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PSD(Screen Door)


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Published in: Technology, Business
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PSD(Screen Door)

  1. 1. Line Line 5 Line 6 Line 7 Line 8 Total Opened 1995 2000 1996 1996 - Length(km) 52.3 35.1 56.9 17.7 162 Stations 51 38 51 17 157 Company SeoulMetro SMRT Metro 9 Total Operation Line 4 (Lines 1~4) 4 (Lines 5~8) 1 (Line 9) 9 Lines Length(km) 135 162 27 324 Stations 117 157 25 299
  2. 2. Accidentsin 2006 22=13deaths+9injuries
  3. 3. March 2010
  4. 4. Platform side Platform operation unit Railway gate Power supply ATO Stop location deviceDriver operation unit Driver monitor screenTrain distance detector Ground RF device Car RF device Railway side Test bench Central Control System Station control system Door engine
  5. 5. Station control system Integration part Center control system Driving part Power supply Test Bench Structure Station control system Platform operation unit Door control unit Driver operation unit Integration control RF devices Stop location detector Driver monitor screen Center computer Maintenance system Monitor system Driving motor Locking device Door engine Distribution panel Earth Power supply
  6. 6. Central control system Central Computer Maintenance system Monitoring system
  7. 7. Door Engine 30 year life time Slim & Compact No belt (NoAdjustment) Conventional Belt type(10 year life time)
  8. 8. Junction box SPEAKER Door lamp Locking device No error, no wrong wiring by module harness type Just connector to connector connection completes the installation Prevents wrong wiring by module harness job at the factory BLDC motor REMOTE SWITCH Power box Floor LED guidance Open / close confirmation sensor Obstacle sensor Sensor on emergency door Door control unit
  9. 9. Step 4Step 3Step 2Step 1 PSD on platform Upper structure Finishing panel Conveyance by motor car SMRT PSD construction steps(Modular method)
  10. 10. Modularized Structure 2,500mm 4,800mm
  11. 11. Car 1 Car 3Car 2 Car 4 Car 7Car 5 Car 6 Car 8
  12. 12. Interfaces for SMRT PSD operation Dwell Light MARKER COIL ODL TWC Loop coil TWC L-CTC ATO AF ODS [O: open, C: clear] Open Door Relay (ODR) Train-to-Wayside Communication D TB: Train Berthed ※ Open Door Sequence PSD Station control system PSD RF Trainborne RF wayside
  13. 13. SMRT PSD Obstacle Detection methods 1. Optical Detection method 2. Driving motor(BLDC; Brushless Direct Current) surge current detection method
  14. 14. SMRT PSD Monitoring & Control Network 1. NOT USE the “Total surveillance control equipment” at each station office 2. BUT, TCP/IP(ethernet protocol) network must be connected to platform or driver control panel to be centrally controlled by adding a new DATA COMMUNICATION MODEM(compact size). 3. Also, regional grouping(4~5 stations) control by one representative station office’s Total surveillance control equipment is possible. Central control room Local maintenance office (Platform) Station Office Equipment Driver Control panel Platform Control Panel
  15. 15. Newly developed modular method UNIT assembly at the factory - Homogeneous quality - Cost reduction by line production Conveyance by motor car & construction on the same day - No piling up of materials - No inconvenience to passengers - No hindrance to train operation **per 1 station
  16. 16. SMRT can do and is constantly Evolving for the future!!!