maximum due to mistakes by auctioneer
    7. 7. 5 Why we choose the electronic auction systemWhy we choose the electronic auction system electronicelectronic auctionauction systemsystem Elimination of unfair transactions Rapid and Simple
    8. 8. 6 Goals in pursuing The Electronic Auction System Fair andFair and transparenttransparent transactionstransactions PreventPrevent transactionstransactions fromfrom collusioncollusion Open PricesOpen Prices FastFast transmissiontransmission of auctionof auction resultsresults
    9. 9. 7 20032003 Sales ledger correction system implemented Progress of Electronic Auction System SepSep 20002000 Began executing electronic auctioning for 14 items MayMay 20002000 Governmental subsidies for auction company to support electronic auction system SepSep 19981998 Auction results distributed via internet 19971997 Initiation simulation of electronic auction system 19941994 Electronic auctioning principle legislat
    10. 10. 8 Progress of Electronic Auction System CategoryCategory ShipmentShipment Auction &Auction & non-auctionnon-auction transactiontransaction systemsystem SalesSales SettlementSettlement SamacoSamaco IntermediaryIntermediary wholesalerwholesaler AuctionAuction companycompany ProducerProducer BuyerBuyer RegisterRegister shippingshipping doc informationdoc information Register salesRegister sales detaildetail Verify salesVerify sales otherother than listedthan listed BidBid Bid selectionBid selection Move to intermediaryMove to intermediary wholesalerwholesaler Verify invoice,Verify invoice, Register invoiceRegister invoice Move to intermediaryMove to intermediary wholesalerwholesaler SalesSales Report salesReport sales detailsdetails Settle paymentSettle payment Send paymentSend payment Confirm paymentConfirm payment Confirm paymentConfirm payment Bill paymentBill payment Product ShippingProduct Shipping Cash FlowCash Flow Physical FlowPhysical FlowAuctionAuction ShipmentShipment Shipping agreementShipping agreement Product ShippingProduct Shipping
    11. 11. 9 Composition of the Electronic Auctioning System Shipper Verify InvoiceVerify Invoice Prepare sales ledgerPrepare sales ledger Shipping Registration Shipping Site Shipping Information Response Informatio n Display Panel Display Panel Wireless receiver Auction Company Electronic Auctioning System Sales settlement System Transmission Server Electronic auctioning resources DB Intermediary Wholesaler Intermediary Wholesaler Large scale buyer who does business outside the market Samaco Shipping information System Distribution information System Real-time auction data Settlement data Correction data Relevant organization Real-time auction settlement data Korea agricultural and marine products education cultural information cent Consumer Wholesale market Department store Retailer
    12. 12. 10 Process of Electronic Auctioning Shipping to Auction Hall Verify Invoice and prepare sales ledger 1 2
    13. 13. 11 Process of Electronic Auctioning Place a bid Display the successful bid on electronic bulletin board 3 4
    14. 14. 12 Process of Electronic Auctioning Move the bid products to intermediary wholesaler 5
    15. 15. 13 Process of Electronic Auctioning Send message to shipper on their bidding results 6 Open to the public of product’s price and quantity on Samaco’s homepage7
    16. 16. 14 Process of Electronic Auctioning Send message to shipper on their bidding results 8 Open to the public of product’s price and quantity on Samaco’s homepage 9
    17. 17. 15 Electronic Auctioning Method Electronic Auctions Auctioneer Intermediary wholesaler shipper Provide the standard price to start auction Ship agricultural and marine products, prepare invoice Place a bid
    18. 18. 16 Video Clip of Electronic Auctioning
    19. 19. 17 Finger signal auction system vs electronic auction system Finger signalFinger signal auction systemauction system Electronic AuctionsElectronic Auctions Takes 22’ per transaction Needs 3 persons Takes more time to distribute the auction results/ immediately distribute the auction results Takes 14’ per transaction Needs 2 persons Information disseminated Immediately after auction
    20. 20. 18 Strengths and Weaknesses of Electronic Auctioning StrengthsStrengths More trustworthy Faster operation Participate in auction without being influenced by others Service improvement Easy understanding by auction participants Resistance from Intermediary wholesalers Lower bid than finger signal auctions system Cost for settlement program Maintenance and repair costs will incur Aged Intermediary wholesalers will WeaknessesWeaknesses
    21. 21. 19 Implementation Cost of Electronic Auctioning System Implementation details of electronic auctioningImplementation details of electronic auctioning systemsystem Implementation cost : 550,000$~650,000$ per 400wholesalers Details Development cost : Electronic auctioning system implementation, homepage build out, linkage with other systems such as sales management system Solution purchase : Database management system, Reporting tool, WAS etc. Equipment purchase : Server, bidding machine, controlling machine, electronic bulletin board, communication facilities, etc. Others : Bidding table, etc
    22. 22. 20 Electronic auctioning percentage at Garak Market Electronic Auctioning Rate Vegetab les Fruits 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 60% 67% 76% 81% 82% 85% 85% 88% 94% 98%
    23. 23. 21 Factors in the success of electronic auction system Governmental Acts and SubsidiesGovernmental Acts and Subsidies Thorough advanced preparation and strong will to executeThorough advanced preparation and strong will to execute Implementation cost : 550,000$~650,000$ per 400wholesalers Nov. 1994 : Legislated “For auctioning or bidding, in principle it should be done Electronically” the Distribution and Price Stabilization of Agricultural and Fishery Products Act May. 2005 : Subsidies from the government for the electronic auction system(603,636$) Feb. 1998 : Performed demonstrations and test operations by auction company Feb. 1999 : Strengthened evaluation management such as the rate of electroni auctioning In evaluating auction company
    24. 24. 22 Results of Electronic Auctioning Secure transaction transparency and fairness Auction results are provided on a real-time basis through the internet Increase task efficiency By implementing electronic auctioning system, looking up the bidding prices and payment settlement are done rapidly and accurately The intermediary wholesaler can buy the proper quantity to sell
    25. 25. 23 Results of Electronic Auctioning Technical ProblemsTechnical Problems Frequent Interruption in auctioning As there are differences in electronic auctioning systems by auction company, it is difficult to control auction details Sensitive system that can be changed by climate and deterioration Due to uneven surface at the auction house, when moving the auction block, the system may become instable due to shocks
    26. 26. 24 Problems with Electronic Auctioning Operational ProblemsOperational Problems Price variation by shipper More severe competition Problems in processing products when Intermediary wholesalers do not bid Intermediary wholesalers’ resistance for decreases in sales margin
    27. 27. 25 Problems with Electronic Auctioning Inadequate shared selection and condition by produce location Problems following shipping from production locationProblems following shipping from production location typetype Other IssuesOther Issues Difficult to adjust shipping considerations Relatively limited and confined facilities due to inadequate preparations fo auctioning Inadequate circumstances for sample auctioning
    28. 28. 26 Efforts to improve transparency And fairness in electronic auctioning Real time distribution of the results of electronicReal time distribution of the results of electronic auctioningauctioning executed through the internetexecuted through the internet Improving the Electronic Auctioning SystemImproving the Electronic Auctioning System Distribute 2 hours after auction close(Sept. 26, 2000 ~ Mar. 31, 2002) Distribute immediately after auction close(Apr. 1, 2002) Customized information service implemented(May 2004) : Settlement price Real-time text message service Corporate internal search system for auction results implemented(Oct – Dec 2002) Real-time sharing and search function of auction results prepared between the SAMACO and auction company(June 2003)
    29. 29. 27 Shippin g Shipper Retailer Large discount store, Department store SuccessfulSuccessful bidder selectedbidder selected Display PanelDisplay Panel BiddingBidding informationinformation Auction BlockAuction Block ReceiverReceiver Auctioning systemAuctioning system TransmitTransmit successfulsuccessful bid informationbid information Consumer Shipper Information User Other Institutio n Transaction records Price information Managing Transaction order Distribu tion Informat ion System Distribu tion Informat ion Distribut ion Informati on Service Bidding informati on text service Shipping Informati on Intermediary wholesaler Samaco
    30. 30. 28 Wholesale market trusted by farmers and consumers Establish a transparent and fair wholesale marketEstablish a transparent and fair wholesale market transaction ordertransaction order Establish transactionEstablish transaction order at transaction sitesorder at transaction sites Constant monitoringConstant monitoring of transaction coursesof transaction courses Assess whether the resultsAssess whether the results of the transaction reflectedof the transaction reflected any unfairnessany unfairness RFID typeRFID type TransactionTransaction participationparticipation certificatecertificate Recording systemRecording system of the auctioning processof the auctioning process Fair transactionFair transaction detection systemdetection system
    31. 31. 29 RFID type transaction participation certificate GoalsGoals Utilizing RFIDUtilizing RFID type transactiontype transaction participationparticipation certificatescertificates Preventing those unauthorized from participating participate i transactions and substitution participations Effective screening of improper auctioning participation using IT devices Prevent customer complaints Establishing site transaction orders at auctioning sites through inspection of RFID cards on site Verifying transaction participants at wholesale market corporations
    32. 32. 30 RFID type transaction participation certificate Expected ImpactExpected Impact Establish order in the auctioning process Efficient auctions enabled through RFID reader device Easy verification of suitability to participate in the auctio
    33. 33. 31 Auctioning progress Recording system Establish internal/ external reliability over fairness and transparency of the auctioning process 1 camera recording the auctioning computer, 1 camera recording the auction GoalsGoals Recording MethodRecording Method Improper activities over auctioning prevented in advanced from the auctioning company and participants by recording the entir auction process
    34. 34. 32 Auctioning progress Recording system Expected ImpactExpected Impact Prevention of unjust acts towards the auctioneer and participants Verifying auctioning rejection, collusion, as well as unauthorized or substitute participants during the auctioning process Checking the auctioning process when there is complaint from the producer
    35. 35. 33 Auctioning progress Recording system Implement a detection system for improper auctioning activities through data mining of auction dataPurposePurpose Fair transactionFair transaction detection systemdetection system diagramdiagram Used as a method to prevent reoccurrence when unjust acts such as improper bidding or fixing of bidding price are suspected for verification and to prevent further occurrence. Establish transaction data collection systemBiddingBidding informationinformation Winning bid information Settlement information Correction information Analyze abnormal transactions /improper data Detect abnormal transactions /improper data Rule Management Establish rule management system Report & Dash Board
    36. 36. 34 Fair transaction detection system Expected ImpactExpected Impact Efficient detection and prevention of unjust transactions Establishing fair transaction orders in distribution of agricultural and marine products Secure transparency in and improve reliability of transactions of agricultural and marine products Securing basis for providing data for rapid statistical analysis
    37. 37. 35 Fair transaction detection systemFair transaction detection system Fair transaction detection systemFair transaction detection system Auction recording systemAuction recording system Advancements in distributionAdvancements in distribution Information analysis systemInformation analysis system Global Leader in Agro-distribution
    38. 38. Questions & AnswersQuestions & Answers